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silkpear's blog: "thank you all"

created on 10/11/2006  |  http://fubar.com/thank-you-all/b12507
im going to be a grandma june 9th woooohoooo its a girl
i have to say ty to cherry tap for opening a place people can go to and meet some great people.sence ive been on her ive gotten the more respect from those who come here. its seems like big family here. and the pleager i get when i come here being able to talk and meet some wounderful people.keep it up cherry tap
i have to say sence ive been on cherrytap ive met some great people and show alot of kindness and respect ty charrytap for have a place for people to go to have a great time and meet great people
i wont to thank everyone for the warm welcome when joined up on lost cherry. i friend told me about this plae and send me the link and im glad i checked it out, becouse the people knows how to treat someone and there no cutting people down. it seems like one big happy family here and im proud to be a part of lost cherry. thatnk you all
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13 years ago
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