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Greetings friends, Romans, and devoted fans of the FuNation:

Welcome to my first installment of the Royal Degree, where I'll give you my take on all the goings-on in this world-gone-haywire, as well as whatever whimsical nonsense that may come to my wicked, wicked mind at any given moment.


For starters, I am not looking forward to filing my federal and state income tax forms at the nearby H & R Block tax office this year.  When I filed my taxes last year, I only received 64 buck from my federal returns, while I owed the state somewhere between 300 and 500 bucks.  It was as disheartening as it was disappointing, I don't mind telling you.   And while I'm hoping things will get a little better when I plan to file my this year's taxes either sometime this weekend or the early part of next week, I'm afraid I might end up owing Uncle Sam more money in state and / or federal taxes.  I may be sound like I'm too paranoid for my own good, but I must be strong and deal with whatever hand the tax preparer hands me, regardless of the outcome.  We'll see how this one turns out over the next few days.


On a lighter note, W.W.E.'s Royal Rumble 2012 comes your way THIS Sunday night, beginning at 8:00 Eastern, 5:00 Pacific, live and only on pay-per-view from the Scottstrade Center in St, Louis, Missouri.  On the card, John Cena grapples with Kane.... Daniel Bryan defends the World Heavyweight Championship in a Triple Threat Steel Cage Match agains The Big Show and Mark Henry.... C. M. Punk defends the W.W.E. Championship in a rematch against Dolph Ziggler, with "Raw's" Interim General Manager and W.W.E.'s Executive Vice President of Talent Relations, John "Ace" Laurinaitis, as the Special Guest Referee.... and in the Main Event, it's the 30-Man Royal Rumble Match, as 30 of your favorite W.W.E. Superstars will do battle in an anything-goes, over-the-top-rope battle royal, with the winner to earn the right to compete in a high-profile (W.H.C. or W.W.E.) championship match at WrestleMania 28.  Who will rise to occasion and emerge victorious?  Who will be dealt with a crushing defeat?  And who will go the distance in the Rumble and earn himself a chance to make wrestling history on the "Show of Shows"?  We'll find out this Sunday night in St. Louis.... Michael Cole or no Michael Cole!!!!


Searching for steady, full-time work in the job market sucks these days.  Nothing personal against working two part-time jobs to try making ends meet, but let's face it, one can only go so far in earning pocket change each week.  Hell, it would be great if I were to land myself an entry level, full-time position as a  Basic Internet Surfer, where I can hide in my office and have loads of fun surfing the Internet for hours.  If you think about it, folks, it only makes perfect sense to get paid very well for doing what you love and love what you do, considering how difficult it is to try looking for work during these uncertain and troubling we're all experiencing nowadays.  Trouble is, employers don't seem to take these issues seriously enough to give each of us a chance to earn our keep and contribute to a company's continuous growth and success.  I've been on this seemingly continous treadmill for almost 6 1/2 years now, and it's getting where I might have to end up kissing some young, sexy hottie's butt to land myself the job I actually like and care about.... even if it means spending six to eight hours per day surfing the Internet.  It's as frustrtating as it it discouraging, folks, believe me.


And finally, I'm hoping I won't receive an invitiation to attend my 30-year high school reunion later this year.  I don't mean to sound like a resident "Voice of Doom", but there's a part of me that wishes I had never graduated from high school, considering what I know now what I should've known then in the "Real World".  Add to the fact that there may be some bad blood that still remain among my fellow graduates, and you the makings of a grudge match waiting to happen at any and every given moment imaginable.  And to add insult to injury, I'm afraid I might end up meeting my high school prom date, who may still have a long-standing grudge against me after all these years, even though she could have done so much better than having to deal with the likes of me during an otherwise festive and memorable Junior-Senior Prom.  Let's face it, people, I was no Prince Charming back then, and I'm still not in that league today.  Am I sounding a little too childish in my reasoning?  Perhaps so, but the bottom line is my fellow graduates deserve so much better than having to deal with me during any occasion, let alone the high school reunion, and only time will tell when (and if ever) I'll be able to overcome my fears to attend this year's reunion.... and many more reunions to come.  For now, though, I'll stick with cheeseburger wishes and cherry-cola dreams, and hope for better days ahead in and out of the job market.  And who knows?  Maybe I'll be lucky and win a million bucks a year for life in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes later next month.  We'll see what happens.


Well, my loyal hell-raisers, that's about it for me right now.  Hope to chat with you again soon.  In the meantime, keep thinking of good thoughts and pleasant dreams in your heart.


C-U Later and Enjoy the Mat Mayhem.


Best Regards,


Lord Scumbag.


" :D "

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