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Barbarella's blog: "Life"

created on 01/11/2007  |  http://fubar.com/life/b43424

This past week has been a rollercoaster; very good things have happened and some not so good... On tuesday, I got to talk to my bff tashha for the first time in about 6 months...didnt get to chat but just a few, though she called me back on friday.. She told me all about baby Arlie Rain and how much she loves being a mother , doesnt surprise me at all. The baby is doing great, ceasar and cody have adapted well, which is good...finally got to see a new pic of baby on fb, such a cutie, i think she looks like tah but she says she looks like cody, heh. I know he is proud papa. It was so good to hear her voice, we have always kept in close touch but she doesnt have internet so its been kinda hard.

Thursday I did a classic thing, fell in the offic and my knee swelled up and bruised, its much better now thanks to ibuprofen and rest..I cant walk an chew bubblegum at the same time..LOL I apologised to amberee for having to do an 8 pg incident report...

Friday was mommas 76th bday..she had lots of company and recieved several cards in the mail, she enjoyed her day very much, I was glad.

Saturday bro. dave had a party for momma at his house with most of the family there...becca didnt make it had other plans hope to see her on thursday though... I spoke to dave about some things that had happened earlier in the week. Momma has always cooked with no prob. when she tried to make stuffing she forgot how too, but still made it best she could; it was barely edible.. she has been eating everything in sight also, having lots of sugar, which she rarely ate before. I think her meds now are affecting her appetite, she still worries about being fat...

I also discussed her results from the mri; while she had told me the tumor was gone, i found out it is still there and the radiation had little to no effect. dave & don had spoken to the drs to get the actual results.  It saddens me, her hearing and sight have both started to go now, and its hard to see her going downhill. what must be must be though i suppose.

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