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SALUTATIONS TAPPED CHERRIES and CHERRY TAP COMMUNITY - COME ONE, COME ALL - TO THE * NO CONTEST CONTEST * !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ************************************************** WHAT'S THE POINT ???? ************************************************** ************************************************** THIS IS THE NO CONTEST ! CONTEST ************************************************** ************************************************** .... THE RULES ARE SIMPLE AND UNIVERSAL IN LAW AND NATURE: ************************************************** YOU ARE LOVED UNCONDITIONALLY! ************************************************** YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AS YOU ARE..... ************************************************** YOU ARE AS SEXY AS WE ALL ARE..... ************************************************** YOU ARE AS INTELLIGENT AND AMAZING AS THE REST OF THE CHERRY TAP COMMUNITY!!!! ... ************************************************** YOU ALREADY HAVE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL FEET, SMILE, CAT, PUSSY, MOM, DAD, BROTHER, SISTER, ASS, FACE, PERSONALITY, PSYCHE, ESSENCE, DNA, HEARTBEAT, PERSONA, AND SOUL!!!! ************************************************** ************************************************** THE POINT: ************************************************** ************************************************** YOU ALL WIN! ************************************************** ************************************************** THERE IS NO NEED FOR COMPETITION IN THE *NO CONTEST* CONTEST! ************************************************** THE PRIZE: EVERYONE IS A WINNER! ************************************************** TRUE BEAUTY COMES FROM WITHIN - NOT SOME RATING, EGO STROKE, COMMENT LEFT, GIFT, MATERIAL ITEM, PRIZE OR PRESENT. ************************************************** WE ARE ALL THE GREATEST GIFT AND A PART OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING OF ALL - LOVE AND LIFE ITSELF - IT IS AS SIMPLE AS BEING WHO YOU ARE - NOT WHAT YOU (OR OTHERS )SEE YOURSELF AS... THE ESSENCE OF THE PURE BEINGNESS CONTAINED IN YOU, EVERYONE AND ALL THAT IS. ************************************************** YOUR BREATH, YOUR HEARTBEAT, YOUR LOVE, YOUR PASSION, YOUR EMOTION. ************************************************** I LOVE YOU ALL AS ONE! WE ARE ALL ONE AND ALL THAT IS, ALL THAT EVER HAS BEEN, ALL THAT EVER WILL BE IS AS BEAUTIFUL AS YOU, ME, WE. ************************************************** BLESS THEE, BLESS ME, BLESS ME - AFTER ALL ... IT ISN'T ABOUT *MYSPACE* -- THIS IS OURSPACE - CHERRYTAP AND EVERY BEING ON HERE IS AS BEAUTIFUL, LOVELY, AMAZING, MAGNIFICENT, DIVINE AND SACRED AS THE REST... ************************************************** ************************************************** THIS IS YOUR COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS SPEAKING TO ALL OF YOU AS ONE FROM A HIGHER DIMENSION !!!! BLESSING YOU WITH UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! REMEMBER - ALL THAT YOU, ALL THAT YOU HAVE BEEN, ALL THAT YOU EVER WILL BE - ALL THAT YOU SEEK, DESIRE, WISH, DREAM - IS SOMETHING THAT IS CONTAINED RIGHT WITHIN YOUR VERY BEING... WITHIN. ************************************************** MUCH LOVE TO YOU ALWAYS IN ALL WAYS ************************************************** KARINA @ CHERRYTAP http://www.cherrytap.com/kar1na
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