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babygurl1130's blog: "the baby"

created on 09/27/2007  |  http://fubar.com/the-baby/b134850
my peanut is finally hear she came into the world on 12/13/2007shw weighed 5lbs 11ozs and she was 18.5" long. her sisters love her to death and so do mommy and daddy. and also jake is home our 2 months areover finally. i got all i wanted for xmas my hubby and my baby girl. all is good here. ttyl love you all.
well guys it has been a week now and i have been having contractions. they are stopping them due to the fact they found a infection. yea for me. they are telling me that when the infection is gone they will not stop the contractions. i am 1ctr diolated and 50% effaced. She will be at least 4 weeks eairly. but i can deal with that. jake only has 4 weeks as of tuesday. 30 days he is so excited and can not wait to come home. we all miss him.
hey guys i am writting this to give you all updates about the baby. I went to the dr on tuesday and the baby has a strong heart beat and is moving alot. it hurts when the baby hurts but that is to be expected they tell me. My back is the one that is going to suffer the most at the end but it will be worth it i guess. in case you all did not know i have a torn disc in my back they can not fix it. I am told that if they try to fix it it may paralise me so i said just leave it i will do other things to deal with the pain. but back to the baby. the ultra sound tecnation said that she was 98% sure it was going to be a girl so we picked out the name HAILIE ISABELLE HICKS.
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