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created on 10/11/2006  |  http://fubar.com/the-daily-news/b12490
Well Last Wednesday I approved the sig cover design for my first poetry book and it is now in the printing department!!! I am starting to get a little ecited about it now!!! I sure hope that everyone who gets a copy really enjoys the poems and I have to admit I hope that it is a big hugh hit!! The title is: "Measure The Heart" The ISBN Number is: 1-4241-4860-X More updates to come!!!
Like two sparrows that soar so high as two hearts emerge as if they are one finding just what it is that matters most and then share in the moment of hope.
Well Wednesday I approved the cover design for my poetry book and now it is in the printing department! I am starting to get excited about and I sure hope that everyone that gets a copy of my first poetry book really enjoyes it and all and yessssssss I have to admit that I hope it is a big hugh hit!!! The title is: "Meausre The Heart" The ISBN NUMBER is: 1-4241-4860-X More details to come!!!!!!
People seldon say what they should yet others still know how they feel as yet walls are build up and kept all around and then someday what they should say is what they wish they did.
Cloudy skies storms arise from east to west and north to south as the rain continues to pour on out winds are here and there tossing things about. cloudy skies storms arise leaving nothing unturn wet or unturned yet there is such beauty all around.
A sparkle of light a cast of gloom full of wind and rain so smooth falling down from heaven on high enlighting the earth to renew it's strength.
A man hanging on a cross giving everything to save the lost. A scence so unreal a man noone could recongize yet I have heard tell that some are offended at the movie called the passion. Have they not read the word of God for that movie only touched a tip of what Jesus really went through and I am sure there was a lot more blood then any movie could reveal.
To free with in the soul of man things created from above to shun the wrong and do the right to know the truth and live forever more.
Compassion to one another Heavenly nature with in Unity is very important Reunited to God above Charity to all you see Heaven bound someday
The crisp cool air flowing through the land waking up our senses letting us know Fall has come in full bloom.
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