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The Cliff

I walk close to the cliff I can see the world crumbling I can take you to the edge The knife of passion at my side I walked among the angels as they watched The suicide bomber crumble lives The mom getting an abortion and killing her own The husband punching his sweet beautiful wife in the face Nice try she was more beautiful ace The bums on skid row scabs on their faces and begging for a dime The young kids smoking crack and blowing his own heart The time it took to blow these families apart Sad to say there is love in the world The dad seeing his first born The mom in agony delivering that born The teenager getting just one A The beautiful bride on her wedding day The man coming home from war is more than he thought would happen The child riding her first bicycle I sit on this cliff I know for just one man there was no "if" He spoke his mind He told you the truth With love and passion on his mind he made the right decision I live my life daily making a choice That choice will always be mine I will enjoy the sunset from the cliff with a lovely lady I will bring my children and show them When it is my time I will make that jump Into heaven I will fly
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