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chainsawgorefest's blog: "3circle"

created on 06/11/2009  |  http://fubar.com/3circle/b299161

Actors: Leonardo DiCaprio         Budget first scene        cost: 9,000

Animation effects                         Budget fist scene         cost: 3,000

co stars :                                                                                 3000

tetsuo  on bike :                                                                       3000

Kannada on bike:                             this is the intro to be used for (cgi) leaks and video animations ,video game, it's just a photo and action capture .

co-stars including girls and other bikers      budget first scene    5,000

actors in restaurant ; 1,000              other things 2,000

total   26,000

The first scene in Akira is the intro ; the bombs blast (WWIII info) and neo Tokyo news about  the mojo  campaign and  the gangs. After that is  then the bike chase. belated to tetsu and his bike acciedent though he is effected by nuke kid encounte.The U.S soldiers come in on hang lifter with the president to capture nuke( missing clue)the  kid of the foreign trades phychologiccal  concentration lab located in a suit in a building. the story of the powers of Akira and the nuke kid will be evealuated allong with the sick and twisted tetsou .

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