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So as most people know there's this new movement called "black lives matter" . It was intended to shed light on police corruption targeting blacks in predominantly urban areas.  The movement has shifted from justice to revenge, and for the first time in my life , I am seriously considering training for and buying a firearm.

Ive grown up in a household that was strongly anti-guns. My mother feared them, so much so to the point, I wasnt allowed to learn to hunt. I say this to show how strongly I am considering this move.

This black lives matter  movement has gotten scary.  Cops seemingly doing nothing but refueling their vehicle are being targeted, statements on radio shows across the nation by people representing this movement saying they will target any "white man" but especially cops frightens me like you would not believe. I am legitimately scared for my life and the life of my family.


To ANYONE who knows someone personally in this movement please encourage them to leave it, if you know they could get violent and could possibly kill another human being over this, dont let your prejudices towards other races cloud your judgement, good or bad, judge the person, if they are a bad guy or girl, please, I implore you, turn them in now before we lose more innocent lives. The last thing i want to do is injure or take a life in self defense, but my family is on the line and I may have to do just that.


 I take this disturbing trend VERY seriously and say this to anyone in this particular movement yourselves, if you do not condone the actions of the thugs among your movement then turn them in, kick them out, and do not let them on the radio encouraging this behavior.  Such talk and action as is currently happening gathers no sympathy for the cause and instills fear into the populace, further dividing us as a people.  If you cannot clean your own community up, unnessecary lives will be taken before this ends, on both sides.  When youve eliminated the thugs  from your movement, those whom speak the hate as well as commit the violence and murder,  I will be happy to listen to pleas of justice and be happy to join you in any outrage against bad cops.  For now, I cant afford to listen to your message, as your violence has overshadowed it and defending my family will ALWAYS come first.

So I see dudes lay on the compliments to every woman on fubar, regardless of how they look...... mostly in some sort of lame attempt to get some or to feed their masturbation ego. The thing is, you can only tell a woman she's beautiful in so many ways before it has diminishing returns.  By diminishing returns I mean, it has far less meaning, and therefore has far less effect. So I've decided you dudes need some basic rules to go by when talking to women, on fubar or any place else.


rule 1: pay the fuck attention! look beyond the words a woman says and figure out the attitude she wants to see.

rule 2: know that they not only talk to each other, but they stalk each other, they KNOW what you're saying to other women, things youve forgotten youve said.

rule 3: not EVERY FUCKING WOMAN is beautiful/hot/sexy if you tell every woman you think is kinda cute she's fuckin hot, she's gonna see all the other skanks you think are hot, goes with rules 1 and 2, use some originality and compliment a woman on specific things, and NOT like youre talking to other dudes about the woman, like she's right there, and could slap you at any moment.

rule 4: know when to be funny, when to be serious, and when to be a "L-I-T-T-L-E" pervy, this builds off rule 1, paying attention and acting accordingly.... this doesnt mean reacting to her actual words, but reacting to her attitude and (omgerd!) FEELINGS!

rule 5: NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER say anything about or show your penis. big, small, thick, skinny, it makes no difference, you wont win or lose her vagina on your penis size. dude's with 2 inch penises still get laid (how else in the millions of generations on earth could they still exist?) the size of your dick will never keep or lose a woman, the size of your ego, different story. besides, bitches love a good mystery :P

rule 6: see rule 5........ I need to say it twice, just cuz YOU love to see big titties, doesnt mean she loves to see your cock smackin her forehead ........ when she wants to see it, she'll whip it out for ya, and if youre lucky, with her teeth.

rule 7: building off of rule 3, if she aint pretty, dont be givin the bish false hope...... learn to give compliments based on things other than looks, like a killer music collection, or if she's a cook, compliment something she's made....... every woman can be beautiful for things OTHER than looks....... besides, if that's all she's got going for her, you'll be dissappointed in 5 years.

rule 8: never ever ever ever tell a woman what youre gonna do to her sexually....... just dont say a fucking word about it, women dont get turned on hearing you want to motorboat their vag, they get turned on when you actually do it. the only exception being actual phone sex/cybering/sexting.....and when she wants that, she'll take it, you wont have a choice.

rule 9: own your words, if you fucked up, stop making excuses like (the biggest excuse) "I was just joking"........ no, motherfucker, you werent joking you were CAUGHT!  If you get caught being inappropriate, own it, apologize and go away, 9 times out of 10 you can apologize and she wont even hold that shit against ya....... but if you pull the little bitch excuse making card...... youre done.

rule 10: know when to walk away, if she's not interested, she wont necessarily tell ya....... so if you dont get shit from her or she tells you to fuck yourself, dont whine about it, move the fuck on.


that's all I got for tonight folks!

Do you know why one single idea has never worked for 100 % of the people in the world?  Because people are all uniquely different in so many ways that even though we may share some of the same ideas with some people, we dont 100 % agree on a way to do things in life. If we did, the world would be a boring place and we would all be robots.  

Idealists are annoying to me for this reason, they have no concept or open mind to do something in a way other than the way they think it ought to be done, and thus refuse to see any other opinion other than their own as even a possibility of being correct.  Most idealists, think they know everything when they've experienced very little in life. BTW don't make that argument directly to them, they think they've experienced all life has to offer.  The thing Idealists try to do is change the world, and not themselves, they dont like an aspect of something, so the whole system that drives it has to come crashing down. Idealists have never changed anything, ever. DOERS change things, they work the world immediately around them to make their lives better, often times changing themselves in the process. If a good idea floats along from the doer that many other people seem to like, cultures and community change, mostly for the better (there are always exceptions of course).

Its great to be intelligent and even question certain things about the world, but concepts, ways of the world, and general normalcies of human interaction have been the same for eons for a reason.  That reason is because it accomodates the most amount of people at any one point in time. To be able to change the world, you must not only be able to have a good idea, but implement it into your surroundings and influence others around you. Idealists don't have the inner-drive to change the world around them. Einstien was not an idealist. Edison, was not an idealist. Tesla, was not an idealist.  Even america's founding fathers were not idealists.  They were all DOERS. They all saw something they could change about their current environment and worked their asses off to change it, some even giving their lives in the process. 

Yet, not all of their ideas worked to perfection. More DOERS came along, saw the environment they created, found a way to improve it, and worked THEIR asses off to make the changes they wanted to happen.  As is the norm in the way of the world, the good ideas and changes spread like wildfire, having their own unqiue twists in individual communities.  

An Idealist, never works for the change they want, they only complain about what's NOT working in the current systems claiming some sort of imbalance in fairness, failing to see why the systems in place work in the manner they do. Which leads me to my last point about fairness.

Things being "fair" in the world , is a sucker's farce.  There has been no point in time where the world since the beginning of its existence (going back as far as you want, either biblical or evolutionary), has been fair.  There have always been superior and inferior elements, counterbalanced by other superior and inferior elements, no matter what you look at in the world. None of those elements are fair in the slightest, theres always a push and pull, "tug of war" aspect to everything in life.

Fairness, is a political tool, used by those on a losing side of an argument or issue, to get the winning side of that argument to back down, and in the process, lose the argument or issue. Those who fall for fairness are of a weak mind. Those who attempt to use fairness as a tool to "win the day" are crafty and devious and usually target weak minded individuals they dont happen to agree with. Fairness is the epic failure of idealism and politics, 2 things tied, hand in hand.

How do we resolve such basic differences in human beings? The short answer is, we dont. We live our lives in a way to make ourselves, and the ones we love, happy.  In that process if we happen to do something great to change the world, that's awesome.  If we dont do something that changes the world, we can leave it with the comfort we lived a good life doing everything we could for ourselves and our loved ones.

I hope every Idealist that sees this, reads it all carefully and takes it to heart, because I'd love for them to be happy too, just not at my expense. 


---end rant

let me make something perfectly clear to my friends........ I WILL BEFRIEND FAKE PROFILES ON HERE


no, they wont get money form me, but i have no issue with showing true kindness and friendship

I used to do it just for access to the pics, I can admit that.  I also think that friendship with no expectations (but no gifts either) can get in someone's head eventually and help them grow up a lil bit. It might be wishful thinking, but its my philosophy. The other thing you people should know is I dont put a strong emotional investment in ANYONE, unless a true interest in ME is shown first, not my pocketbook, but ME.

so to sum this up

1 I friend fake profiles

2 I spend nothing on them

3 I put no emotional investment on them

4 I do offer friendship


get it? got it? good! 

So heres my latest pet peeve...... the newest PSA ad by the "AD" council to combat aggressive texting......

The biggest problem in my view is the lack of communication, not from the aggressive texter but the lack of the response from the reciepient .  The assumption being that "if I ignore him/her that s/he will stop texting eventually."  That assumption is dead wrong.  There are many motivations behind not responding  so I'll deal with em one at a time like I do in most of my blogs.

1. (the biggest stated reason) I don't want to hurt his/her feelings. ------ I call bull on that, not only does not responding hurt their feelings, it adds confusion of intent, inherently making it worse.

2. S/He's annoying me. ----- anyone worthy of getting your number is worthy of a response, positive OR negative.  If they annoy you, tell them as much, the lack of a response is a basic lack of honesty. How can you expect honesty from others when you dont display it yourself?

3. S/He's not whom I thought s/he was when i gave him/her my number.  ------ another one i call bull on, if you didnt think someone was the way they are, you didnt pay attention to the person, in words and behavior, for whatever reason.  Since that is on you, its your responsibility to tell them to piss off.

4. I liked him/her at first, but someone else came along i like more and #1^. ------- again bull, but in this case its not that you didnt want to hurt his/her feelings, its more you dont want to be called a slut/whore whatever.  This one you just have to stand up, take the arrow of the namecall, because, again, your actions initiated that type of response.

5. I dont have time to respond. ----- If you dont have time to respond to someone whom has your cellphone number, that person never should have gotten your number in the first place.  Another case where you need to tell someone to shut up , piss off, or whatever.

So the big thing here is the lack of courage or lack of willingness to respond negatively to those annoying you with aggressive texting. the bottom line is YOU NEED TO RESPOND, whether that response is positive or negative, and SOOOOOO many people are not willing to take the few seconds to do that.  Get courage, you'll do ppl a favor by not leaving them hanging, and yourself a favor but cutting off aggressive texting before it starts!

Soooooooooooooooo I just discovered someone decided october is also domestic abuse awareness month in addition to breast cancer awareness month........

First off, i dont mind anyone supporting breast cancer awareness...... as long as you are fully aware that you are actually helping the cause, (not just cuz someone said you are) so make sure that $8 t shirt you bought to support breast cancer awareness is throwing more than 50 cents per shirt for charity, or ur getting ripped off...... financially, and emotionally.

now the big one....... domestic abuse awareness month. let me cover the basics of human interaction outside of a hermit youll never reach anyway, is there someone NOT aware that domestic violence happens AND that its wrong? if so I'd like to meet this person.

the obvious is there, everyone knows, ok, get it? got it? good...... moving on ....... its my humble opinion buying crap for "awareness of this issue" is a domestic abuse all to itself..... not only is everyone already aware of the issue, those that commit such horrid acts, wont give a rip how much money is raised for the victims, as the offenders are genuinely "evil people" and will not be changing their tune anytime soon. so what's the point of buying something to show you care when the proceeds do nothing to raise awareness of the cause? I mean , its not like everyone doesnt already know about it, and those that do know about it, and still do it, dont care..... youre not gonna make them care raising money either. These are just indisputable facts.  

That makes raising money for this cause, another abuse...... and a double edged abuse at that...... not only was money taken from your wallet , to do literally nothing, you also get ripped off emotionally.  Those that were actually abused get the scar effect of the topic being brought back up in their face, those not previously abused suffer the abuse of having their emotions used against them for someone else to profit. 

Its nice and all to support causes, but be fully aware of what you are getting yourself into and why, and dont be ruled by your emotions, abusers prey on emotions way way way way way WAY FAR MORE than domestic abusers actually do physical abuse to thier victims. 

Dont perpetuate the cycle!

end rant!

Another inspirational blog by yours truly.......


So here's the deal, I was in a bar the other day, talking to a midget friend of mine (no really he's legitly a midget) and he tells me the word "midget" is offensive.  I told him what I thought, because were friends and we dont have to walk on eggshells around each other and now I tell the fu-world what i think.

"words", "names", "identifying characteristics", are NOT offensive and people need to get off their high horse about that shit.  INTENT is everything when it comes to words, names and identifying characteristics.. Situational use of words means everything, and Im not talking about the situations as in whom you are in front of and whom you are not, because regardless of that aspect of situations your intent in use of words is the same.  Im talking about HOW you use the words, what phrasing and what intent is behind the use, when you use them.


This concept is why black people can claim to use "nigger" , "nigga" or whatever other slang term they use to identify each other and white people cant use the very same term in a politically correct society.  Its utterly rediculous that words get banned from societal use, merely because one group of people find the word offensive, and NEVER address the real problem, intent.  

I dont care about the color of your skin or how tall you are, "midget", "beaner", "nigger" and other such words all have both positive and negative intents behind them and people should be judged on their individual use of them AND individual intent, instead of this rediculousness of an entire word be stricken from a language because "sometimes" it gets used in a bad light.

So to those who take offense to those "words" first off, grow a sack, there are far more things to be offended about in this world than what name someone identifies you by. Secondly, you better hope that person meant it offensively before you open your trap, or you just misjudged someone else for the use of word not intended to be offensive.


The practice of banning words is ultimately lazy, how about we pay attention to those saying them and when and figure out if theyre just an asshole or not? the world would get along much better that way and 90% of the population wouldnt have to walk on eggshells that way. and , for the record, Im not an asshole, most that know me know this, but to the politically correct world, I AM an asshole, its a badge i wear with pride and will continue to ear that badge because i dont fear political correctness in any shape form or manner.

the end

ok this guy and I are never breaking up

*they break up*

I didnt sleep with this guy

*they spend TEN days together (didnt being him my ass , lmao)

youre a liar

no im not (says person with fake account)


you know the dude played em both, whomever he is......



        I wonder what its like to be played like fiddles?


As long as people will behave like its highschool, those people will never be happy, or genuine, or keep a dude longer than a new york minute. both people in said conversation havent left high school I think


I laughed so hard I snorted soda all over my bedding......... thanks ladies, youre both pieces of shit, but you both gave me one FUCK of a laugh.....carry on sluts!

So ,  according to ESPN (and this is reading between the lines, they can't openly say it because they have no balls to report opinions directly) the entirety of the NFL is now homophobic for not drafting Micheal Sam, the presumably first openly gay nfl player.  He had been projected to go in the 4th or 5th round of the draft, at this point in time its well into the 6th round and he hasn't been drafted.


Because he hasn't been drafted yet, the nfl  and all its teams are now homophobic, according to ESPN, merely because according to their talking heads he should have been drafted higher.  Gotta love socialist agendas embedded into sports media, right?


Whether he gets drafted or not, I don't care, if the kid has talent he'll play in the league, making money is FAR FAR FAR more important than whether he is gay or not....... but the sports media, give me a friggin break ........ if you care SO much about wehether a dude is gay or not, go be a gay rights activist and stop pretending to be a sports talking head.


What I want from ym sports media talking heads are people that actually talk about sports, not social issues of the day. We already have a political news media that covers social issues ad-nausium as it is......... I watch sports to unplug from reality, not get hounded by talking heads' oscial opinions of the day that will literally change as the wind blows........ it doesnt make you more popular, so build a bridge and get over it.

By highlighting these social issues and hounding on them, instead of focusing on the sports you cover, you do the sport you cover a disservice.  Not only is your time taken away from being a good sports reporter/evaluator, but the sport you cover is losing popularity as a result, due to it not getting accurate covereage.


 Now, if you talking heads want to do a speech somewhere OUTSIDE of the sports media/range, say a high school commencement address or a paid speech and you want to talk about social issues then, by all means, go for it.  But as sports media guys, your job is to cover the sport, not include things that dont matter outside of sports, into sports.




i feel like i dont something wrong


do I start with spelling or grammar? lmao

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