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created on 09/14/2006  |  http://fubar.com/temps-lounge/b1233
***Poolside Romp*** Briana stripped nude and lay face down on the patio chair by the pool. The sun beat down and beads of sweat began to collect on her back and buttocks. Glistening drops trickled downward, tracing the sides of her breasts and slowly advancing between her legs, moistening her pussy lips. She enjoyed sunbathing nude alone in her backyard, finding the heat, soft breeze, and naked exposure titallating. She would sometimes masturbate on the patio by the pool with her sighs echoing through the deserted yard. Today, she felt extremely turned on, becoming more aware daily of the loneliness that possessed her since her porn career was on hold. I used my key to enter the house the 1 that Briana gave me.i knew she would be by the pool, I moved absent mindedly through the sliding glass door to say hi to Briana, not taking notice yet that Briana was nude on the patio. "Ohhh!!," I startled, taking in the full view of Briana's entirely nude and sweating body stretched out on the patio chair. Briana lay face down with her head resting on her folded arms. Her body was covered in sweaty moisture over its entire length. My eyes reflexively traced down Briana's frame, scanning smoothly over her bare and beaded back, rising in artistic curvature over the sculpture of her moistened rear, descending to the back of her thighs. My heart lept at Briana's complete nuditiy. I stumbled slighly backward at the shock, my right hand rushing to cover my mouth, and my face lit up in a blush. Briana did not move. She did not even open her eyes. "You should lay out for a little while before going in to work," Briana said matter-of-factly. "Ummm...I'm sorry...I...you startled me," My voice was almost laughing a little now. I became aware now, as the shock dissipated, that i was also turned on. Briana's moistened body was beautiful. My eyes again roved over the soft curves of the nude body before me, and the flushing in my face spread over my neck. I was perhaps just as aroused by the matter-of-fact tone of Briana's response. 'She doesn't mind that I'm seeing her like this' the flush on her neck spreading downward over her chest. My breasts felt fuller to her. The t-shirt was constricting and i feared it might betray my excitement just as my nipples began to awaken. Briana was smiling at the reply, but still did not open her eyes. "This pool is the most secuded of it's kind anywhere in the area. The sun is broiling me alive. I like how it feels. You should try it." Briana spoke slowly with a gravelly quality that i had not heard before, almost as if Briana was half asleep in her sensual relaxation. The effect of Briana's response was very arousing to me, and my nipples were protruding now with engorged attention. I had never seen Briana nude before. The face-down position was startling in its composition. It seemed to reveal everything, but instead concealed the most valuable treasures of Briana's sex. I was briefly distracted by thoughts of what Briana's breasts would look like if she turned over. My heart skipped when i thought of seeing Briana's pussy, and at the thought i felt a physical flushing and warmth engulf the flesh between my legs. "I...I didn't bring a suit. You're sure no one can see?" I could hardly disguise the excitement in my voice. "You don't need a suit, silly." Briana replied, her eyes opening for the first time, squinting in the sun. "There isn't another home within a mile. The large fence there extends all the way past that grove of trees, and the trees there would block someone, even if they had a telescope. I sunbath here all the time. Sometimes I masturbate back here." The last statement was overtly flirtatious, and i was certain that Briana was inviting me to share in the risky nature of exposure, not simply sunbathing. "I don't think...I mean...I'm not going to..." My mind whirled. The combination of the heat, of my aroused state, of the sight of Briana's perfect sculpted nakedness made my mind spin. I felt my own wetness clinging to the lips between my legs, and begin to moisten the panties i was wearing. I had no doubt that this place was secluded. What transpired here would be between me and Briana. It was that thought that made my heart race, and my pussy engorge. "Then stay in your underwear...Come on. It's so hot and it feels nice. Have some lemonade and drop your drawers," Briana said playfully. She raised up on her arms and turned towards me. Briana's breasts were in full view now, sooooo large and firm, tanned, with erect nipples. My passion stirred again at the sight. Briana's breasts were perfect, her body soft and curved, and she was smiling. Her right side was down, and her left leg was bent, sloping downward and obscuring her between her legs. My eyes traced there anyway, hoping to see. Briana noticed. "A step closer, sweety," Briana reached with her right hand, cupping my waistband, pulling me closer. Briana swung to a seated position now, her left hand grabbing the zipper on my shorts, pulling the zipper down. I stood there frozen. I could now see Briana's smooth waxed pussy. My nipples were near bursting with engorgment. My pussy dripped juices between swollen lips, trickling on to the white skin of my thighs and bathing my white silk panties. I brought my legs together a little, to allow Briana to easily remove my shorts. "Alright, alright," i resigned. Stepping out of the shorts and pulling my t-shirt off, unveiling my naked breasts. I stood there in only white panties. My white skin gleamed. Soft, luxurious curves outlined my breasts and hips. My breasts were moderate in size, voluptious and full, firm and vibrant. My areola were small and perfectly circular, pink, offset in the center now with pink, somewhat large, and now definately enlarged and erect. I was thin yet soft through the midsection, with my silk panties clinging to the broud curves of my hips. Between my legs, at the apex of the inverted white triangle of my panties, wetness saturated the material, causing it to cling to the flesh beneath, subtlely outlining the central cleft beneath. Briana took notice. My nipples were screaming for attention, and though not as obvious, my pussy was clearly moistened and aching. Briana returned to my prone position, face down, keeping her eyes on me. I grabbed some lemonade from the patio table, and sipping quickly, could taste the alcohol. I lay face up on the closest patio chair, my gleaming breasts pushed up defiantly. "Mmmmm...you look hot," Briana teased. "I think I'm almost as turned on as you." Briana smiled, eyeing me up, Briana kept her eyes on me, and when she clearly had my attention, closed her eyes and moved her hands over my breast, flicking the erect nipple. "Mmmmm...feels good." my mind was spinning hard now. i felt warm and intoxicated. Sweat began to collect on my abdomen and between my breasts and thighs. I smiled at Briana's flirtations, tracing with my eyes the length of Briana's body and curves. "Looks like it," I heaved, the sight of Briana, the heat and sweat, the soft breeze, the slight buzz from the drink, the incessant claims of arousal twisting my insides and sending electricity through to my erect nipples and glistening labia. "No one around for miles," i said thoughtfully, "Why not?" my right arm bent at the elbow and my hand cupped my right breast, beginning to massage in very slow rhythms,my fingers pinching gently at my engorged nipple. "Ohhhh...can I watch?" Briana queried playfully, but she could not completely hide the rising excitement in her voice. Briana again roled up on her side exposing her breasts, which betrayed strikingly erect nipples, this time rotating her hips evenly to display the slip of smoothness in her pubic region. She placed her head on one arm and gave her rapt attention to me, who, smiling at the question, scooted back slightly, closed my eyes, and sighed in complete resignation, "Why not." My right hand was now rhythmically kneading and massaging Briana's right breast, pinching and flicking the engorged nipple while my left hand softly carassed her midsection. Shards of pleasure shot from the right nipple and her muscles began to engage involuntarily. Her left breast was jealous. My right arm extended accross her body and dove hungrily into the soft flesh of her breast, kneading avidly while twisting and abusing the nipple. Pleasure rolled in waves through her body, emanating from her breasts and enveloping her whole body. I was, without knowing, beginning to slightly spread and retract her legs rhythmically as her pussy ached for attention. "Oh God. Yesssssssssssss,Kezzie fuck my pussy with your fingers" Briana screamed out in full pleasure Briana turned round the other way so she could lick my hot wet dripping pussy while i fucked hers with my fingers "Omgggggg,,mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Briana lick my pussy nice and fast make me squirt all my juices in your mouth" Briana licked my hot wet pussy sooo fast,making me ram my fingers further and deeper into her throbbing wet pussy. By now we both was really turned on ...moaning and screaming out in pure pleasure, I could feel myself getting ready to shoot my juices into Briana's mouth....Briana was panting and moaning soooo loud as my fingers slid in n out of her wet pussy "MMMMMMMMMMM OMG OMG KEZZIE......I'm cumming" Briana screamed out as all her juices squirted all over my fingers I started to lick Briana's drippin pussy..sucking all her juices up,Briana was still licking my pussy sooo fast. "Lick it omgggg Briana...make me CUMMMMMMMMM" Briana started to lick my pussy even faster now she knew i wasnt far off shootin my juices into her mouth, I arched my back as i could feel myself exploding into Briana's mouth "MMMMMMMMMMMMMM Omggggggggg,Lick it im cumming" i screamed as i let my juices squirt into Briana's mouth. Briana carried on licking my clit making sure she licked up every single drop of my hot juices,she looked up at me while licking her lips,she started rubbing my breasts, We both kissed each other on the lips,swirling our tongues into 1 anothers mouth "Omggg Kezzie,you was fantastic,we will have to do this again,thats if you want to,you really turned me on,next time we will use toys and get so hot" "Yes i would love to do that again,Briana you really do turn me on so bad, By XxXTemptressXxX
Feeling your hands all over my body and your warm breath against my skin Kisses from your lips so soft & moist I get hot & wet down in between The candle light against your body as the sweat rolls down your chest You look in my eyes and lick your lips and tell me that I am the best I feel your tongue on my inner thighs with your hands gripping my hips My body starts to tremble as I feel your mouth against my lips You are speaking without words and my body hears exactly what you say And what you are saying is that Iím your toy and you are ready to play Flip me over onto my stomach with my ass slightly in the air Now youíll stick it in slowly Babe and gently pull my hair Now one hand on my shoulder and the other on my hip Push harder Babe and tell me whose it is as I begin to bite my lip Now STOP and lay on your back put your hands above your head Just relax and do as I say as I tie you to the bed My lips are on yours but with know specific destination So Iíll work my way down your chest to have a detailed conversation Can you hear what I am saying? And do you agree? Good so now ill climb on top of you and ride you gently Slowly I untie your hands and then you climb on top of me My legs are wrapped around your waist and my body feels so free Both dripping with sweat and out of breath I pull you on top of me Deeper you go until you canít no more and I begin to scream your name My nails in your back impossible to breathe the feeling I canít explain Now itís that time when you tell me youíre cumming and yes Iím cumming too Now you kiss my lips and lay next to me and I say ďBaby I love youĒ. Trying to catch my breath and too weak to move you hold me so tight In each otherís arms we lay for the rest of the night. By XxXTemptressXxX For My Sweetheart Dean xxx
Well what can i say...its just another day..same ole shit goin on n on..but anywayz just wanna say im soo glad that i signed up here on LC...N i wanna thank my bro DJ acid for inviting me..thankies sooo much sweetie..n i just wanna thank all the fantastic ppl here on LC...for bein soo friendly n helpful...but anywayz ill b checkin out all my friends profiles when i get bk from work 2night so expect some ratings on ya photos n stuff..but anywayz thats it for now..but b4 i go please all check out my porn site....thats only for u guys who like porn lmaooo... but anywayz im outties for now XxXTemptressXxX http://erotic-vibrations.net
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