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Cowboy's blog: "me"

created on 09/25/2006  |  http://fubar.com/me/b6662
its weird to think about life where you are vs where you just came from where you want to go who will i be who will i love who will love me but the questions that should excite life kills mine each day that your not here you don't get to chose who you love nor can you make them love you and the pain one must endure is unforgetable the pain you left in me the empty space i had nothing but love for you and you threw me away like i was nothing and even still is my love there every part of me hurts but i must not let anyone see that for id be considered weak i will never forget you and our special moments how dear they are to me but i will lock them up inside so tight i won't be able to get to them and maybe i won't think about you every day and maybe ill hurt a lil less maybe ill learn to live again no matter how much you love someone it is never enough to make them stay if they have other plans in mind like to cheat and rip out your heart then they will and you have no control over that just pick up your head put on your hat and go back to drifting drift on and never look back for if you did you would not survive the heart ach no keep drifting till you reach a new town new state of mind but don't stop to long for you become comfortable allowing it to happen again or maybe your so jaded that you will push everyone and everything away the best thing is to keep riding for that sunset get to know yourself maybe become friends again soothe the pain mend the fences and maybe make something good of yourself
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