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I've been thinking.... about the future yet again. I believe I'm starting to figure out what its all about, what I'm going to do, how I'm going to get there and accomplish it, and how to live the life I WANT to live... Essentially it all really comes down to your goals and your reasons. If you wish to achieve something in life you must have a clearly defined and measurable goal. However, that alone is not enough... you must have a REASON behind it. A powerful motivation that pushes you towards your goal. One that makes you power through any negatives that may arise because you deeply desire your end goal. I'm having a bit of a goal 'crisis' at the moment... Its like when people ask me how to get motivated in doing something.. You can't just "make yourself motivated," something inside of you has to drive you to your goals. If that weren't the case, people would be getting motivated everyday all day. You have to DEEPLY care about something in order to really get motivated with it, to drive you means you care enough to push yourself to the limits in achieving it. As you peeps know, I started working nights on the weekends at my job recently... and i've lost my motivation. I've been very fortunate to have a comfortable home situation and as such haven't wanted or strived for material things for the most part. This really hit me last nite when I was thinking of why I would really want to work my ass off and make a lot of money. I know it's nice to have money but I started thinking about what i'd buy with that money and I kept coming up blank. So I finally figured it out! I DON'T value money. I mean, paper being able to do all those things for you.. I find it kind of stupid. But nonetheless, it's still "the way" to do all the things I want to do. I don't value money, I value what it can PROVIDE you. If you can't think of "what you'll do with alot of money," then you're either not thinking hard enough or you really don't need alot of money for the lifestyle you'd like to have.. Which is perfectly fine & normal.. Maybe that will change in the future, maybe you're not looking hard enough, but if you're happy then that's all that matters, period. I'm not much of a consumer, I don't need really fancy things (whilst I appreciate them). And I know that if I don't work I can still live... this has it's pros and cons. Pro's because I have a safety net - but that same safety net also stops me from falling, experiencing the pain and becoming tougher. So i've been thinking about what really drives me, what is it I really want in life and the one thing that shines brighter than anything else is the music I listen to and the band I want to start. That's what I feel passionate about and i'd like to make a living off that. So goo for your passions peeps, let your passions guide your life. I wouldn't tell you to go for anything else other than that... But... if it's not something you can do RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW, then it's very good to do something in the mean time while keeping that at the forefront of your mind, planning & taking care of the future The problem is, that's not much of a motivator to work really hard in the business world. I mean it's not enough to really push you into it.. You should do what you're comfortable doing.. And things will happen in time.. I mean, at a certain point you DO have to push yourself out of your comfort zone to get things done, but I think you'll know exactly when that is.. Right now I'm working a good job making money, and I still have time to have fun and listen to music while going to full-time college.. What I'm getting at is that things will happen if you guys keep the right vision and the ultimate goal in mind. So for me, to create my own business, I need to focus on the ultimate goal, the business, and not me... Put your own ego and self-righteous desires aside, and focus on the company as a whole. Same deal goes if I ever start a band. Things will happen if you put the group as a whole rather than you as an individual. I am normally very future oriented, however now, i'm very focused on the PRESENT. I've never been a goal-oriented person until recently and this is something that is changing slowly but surely. But check it out, I mean, some people wait until its too late to act.. but since I'm young.. many of you peeps are young.. there is time... there is ALWAYS time... until you retire. Then there is even MORE time!! And check this! Worrying about the present has its pros and cons, just like worrying about the future does too... The key is always being happy.. If you're happy then you're happy.. thats all that counts. Fuck what anyone else thinks. Be Happy no matter what happens!
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