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i dunno how tim always managed to BRAINWASH me over the years. everything that ever came outta his mouth was a fucking lie & reading about 2004 is so frustrating & i juswanna go back & kick my ass for falling for his shit AGAIN. i'm SO happy he went back to theresa (& then she proceeded to leave him a few years later after i was already married to jamie so tim KNEW he'd never EVER get me back ever again!!) so i should credit her for SAVING ME FROM TIM!! Thanks Theresa!!! (totally NOT sarcastic this time!!!) if it wasn't for HER i coulda made the biggest mistake in my life & i have no idea what woulda happened to me but i know it would not have been GOOD. phew! that was CLOSE!! but seriously all he ever did was drag me down, all he ever wanted to do was FIGHT & be miserable & wanted me to be unhappy. & that's not how marriages are supposed to be.( & did i seriously fucking think that i was gonna marry him??? seriously?!!!) that's not fucking NORMAL. jamie makes me happy & i make him happy & we are happy to be HAPPY!!! it's so fucked up that some people wanna be with someone but don't want them to be happy. they isolate them & don't want them to have friends cos they hafta have all of yer attention all the time for their constant 24 hour PITY PARTY!!! & if they see yer happy they hafta drag you down to thier level. fuck that shit!!! i love my husband so much & we live to make each other happy not DESTROY each other like tim wanted & he HAD to have DRAMA & CHAOS in his life & my life wasn't about that & he didn't like that i didn't wanna fight w/him everyday like theresa.....he was so miserable he wanted me to be as miserable as he was/is. i am so lucky that i fucking got away from him. enough of this shit i gotta get ready to go out with JAMIE tonight cos also UNLIKE TIM we like to go out & have fun.

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