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In rememberance of the lives lost in the Tragedy of September 11, 2001 I dedicated my page to all affected.... I had been working at the Dealership about 14 years at the time..I was Clean and sober almost a year, in the program of recovery and just so happened to be 3 months pregnant when my partner came in and grabbed me from my desk to watch what was happening a few miles away from us. Ofcourse the initial shock and horror watching plane 2 hit the Trade center jolted me into tears. My family lives in Chicago and not knowing where the next target was, I was concerned for my brothers and sisters who worked in the financial district next to the Sears tower in Chicago..my phone rang and it was my Father. My dad, Doc S., is hard of hearing and hates the phone. He called because he needed to tell me he loved me. Tears again. He let me know he was unable to reach my siblings but was sure all 4 of them were fine. During the day my father called me at work 7 times. When I got home from work my 5 year old was sobbing. I thought it was because of the day but when I asked "Rebecca, why are you crying Baby.." she responded "Mommie I know something bad happened but my hampster just died." The innocence of my child made me want to hold her and never let go. I eventually found out a few of my friends had passed in the tragedy. September 14, 2001, I miscarried my Baby. I know he is in Heaven. A few days later I sat in a meeting. I did not pick up a drink or a drug. I am now 7 years clean and sober but that was a very trying time. My friend lets say was PJ sat next to me. He was a retired NY fireman. Shaking, I felt his sadness during the meeting. He shared what happened to him. This man, approx. 35 retired from FDNY because his 5 year old was dying from cancer. He took the time to take care of his sick child. He retired 6 months previous to the 9/11 attacks. The day of 9/11 he went up to help with clean up and rescue. That day he sat next to me..day 6...he told the story that during the clean up he discovered the remains of his ENTIRE squad. The men he worked with for years..he found every single one of them. At that minute..tears flowed down the faces of the 60+ people in the room. Several other stories from people I am close to surfaced and continue to. Someone today asked me why I take this so to heart....These are some of the reasons why..and the respect I want to show for all that were lost and their families on this day. We will never forget.....
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