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1. ALTERNATE CONSCIOUSNESS The ordinary, rational, daytime, thinking state of consciousness is not the only valid or useful one. Natural substances exist in Nature that allows humans to explore, understand, and utilize other states of consciousness. Sacred substances should never be abused to harmful, hurtful, or injurious ends. Sacred substances should only be used safely & with cautious respect. The restricted & responsible use of psychotropics for religious purposes is a tenet. Natural psychotropics are sacraments. 2. THE CIRCLE A circle has no beginning & no end. It is eternal. A circle is all beginnings & all endings. It is infinite. A circle which circles is a cycle. A cycle which moves is a spiral. The universe, Earth, nature, humankind, & individuals are in a spiral of existence. The question is, where is it going? The Circle is the noun & verb of a Pagan religious service. 3. DIVERSITY Diversity is a virtue. Diversity is necessary for biological & spiritual prosperity. The strongest & most stable systems are diverse. Nature is diverse; humans are part of nature; therefore humans are diverse. The suppression of diversity is destructive. 4. FUN Fun is the joy of the heart & soul & body. Fun is a religious function in that it draws us closer to the gods, who know how to play. Fun is not destructive but constructive. Fun is a challenge to artificially constructed boundaries. One of life's purposes is to find & have fun. 5. THE FUTURE The future is unmade & unpredictable. The future ought to be better than the present or past, & our job is to use our existence to help make it so. The future should be as we will it, & also as others will it. 6. NATURE Nature is sacred, the body of the god & goddess. Nature is the Whole of which humans are a Part. Nature is the challenge which humans will ultimately face in this incarnation. We must live with her but in our own unique place. Nature is the beauty by which all beauty is compared & copied. Nature is fertility and passion and the celebration of Life. Nature supports humankind; a viable natural ecology is the right on which all other human rights are based. 7. NUDITY Nudity is sacred & beautiful because the body is sacred & beautiful. It takes a good deal of indoctrination to be uncomfortable nude. Nudity is good for people of all ages, individually & collectively. Nudity should not be ghettoized. Nudity itself cannot hurt, harm, or injure. 8. SENSUALITY Humans are touching beings. Sensuous intimacies without penetration are not sexual, but sensual. Sensuality is appropriate for every human, in any combination conceivable, so long as all participants desire it. Our bodies are our own, & not anyone else’s. 9. SEXUALITY All acts of love & pleasure are the rites of the God & Goddess. All forms of mutually-desired sexuality are good. All persons, of all ages, sexes, orientations, beliefs, religions, nationalities, races, & lifestyle, have the right to be sexual with whomever they please, so long as all participants desire it. Any number of desiring persons may be sexual together. Sex should always be safe. Sex may be a bonding ritual, or for reproduction, or for fun, or all of these at once. Sex may occur within or outside of handfast or marriage. Sex is the Great Rite & can be powerful magic. 10. XENOPHILIA Newness & Difference are sources of joy, not fear. We should remember that with one tiny exception, the Universe is made up of Others.
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