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~~THE Baby Dolls Etiquette~~


1. All "THE Baby Dolls" members/prospects MUST have a verified salute.

2. All " THE Baby Doll Members" must be female. Once we get the group established we will be adding males to the group. Read "THE Baby Dolls Etiquette" and if you agree to the terms, comment in the comment box with "Agree" you will be placed in the voting folder.

3. Mark aka Slut OR "THE Baby Dolls" homepage must be added to your Family or Friends top 7 list.

4. All " THE Baby Doll Members" will be assigned a team leader who we recommend be placed in your top friends for communication purposes, however, this is not a requirement.

5. You must add "Potential Baby Dolls" to your name while awaiting results of the weekly voting. Voting will occur Friday - Sunday. If you are voted in,your name should be changed to "  THE Baby Doll Members". You may not be part of any other "All Girl" group. (You will be notified via email if your membership has been approved or not.)

6. All "THE Baby Doll Members" must be added to your friends list. Fanning and rating is required.

7. It is the responsibility of all " THE Baby Doll Members" to repost any related bulletins. This is very important. Do what you can to support the Group and Its Members. We know that some of the Members aren't online alot, but when you are online please make an effort to participate in any related event/activity, such as a member with Auto 11s,  Birthdays or Bulletins.

8. No Toloerance for  DRAMA what so ever will be part of "THE Baby Dolls" Group. Any "Member of THE Baby Dolls" found degrading the Groups name and/or members will have their membership terminated without any verbal or written warning.

9. A chain of command will be established. The chain of command will be as follows. Members must always report to Team Leaders, Team Leaders will report to Officers ,and the Officers will report to Mark aka Slut. "THE Baby Dolls" encourage  our members to speak freely and voice opinions to their Team Leaders and Officers. Management reserves the right to revise, implement, and enforce "THE BABY Dolls Etiquette" accordingly. You are allowed 7 days to conform with all "THE Baby Dolls Etiquette". If rules are not followed you will be sent a reminder via e-mail. If the warning is ignored you will be asked to leave "THE Baby Dolls"

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