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The Crosses We Bear.wmv
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HoneysuckleJun 14, 2011-- 4 of 4God bless you Rhonda....
Soldier Of The ...Mar 31, 2011-- 3 of 4That cross is both testimony for both you and your sister..thats what i took from the truth that u told here, now the fact that u be biting out lord adn savior....im sure he gone be biting u back soon lol
we all have our crossess to bear just like jesus did for us and gave his life for us to have eternal life in heaven for those that shall beleive on him...his path and ways are loving and caring but to follow in his footsteps we have to endure the slings and arrows cast at us and the plots devised against us but they will not prosper cause we are children of god, and the enemy shall not conquer us nor our father in heaven..amen to ur testimony here rhonda...that was touching and a blessing for all those who were presant to hear it and for us that you have allowed ot see it here.
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