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I am the SUPERFREAK...hehe! It is finally over! I have won my Happy Hour contest. First I want to thank Freak for hosting this contest and letting me have the opportunity to win. Go show her lots of love!! Here is the link to her page:
Freak ~*~Pwned by Alice in Wonderland ~*~

@ fubar
Two rounds, 50,000 comments, three weeks later, lost sleep, sore fingers and TONS & TONS of love from some great friends, new friends I met on my quest to win, and lots of other fubarians that stopped by and showed me love. I wish I could name you all individually, but I would be here forever, lol. It has been a long week already. OMG..I just want everyone to know how much I truly appreciate all your help. If you need anything in return, HIT me up!!

I will update you all later, as to when I will be having my Happy Hour. Be sure to watch! I need a few days to rest my tired fingers, lol Please repost, so everyone that helped may get the chance to see this! xoxoxo Twisted Whispers


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