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its blackness over whelming, could it be, surley there was some mistake, on a day like today, never, but alas the sky was black and it poured its mighty waters, yet at the sight of rain i was rejoycing, for a miracal had on this day, rain, fantastic rain that covered its ground....rain sweet sweet rain, my birthday was today, and for the first time ever it stormed, i was happy to see such a sight, the rain taking over a hot miserable day...
tired and weary, has grown inside the wise mans defence, how long must i suffer, how long will i continue my path, i tell you man its no fun. such mysery, but is it mysery....is it just how im feelings on how things are going in my life, the world may never know....even i my self am not sure half the time....but ill just live my life as free as can be, you guys, all my readers, just be free and every thing will unfold into and onto its self...
you taught me what love was, you showed me the light, you made my life complete and it was done with such gental care, you took me under you wing and alowed me to kiss your lips, the things you spoke to me the words you used, you cared for me, my heart blead for you, i only thought of you, nothing else exsisted, time had stopped,and the world had belonged to you and me and nothng less....then it happened...you asked me to change you asked me to better myself...i did ust that and then you left....and now i wait alone for your call....
the humiliation, it was painstaking to hear those words, bt what was worse i didnt hear them directly. i saw them online through a friend...she has a bf, why wasnt i told and what did i do not to be told the truth im honest i know things but again i was left in the shadows....then i became awsome....er lol
i cant think about the blog im about to write, i am too anxious, tomorow i have a job interveiw at the local dairy queen i cant wait for that but thats all i have to do.....wait....and this is what i do to wait fubar and myspace...
blood blood what a mess, oh well it was for good i think...i was working out and working on my arms and back and some how i fell backwards and cut my toes i laughed it off and went to make a samich upon doing so i cut my finger a little it was crazy i laughed that off....till i reached for another pickle....then it burnt a bit and i wasnt laughing so hard but i still thought it was funny.....
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