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I was all prepared to go high horse on you all but I know it doesnt ring well with people.  


In all honesty though, Im dissappointed that, to a lot of my friends, celebrating getting high is more important than celebrating easter, no matter what incarnation of celebrating easster you do.  I know societally, theres a big rush to remove god from everything and that ties into the push to emphasizing the fact that its "420" over the fact that its easter. 

To me, celebrating easter is celebrating family, along with celebrating the crucifixtion and ressurrection of christ, as I am religious as well.  Either way, its not about me, its about my loved ones, and especially the younger ones to give them the happiest day possible.  So when I see all this celebration of getting high and not a celebration of a good time with your loved ones, it just disappoints me.  It's time for me to go celebrate with my family now.  Hopefully some of you can take this to heart and not get offended, if you do, just remember , I am no one special, Im not better than you, but it might be time to reflect a bit.


bye everyone

So I just got home from work and got settled in, having a slice of pizza (dont hate that, thats for sure lol) and first thing i see on my feed is a blog about gay rights. in this blog i see the word hate thrown around quite a bit, even fromm the historical context.  It bugged me, I wont lie. The use of this term gets thrown around so so SOOOOO much these days and because it has, its lost its meaning.

so I thought i would use my brain just a little bit, not too much or I'll go crosseyed .


Hate IS the severe dislike for someone or something to the point one can not stand him/her or it.

Hate is NOT a cultural disagreement.

Hate is NOT a religious disagreement.

Hate is NOT even the pursuit of restricting someone's rights or freedoms in the name of government race or creed. That's just discrimination.

Hate IS severe anger.

Right now, "hate" is the political football word for STFU, Im right, youre wrong and thats that. 

I hate that btw.

you can't disagree anymore, or its "hate".

I hate censorship. That's for sure.

There are lots of things to hate in this world, and a lot of those things are justified.

But just because someone claims its hate does NOT mean it is. Get educated, learn the difference, and feel free to have disagreements!

being different and having disagreements is what makes the world go round, not shutting up because someone else claimed its hate. You KNOW whats in your heart, dont let someone else tell you whats there.

THIS is why i dont particiapte in medical insurance. In an effort to make everything digital, they all fucking left out the "additional notes" section. I've now had to fill out health history for 3 different doctors offices, recieved a phone call as to why I'm not insured and that "its the law" , and now recieved another phone call saying, we have no insurance information on you. WELL NO FUCKING SHIT!!!!!


all of this...... to get 2 fucking teeth pulled..... Im starting to think I would be better off with a bottle of vodka and a pair of pliers.....

In no particular order.....


this is a classic... but understated laugher... good girl thats never seen attention gets flooded with so much she gets addicted..... shoulda stayed a good girl.   I used to pity you, now I laugh at you.


bling chasers..... oh yes, its gotten worse than ever before, the instant a new one comes out.... 18 (vast understatement of the year) statuses go up "i'd love the new bling, send me the new LE bling, can I get (insert name here) bling please?"  why dont you just ask for a car , or diapers, or something tangible to help your life? the number of broke hos amaze me. btw I dont care"what you'll do" for bling, the fact thet youre not willing to open up your own pocket book to get what you want is whats amazing, not the fact that you want it.


the 30,40,50 year olds "sick" of drama on fubar..... yanno you don't have to participate in the drama to have a good time on here, some of you even actively encourage it and participate in it WHILE being sick of it...... usually by the time one hits their 30s, 40s, and ESPECIALLY 50s, you grow out of that. Glad to know life is so tough for you, that you can't handle a social website, time to find that rock you crawled out from under and just not be social anymore, you obviously can't handle it lol......yes I laugh at you too.


the dudes that think every woman online is automatically a porn cam girl and treat her as such,  AND on that same token every woman that expects to be treated with respect while getting naked for every dude willing to look....... to the dudes: not every woman online is a cam girl willing to get you off, try legit porn siites for that....... to the ho's : if you get naked for every man to see, you deserve to be treated like an internet cam girl would, either get smart and get PAID for getting naked, or keep your damn clothes on! this includes pics for public veiwing, not just being on cam. ..... oh yes, I laugh at both of your types too.


the people that think fubar is some huge profit machine........ ever notice theres NO ADVERTISEMENTS on fubar? who do you think pays for sites to stay up and running relatively problem free day in and day out? on fubar, its the way it should be, the users support the site, not the advertisers. and at that only about 1/8th of the users actually put any money into it. so yes I laugh at you who bitch about the money the site makes.


mumm trolls...... if youve been to the mumms SO much that youve seen every question possible, answered every question possible, and trolled every question possible.... its time to get up and ride a bike, throw a baseball around, or masturbate to porn. DO something constructive with your lives!...... yup I laugh at you too....


"GUD"....... talk about lazy...... lolololololol ........ same token, spell checkers who can't spel...... lololololololol


and finally I laugh at myself for being here SO long I can post a blog like this.  Does this mean I'm having humility? HELL NO, I'm better than ANYONE who acts like these morons, even my friends, BUT every one of these things is correctable, its not like I'm on some plane of greatness that unachievable.


If this blog offended you in any way, shape, manner, or form, tough cookies, batman!  Some of my friends participate in 1 or more of these things and you either need to get it together, unfriend me, or be prepared to see these occasional blogs when I laugh at you.


that is all, MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!!!!

horny dudes: be thankful for the droopy titties some tramp shows you

bling beggin chicks: be thankful for all the rediculously irrelevant bling and crap you get on here

slutty bling beggars: be thankful for clothes


that is all

What is an anti politician, you ask?

Easy, someone who calls it like they see it, without fear of reprocussion, at the same time being respectful about it.


In this day and age, at least in america, politics has been more and more about who can sound smarter and say nothing at the same time. Politicans try their best to not put themselves in a corner, absolutely not stand up for anything, and when being pinned down, do their best to spin the blame to the other side of the political aisle. Most of us have our head up our butts worrying about who miley cyrus twerked and for how many cookies to even pay attention to this. Not that its entirely about miley cyrus, but she is the most recent example of stylistic nothingness.  

In fact, STYLE, is the main reason things have gotten so messed up in america. Everyone worried about how they can look as cool (or hot) as possible doing anything, even going to the legnths of sacrificing the quality of what they do, just to look good doing it.  It comes from everyone's asperation to be famous in some way, shape, or form.  We all would love our 15 minutes of fame, because of the great attention those who are famous in general recieve. It has now gotten to the point where we sacrificing everything for that fame. 

I could go down the list of recent references, but that is far too long of a list so I'll only use three examples to keep it short and make the point.

1. A man in florida kills his wife, writes about it on facebook proudly boasting he killed his wife, showing no remorse.  I used to ask myself, why would someone do such a thing? Given today's culture, I no longer ask myself that question.

2. miley cyrus (since i used her above) twerks with robin thicke on stage at the MTV music video awards. of course we know why she did it, hannah montana just wasnt cutting it anymore, she needed MORE fame than she already had, sacrificing dignity to do it.

3. the countless women of fubar who beg, ALL DAY, EVERY DAY, for bling, bling packs, LE bling. its all an attempt to have nice sparkly things, that dont mean jack when people leave this site.  The things many women will do to get bling and bling packs is just terrible. SOME STRIPPERS have more dignity. Because these women are willing to sacrifice their dignity, they no longer commmand respect, they merely demand it.

I could demand respect too, but i think commmanding respect is a much better option. What is the difference, between demanding respect and commanding respect? another easy one, anyone can DEMAND anything, at any time, for any reason, and not get it.  One who COMMANDS respect, does NOT have to say word, it is afforded to them through their own deeds, given freely to them without an ounce of thought put into it.


So here I sit, on one of the most style-heavy websites, a man of substance, the anti-politician, with a mere handful of friends whom i can respect, and given today's culture, its not any better off fubar, than it is ON fubar.

When you have a job you love, youre stuck there for life...... when youre stuck there for life, bad things happen...... when bad things happen, you get pissed off and want to take it out on someone...... when you get pissed off and want to take it out on someone , you come to fubar...... when you come to fubar your life becomes an emotional wreck...... DONT become an emotional wreck.


now go buy directTV

You upload "suggestive photos" including nudes in which you cover the "vital" areas with a hand or arm. Then you say you expect to get treated like a lady.


To that I say, I will make suggestive commments, and I expect you to treat me like a gentleman.


oh and for anyone that says its not the same thing, you are completely delusional.  It is EXACTLY the same message sent to each other, one with pics, one with words, but the same message.


Present yourself in the manner you wish to be treated, or shut your trap when someone says something offensive. got it,kiddos?

This actually kept me up a bit stewing last night........ and things on fubar NEVER do that to me. That's just to give you an idea of how serious I take this.

There is a candle light vigil picture that spread like wildfire (pun intended) with the incorrect spelling of the name of the town.

Now I understand there may be some ignorance out there if you dont live in th U S and maybe do not see this story every day since its happened BUT I see a growing trend of people attempting to show everyone in their peer group that they care.  It happens quite often on fubar, as well as other places, particularly online. Every time something tragic happens, I see a glut of candlelight vigil pics, ribbons pics.

Now DO NOT misunderstand, I am NOT suddenly calling everyone that posts a pic like that uncaring. However, there are pics that get it right and pics that do not get it right.  If you want to honor someone , ANYONE, the details matter. That also means putting thought into what pics you choose to spread or do not spread. When something tragic happens like what happened in Newtown, CT, I think its vitally important that the global community not only says they care, but shows they care.  In the grand scheme of life its a little thing, but its a little thing that counts to everyone that lives there.


I urge you all to do what you can, if you go to a local church, or even if you dont, you can find one nearby, donate at the very least some time to organizing and sending either money to help rebuild, or , if you can like I did in my case (mostly because i dont have a dime to my name at the moment) donate your time to send grief counsellors to help the families in this time of crisis. If there is another avenue in your community, (besides church, i know some of you hate those places) use it!

Don't let what happened in Newtown, or Auoroa, or any other place be "just another tragic event" to show everyone around you that you care. Show the people NOT around you that you care, by dong what you can to help and aid those who have been hurt.

Ninjaomg Iate WAY too much easter dinner........ sstuffed lik...
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