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Gobeous Maximus's blog: "The old days"

created on 06/24/2009  |  http://fubar.com/the-old-days/b301130

hold on for just a minute im gonna be right by your side,

disregard these limitations and these boundaries lets just ride,

dont you wanna take a chance and satisfy the want to know?,

instead of chasin mr right and never tryin to let go,

just a night of your time and a memmory dug in deep,

the kind that you can smile on just before you go to sleep,

im not tryna be that man that can offer you a dream,

or say that we will last forever or be the perfect team,

Im just real enough to know that limitations are an issue,

and emotions runnin deep lead to scars and used up tissue,

all I offer is opportunity to be the best of friends,

and courtesies that a relationship beyond that often lends,

let me satisfy the craving for your every lustful need,

without the lies or bullshit without any hidden lines to read,

Ill never make you sad or lonely when you feel you wanna smile,

Ill never ponder on any questions that might put your life on trial,

you can be my stable lover and my friend until the end,

and when you need a man to talk to ill be right around the bend,

Its all of the advantages with no set backs for to anyone include,

accept emotional attachment which can not be persued,

Im not the devil by any means or another man runnin game,

not the man before me who you think hit you with the same,

im that man that lives by words when they come up out his lips,

no worries when im askin just do you.. say only yes.

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