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Honeybee's blog: "tests"

created on 11/04/2008  |  http://fubar.com/tests/b256967

  Lets show some love to a terrific friend of many. He always returns the love!!! < *Phantom*






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Brought To You By : ~¢¾Windy¢¾~Come on Downraters...come and get me! ~Member of Stiletto Girls~

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She has been here for two years now, and has well deserved to be Godmother. Please show her lots of love and lets all get her there!! She has lots of awesome stash and her graphics are amazing. Just because you have no vip status, or auto 11...doesn't mean you can't show it from your heart to give love to this wonderful lady. So, please, help me get her to Godmother! ≈♥≈ Pure Magick ≈♥≈ ~ Do Not Forget To Entertain Strangers

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Brought to you by: ~♥~Windy~♥~Member of Stiletto Girls~

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Please give this Spotlight lots of love and help him level. He has auto 11's going on for you so spank him hard and help him Disciple! Brought To You By : ~♥Windy♥~Member of Stiletto Girls~

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=== 'OneSexyAssBiotch' wrote the following at '2008-11-12 18:07:13'.. > >

text here > (for those already in the auction) > text here > > text here > text here > > pic here > Auction Hostess > > text here > >

> ....

> Welcome to my Grand Opening of my Fu-Tavern. If you rate this album during a happy hour (there are only 62 pics) you will receive a special door prize. This is a fun album to rate. Come on in and sit down and enjoy! > << Courtesy of > ~♥Windy♥~Come on Downraters...come and get me! ~Member of Stiletto Girls~

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