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The date of April 18th, 2007 will forever be etched into my memory as it is the date that my third child was to be born. I have been doing alot of crying lately...getting to be an emotional time as the due date of that baby is only 20 days away and counting. I cant help but think of how big I should be right now....all the rigors and trials of being in the last trimester are fresh in my mind and yet....I am not living them and it kills me inside. I started this blog and all it contains to help people like me...grieving the loss of a baby they never knew or didnt know long enough. I have been fighting to keep it higher in ranks because its such an important issue and I want people that need it to feel the support it can provide. I have been trying to get blast through good old fashioned work to keep the word out there so that anyone needing the help will see it and me and my page have started falling to the wayside. Its like it doesnt matter anymore and the drama here has gotten to be too much. I am tired of people trying to take away from the help love and support I am trying to offer. I am SICK TO DEATH of finding the face or lack of on my page of women that are dating or married to ex bf's...they stop by JUST to spy and cause drama. I have about had it with the site all together. If what I am doing no longer matters to anyone but me...if people arent behind me anymore...then I see no point in hanging around because there is only more sadness and frustation than love and support happening anymore. Please tell me I am wrong because I have put so much effort, blood, sweat and tears into this page and this blog.
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