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LilDevils Play Ground's blog: "The Dark"

created on 04/25/2011  |  http://fubar.com/the-dark/b340749

Standing there, in the mist, of fading shadows.

some silent, some not, the prince, has found himself in a place,

that even he did not know.

Yet be that as it may, fear is not in him. for, up to now, He has been,

the only fear, any have ever known.

Gazing back and forth,  bits of red  glistened, from the corners, of his,

eyes. Through the nite, slowly he makes his way along the blackened,

place,  she had led him, The only one, he had ever, dared let into his,

Souless heart. Find her he must! for he knew after all, there would,

surely never be such a love, like hers , again in his time . Where had they

taken her ?  and why?   what blackness has he,  found himself in?

Though it matters not!  for in his mind, someone, or thing would soon ,

feel  his wrath !   For he is the prince, of pure evil! And she owns,

his souless, heart.

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