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Mattilus's blog: "The Hurting"

created on 04/19/2008  |  http://fubar.com/the-hurting/b208655
I get a call from you but it was not. He said his name was Dave. My dreams with you now are shot. You lied and said I was the only one. Mine heart did tell me to turn and run. Did I listen? I did not. For the benefit of the doubt I did give. For you my life I did live. The death of this love goes on the pile once again. Now I search the world for the new one that will start as a friend. Your tounge was silver with the words of love. I see it now for knife it was. The truth from you is all I asked. Your face turned to me fake and masked. This is the end of the life I once dreamed. For it was not all that it seemed.
I sit here with my heart bleeding, trying to stop my mind from turning, these thoughts are scaring me. Why do I love so hard? Why do I fall so fast? These I cannot answer. I wait here hurting, I stand here waiting, for you to stop this pain in me. To hear your voice is but a fleeting hope, To hold you again would be a dream come true, I can't stand feeling alone.. Why can't you talk to me? What is going to happen? The answers are yours to give. The hurting I can't stand any more. Put me out of my misery. Hold me close or let me go. Stop the hurting of me.
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13 years ago
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