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created on 10/26/2006  |  http://fubar.com/space-hotties/b18182
*Firechief*/*Chief* 2nd Alarm Hotties/ CEO Demon House !!

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bbG (10/11/2007 1:49:25 PM): whats your big message?
bbG (10/11/2007 2:38:15 PM): Rest in peace fubar... lmmfao! They killed meh spotlight!
Firechief Chief (10/11/2007 2:38:58 PM): hey there
bbG (10/11/2007 2:39:31 PM): Hi.
Firechief Chief (10/11/2007 2:40:08 PM): we are ok so u know U have many that are not comfy with you but that isnt me
bbG (10/11/2007 2:40:24 PM): I dont care.
bbG (10/11/2007 2:40:28 PM): I posted the resign.
bbG (10/11/2007 2:40:33 PM): so whatever.
Firechief Chief (10/11/2007 2:40:37 PM): I know
Firechief Chief (10/11/2007 2:41:28 PM): we are not taking anyshit for anyone over u so know that
bbG (10/11/2007 2:41:40 PM): omfg
bbG (10/11/2007 2:41:44 PM): you wanna kiss ass
bbG (10/11/2007 2:41:45 PM): fine
bbG (10/11/2007 2:41:48 PM): dont kiss mine
Firechief Chief (10/11/2007 2:41:50 PM): Not me
Firechief Chief (10/11/2007 2:41:53 PM): I dont
bbG (10/11/2007 2:41:55 PM): and dont fucking lie to me while doing it!
Firechief Chief (10/11/2007 2:41:56 PM): and u know that
bbG (10/11/2007 2:42:07 PM): Nope.
bbG (10/11/2007 2:42:10 PM): I dont know shit
Firechief Chief (10/11/2007 2:42:15 PM): well know this
bbG (10/11/2007 2:42:20 PM): I did not ask you ANYTHING at all about your lil group.
bbG (10/11/2007 2:42:34 PM): So... Go have fun with them.
bbG (10/11/2007 2:42:39 PM): toodles!
Firechief Chief (10/11/2007 2:42:39 PM): if u think that then just deletge me again ok
Firechief Chief (10/11/2007 2:42:44 PM): Goodbye
Firechief Chief (10/11/2007 2:42:55 PM): ur not nice and I didnt belive that
bbG (10/11/2007 2:43:06 PM): believe what?
bbG (10/11/2007 2:43:11 PM): I have been MORE than nice.
bbG (10/11/2007 2:43:24 PM): You came to ME
bbG (10/11/2007 2:43:29 PM): asked me to help you.
bbG (10/11/2007 2:43:32 PM): then.
Firechief Chief (10/11/2007 2:43:34 PM): that u were mean told any that askedme that u have always been nice to me
bbG (10/11/2007 2:43:35 PM): asked me to help you.
Firechief Chief (10/11/2007 2:43:42 PM): and I know I told them that to
bbG (10/11/2007 2:43:47 PM): I have always been nice to you
Firechief Chief (10/11/2007 2:43:48 PM): and that u even put in your name
bbG (10/11/2007 2:43:52 PM): and anyoen else that is nice to me
Firechief Chief (10/11/2007 2:43:56 PM): so stipo saying Im lysing
bbG (10/11/2007 2:44:02 PM): I dont like being shit on
Firechief Chief (10/11/2007 2:44:04 PM): lysing
bbG (10/11/2007 2:44:09 PM): And I dont tolerate it
Firechief Chief (10/11/2007 2:44:10 PM): damm I cant speel
bbG (10/11/2007 2:44:22 PM): You made your choice
bbG (10/11/2007 2:44:24 PM): fine
Firechief Chief (10/11/2007 2:44:54 PM):
Firechief Chief (10/11/2007 2:44:58 PM): we are fine
Firechief Chief (10/11/2007 2:45:04 PM): if u want to be
bbG (10/11/2007 2:45:13 PM): whatever.
Firechief Chief (10/11/2007 2:45:35 PM): good I choose yes then
bbG (10/11/2007 2:45:55 PM): whatever.
bbG (10/11/2007 2:45:59 PM): go back to your lil following
bbG (10/11/2007 2:48:42 PM): because of so-called friends and their lil groupies and the fact they might not get to see nudes... i am not a part of 2nd alarm hotties. i resigned. however... for my REAL friends i remain loyal as always... and keep your eyes open! for a bigger better group of ladies!
Firechief Chief (10/11/2007 2:49:24 PM): why do u feel u need to do this shit
bbG (10/11/2007 2:49:34 PM): to do what?
Firechief Chief (10/11/2007 2:49:37 PM): this is just what most said about u
bbG (10/11/2007 2:49:44 PM): yeah
bbG (10/11/2007 2:49:48 PM): and you sided with them
bbG (10/11/2007 2:49:51 PM): so you are the same as they are
Firechief Chief (10/11/2007 2:49:57 PM): that u try hard to make shit bad for those u dont like
bbG (10/11/2007 2:50:07 PM): sorry if your croonies cant handle their jealousy
bbG (10/11/2007 2:50:12 PM): that is not my problem
Firechief Chief (10/11/2007 2:50:41 PM): I side with what is right and I made a bad call without asking impute
Firechief Chief (10/11/2007 2:50:47 PM): take my Bday away
bbG (10/11/2007 2:50:53 PM): yeah
bbG (10/11/2007 2:50:54 PM): well
bbG (10/11/2007 2:50:59 PM): if you need them to choose your friends
bbG (10/11/2007 2:51:01 PM): you are not a friend
bbG (10/11/2007 2:51:08 PM): so whatever
bbG (10/11/2007 2:51:28 PM): and you dont have the lock on hotchicks
Firechief Chief (10/11/2007 2:51:41 PM): OK as u say what ever and I never said I did
bbG (10/11/2007 2:51:46 PM): anyone that chooses to start families... groups... associations... can do it
Firechief Chief (10/11/2007 2:51:55 PM): No kidden
bbG (10/11/2007 2:52:05 PM): you came to me
bbG (10/11/2007 2:52:08 PM): i did not come to you
Firechief Chief (10/11/2007 2:52:12 PM): I sure did
Firechief Chief (10/11/2007 2:52:21 PM): and I didnt know this side
bbG (10/11/2007 2:52:21 PM): then you get all whining ass drunk... and fuck me over
bbG (10/11/2007 2:52:27 PM): and then you would like to turn that on me?
bbG (10/11/2007 2:52:32 PM): dont even think about it!
bbG (10/11/2007 2:52:46 PM): you could at least own up to what you have done!
Firechief Chief (10/11/2007 2:53:07 PM): I did think and losen 5 ppl in a night isnt what I wanted for nobody
bbG (10/11/2007 2:53:15 PM): lol
bbG (10/11/2007 2:53:22 PM): sorry you picked such small minded ppl
bbG (10/11/2007 2:53:35 PM): have a good time
Firechief Chief (10/11/2007 2:53:51 PM):
bbG (10/11/2007 2:54:16 PM): I am for once in a rare instance having a good day
bbG (10/11/2007 2:54:18 PM): dont fuck that up
Firechief Chief (10/11/2007 2:55:41 PM): Im sorry your days are bad all the time I never had a bad day with you
bbG (10/11/2007 2:56:02 PM): you know NOTHING about me
bbG (10/11/2007 2:56:05 PM): nothing at all
bbG (10/11/2007 2:56:15 PM): then you want to sit there and let whores that do not know me tell you
bbG (10/11/2007 2:56:16 PM): fine
bbG (10/11/2007 2:56:20 PM): go to your hos
bbG (10/11/2007 2:56:23 PM): toodles
Firechief Chief (10/11/2007 2:56:34 PM): U have not right to call anyone a whore
Firechief Chief (10/11/2007 2:56:42 PM): u dont know them
bbG (10/11/2007 2:56:45 PM): maybe since my cunt is not plastered all over the net that does not make me as fun
bbG (10/11/2007 2:56:53 PM): well if i gotta be a slut to be fun
bbG (10/11/2007 2:56:54 PM): fuck it
bbG (10/11/2007 2:56:58 PM): i dont wanna be fun!
Firechief Chief (10/11/2007 2:57:02 PM): and just cuz they dont love in the PC that dont make them bad
bbG (10/11/2007 2:57:04 PM): discussion over!
Firechief Chief (10/11/2007 2:57:10 PM): sure is
bbG (10/11/2007 2:57:10 PM): lmfao!
bbG (10/11/2007 2:57:18 PM): they dont live in the pc???
bbG (10/11/2007 2:57:31 PM): posting their twats to the world???
bbG (10/11/2007 2:57:32 PM): lmao
bbG (10/11/2007 2:57:57 PM): i would be sick and ashamed of myself if my life was so small that i had to come on the internet using my pussy to get attention!
Firechief Chief (10/11/2007 3:34:50 PM): U just want to fuck with me now why
bbG (10/11/2007 3:35:03 PM): Excuse me?
bbG (10/11/2007 3:35:10 PM): I have not messaged you.
Firechief Chief (10/11/2007 3:35:11 PM): No excuse me
Firechief Chief (10/11/2007 3:35:25 PM): wanna start your own hotties I love it
bbG (10/11/2007 3:35:34 PM): Umm No.
bbG (10/11/2007 3:35:39 PM): Redhots.
bbG (10/11/2007 3:35:42 PM): Chicks and Guys
Firechief Chief (10/11/2007 3:35:50 PM): why would u do that
Firechief Chief (10/11/2007 3:35:53 PM): lets see
bbG (10/11/2007 3:35:53 PM): each week... one gets a weeks blast.
Firechief Chief (10/11/2007 3:36:07 PM): woke today and said I wanna have agroup
bbG (10/11/2007 3:36:11 PM): Ummm because I was going to do it before you asked me help with your lil group
Firechief Chief (10/11/2007 3:36:15 PM): one u didnt want to be in
Firechief Chief (10/11/2007 3:36:21 PM): sure
Firechief Chief (10/11/2007 3:36:30 PM): Ok good luck I mean it
bbG (10/11/2007 3:36:32 PM): I dont care what you believe.
bbG (10/11/2007 3:36:36 PM): I dont have to care.
Firechief Chief (10/11/2007 3:36:36 PM): good
bbG (10/11/2007 3:36:47 PM): Dont like it... get over it.
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