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34 Year Old · Male · Joined on March 24, 2009 · Relationship status: Single · Born on February 7th
34 Year Old · Male · Joined on March 24, 2009 · Relationship status: Single · Born on February 7th

A lot of people have come to us and asked "Mike, Derek, how did you come up with the idea of TexasBeerMaps.com?" and we always give the same answer:We are just a couple of guys, who liked to go out and find new places to go and meet new folks, see new sites, and have a few drinks while doing so, but we found it really difficult to actually find someplace new, unless you already new the name of it, or a friend or family member pointed you in the right direction. Yes, we understand that you can also drive around and find a new joint as well, but we wanted to make it easier. We wanted to create a site not only for the local person who thinks they know all the spots, but also for the folks who are travelling through, from other counties, cities, states, or even countries. How awesome would it be to have one site, that would have every spot, in every city, in the entire state, that sells or serves any kind of alcohol? How great would it be to not have to click five thousand times to try and find a place that's near enough to my house that I don't have to drive 30 miles to get there? What if it's a dry county and I have no idea where to pick up a 6 pack? What if I am from Houston, and I am coming to Austin for a visit? Maybe a business trip? You can try to go online, but if you don't know the name of the spot, the chances of you finding a place that isn't paying for online advertising, or actually paying the site to be on their engine, are slim to none.You can go online and search for bars in a specific city, but you get a fraction of what's really out there. You can search for restaurants, and of course, you get the major chains, but you miss out on the opportunity to really dine at a place you would have never gotten to experience if it weren't for a friend letting you know about it.This is where TexasBeerMaps.com comes in. We've done the work for you. We've got every one of them, on a single, interactive, easy to use map, and we're constantly updating, revising, and reviewing different places we and all of our staff encounter, but we need your help. We need the help of all our users out there to keep us updated with information on how your favorite places are doing. TexasBeerMaps is free, and we do our best to keep the information on our site updated as much as possible, but with the help of all of you, we can be the best site on the net to go and find a really great place to find your favorite drink and an awesome meal, or to just hang out with friends over a great happy hour special.We've made it easy, simple, and fun to get involved. No clicking around wondering where different locations are, you don't have to wait 10 minutes while each page loads - It's all right in front of you, easy to use, and completely interactive. So go on! Give us a try. Type your favorite location name in, then click "bars" to show you all the places around that location you might be missing out on. Type in your address, then click "restaurants" to see all the restaurants around your house. Looking for a six pack in your area? No problem. Click on "convenient stores" and it'll show you every convenient store in that entire metro area. And that's just the beginning. We do music reviews, restaurant and bar reviews, bartender and micro brewer interviews, we've got videos, pictures, a how to brew your own beer section, an online store, and much, much more."TexasBeerMaps.com - Because you could probably find it yourself, but this way, noone knows you asked!"

34 Year Old · Male · Joined on March 24, 2009 · Relationship status: Single · Born on February 7th
Music, writing music, singing, playing music, movies, Coffee shops, writing, books, reading, live shows, festivals, karate chopping things, yelling "whooopppeeeeeee" at random inappropriate times, bar hopping, car hopping, bathroom and apartment hopping, shoe wearing, clothes optional, dj playin, and who the hell knows what else to put here Oh, and don't forget drinkin that sweet, sweet nectar we like to call, BEER!
I like every type of music there is. Favorites include Johnny Cash, Tool, Mashuggah, Willie Nelson, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimmy Hendrix, Walter Davis, Eric Clapton, B. B. King, Robert Johnson, Jack Johnson, Muddy Waters, The Doors, Van Morrison, Myles Davis, Patricia Barber, Janis Joplin, Alicia Keys, Slip Knot, Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Blue Grass boys... Amongst many others

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