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usmarine46's blog: "THE MEANING OF THE BLUE ROSE"

created on 05/05/2008  |  http://fubar.com/the-meaning-of-the-blue-rose/b213197  |  1 followers
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Blue roses will blossom in the snow, before I ever let you go, Blue roses will grow up to the sky, before I ever make you cry Blue rose given to a woman, Considered sacred from a heart of silent souls, Words spoken, silence was a bond created; Her boldness spurred from a single blue rose; Sacred blue rose hidden, Burns emotions once stirred, Rose blurred by a insecure woman, Lured by his love, now held for him ,from his words of his poems; Silent bond of love fell upon her, Words retrieved from his poem, Fond of what was told; Close to her heart she held what was inside, untold, A token of all she felt, For a man that gave a blue rose and a poem; Tokens of love now broken, Love once spoken with true meaning for a rose, Lost was the closeness so tenderly rendered, driven by a blue rose once given, No memory of what he molded from his heart and soul, Love that slurred emotions of desires within, Love that came from what holds to a blue rose, His words unfold; Her fire inside spoken, to return of her desires for his blue rose; His love to her side remains frozen, Only for love, of his words, Devotion to be by his side, to surrender to the rose once given, desirer of emotions; from a sacred blue rose, Her love for his blue rose; Inspired by his love for words, he so chosen; till the end; Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
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