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created on 09/17/2006  |  http://fubar.com/teh-purple-rose/b3221
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Trig test and other shit in the house. A brief overview? Good. Gran is in pain. She's old, and she's on a lot of medication. Add a depression to this, and it really really isnt good. I'm all worried about that and stuff. Sunday night I was crying about the above thing. Mother heard me. A little background info: Since the situation with my frist boyfriend, my parents dont know about any of my emotions. They know happy and angry. Sunday mom saw throuogly scared and depressed. In the past, I have gotten in trouble for being an introvert, for hiding my emotions. I showed her some of them and was told to "suck it up and pray about it." dot dot dot. Not good. I'm not happy with my mother. Thanksgiving was good. We had the whole family from my mom's side up, pluss V and his mother. Twas much crowded. After stuffing our faces with Italian food and chocolate covered coffee beans, we all pretty much mellowed out, 'cept for mom who tried to throw some guy off the roof. Yeah. That was great. Saw Happy Feet on Friday night. That was cute! I'm convinced that Elijah Wood is obsessed with near-impossible quests, though. Justin has started something that is going to be hard to break. He made me watch X-Men. Not like...ducktaped me to the wall and glued my eyes open made me watch it, but still. I got hooked. So...I went home and watched X-M2...I cried. Jean wasnt supposed to go away! It's just like PotC, cept there wasnt a Kraken and she isnt near as sexy as Jack Sparrow. Now I have to watch X-M3...yeah...that should be good. Jean, his mom, said that if I cried durring the second one, I'm going to be hysterical durring the third one. This cant be good. Hehe...Must watch. For my last bit of completly useless information, I love my boyfriend! <3 Sil.ilos
Blood and Ramen Noodles-Horrible Blood and Chocolate Mild-Bad Blood and Mt. Dew-Tollerable Blood and Ice Cream-Good Blood and Chocolate Syrup-OMG!! I got a tooth pulled...the last baby tooth. Yeah. It sucks. Uhh...random update of my life since...whenever. 11-6-06 Dad got an espresso machine. Yummy!! I had one this morning. Twas much good. Uhhh...Ok...from Thursday. I got my hair cut after Tech on Thursday. Maybe I'll have some pictures up later. I dont know yet. I havent taken any, really. Well, aside from some Signs for some people on Gaia. Sarah had a dance to go to Thursday night. I took her and went to Jeanne's. We talked about a lot of stuff. I even got my palm read! When we got home, I got to play psychologist. It turns out, Sarah's having some of the same problems I did in Middle school: people talking about her, liking the same guy her friend does, and just being a young teen. Also, her English teacher died from Cancer. So I'm playing therapist for Sarah and a few other friends, and I let Holly vent on me about a lot of stuff. I feel like I have no one to really go to any more...like I've got to listen to everyone else's problems and cant let them in on my own. V isnt here today, and that' s not helping me at all. I really needed him last night to take away the worthlessness that I felt. I havent hated myself this much in a really really long time. I dont even know why I feel as bad as I do right now. Nothing is incredibly screwed up at this point...::sigh:: I dont know what to do. The senior girls went on Friday to get their pictures taken. I would have much rather went on Thursday with the guyz. Twas not much fun. Senior girls bother me. There's only a few I can actually talk to, and a few more than that that I can tolerate. The others...well...they're just lucky I didnt snap all over their hair-fixing, makeup-applying, squeeky-voiced, overweight yet anorexit little rumps. So very much annoying. Saturday I went and put in an application at Dollar Tree. Sarah also took me out for Chinese food. Not much else the rest of the day. We went to church on Sunday and stuffs, and I got a little hug from Clayton while he was at work. I just hope that lasts till tomorrow. Sarah also gets to start art lessons back up. She's going to start them with Jeanne this time. Her first one is tomorrow and I'll pick her up at 4. Yay. That's all I got for now. I'll let you know if I get anything else. 11/14/06 I've been sick. Not fun at all. I missed school yesterday, and therefore a trig test and an essay test in English. I still dont have much of a voice, and it's about to drive me crazy. My head hurts worse than it did this morning. I'll have to take some Ibuprofin at brunch or something. I cant miss today!! Have to make up those tests. Umm...my life since last week. Ok. I can do that. Thursday I went with Jennifer and Shalena for more Sr. pictures. That was fun since it was with tech. We ran all over O------- and had a pretty good time. I should be getting the disk today with all of the ones of me today...really I should have gotten it yesterday, but I wasnt there. V came over that night after me and mom and Sarah moved some stuff down to the store. We watched The Crow with Brandon Lee and then we watched about half of Pirates of the Caribbean...He left at around 9 and I took a shower and went to bed. I didnt have Tech on Friday, so I went home at lunch and me and mom went out to the Rendesvouz and had Chinese food for lunch and then went to the HS Gym to help set up the craft fair. Tarps and chalk and tape and all that fun junk. I wasnt feeling too good then, but I ignored it. I think that may have been my first mistake. I had to get up early on Saturday to help people bring their junk in for the fair. Even more fun. Dad was there to help too, so when we got done, he took me and Mom back into town. Sarah wanted to stay with Carrie, so we left her there. We went back out to the Rendesvouz, and dad learned some more stuff and we had fun and such, and then we came back. I took mom back to the craft fair and we met Gumby and Papa and they took me and Sarah to lunch. We went back and then I helped pack up the craft fair with V and the rest of the 4-H wildlife team people. That was my second mistake. I overworked myself. Oh well. I didnt feel it till Sunday afternoon. V took me out to dinner and then to Wal-Mart and GameStop after he helped his friend's sister with her calc work. I had a pretty good time then, too. We had Chinese food, and then he got me flowers and Pocky and 6 cans of Mt. Dew...all of the Pocky was melted together, though...I havent told him that yet. And there's something else that's making me a little paranoid/upset, but I'm going to let him tell me about it and I'm going to do my best not to push the issue...if I keep finding ways to blame myself, though...not good at all. I'm all ready doing the 'organize-everything-to-think-about-something-else' thing. Mom and dad woke me up Sunday morning. I got dressed and then we went to see Gumby and Papa and get Sarah back. I went to bed a little after we got there. My head hurt and I couldnt talk and all that jazz. We got home in time for church, and Teena took us home. Yesterday I stayed in bed all day and half watched movies. V called me!! I think he called at around noon, but I was very much out of it. He called back around 3:30 to check on me. That was awesome. I didnt expect it at all. Twas many chocolate-covered-ice-cream-points in my book. And then today...well...here I are. Not much has happened. I'll prolly write a little at Tech if I get time. Talk to you all later. 11/20/06 I havent been the best at blogging here lately. Uhh, about the last thing. I got my last baby tooth pulled on Thursday and it was bleeding while I was trying to eat/drink. Friday, my mouth was so sore I didnt want to move and I had a headache the size of hell. I also had a Trig test that day. Needless to say I only got one problem done the whole hour. Not a good thing. Very much not a good thing. I'm going to be starving and cold and tired when I get home for lunch today instead of just cold and tired. I have to go in to work on the test during Brunch so I wont get any food. Saturday I got to clean most of the day. Sarah is in trouble so she couldnt get on the computer, but she had a friend over. That kept her pretty occupied. When I wasnt doing laundry, ironing a curtain, hanging curtains/nets, or vaccuming the house, I was able to get on the computer. Not much was going on there. Yesterday was the fellowship meal at church. I left the house thinking that it was next week. WRONG! I had all ready dropped the Sarahs off at church and gone to get a Mt. Dew. I was talking to Mrs. Clayton when Sarah E came up and said "Anny, go to the store and get some food!! Today is eat-at-church day!" All right. I went back to the store and got a bottle of Pepsi. Other than all of that completly random information, my weeking was very boring. I want to see Happy Feet. Much love to anyone who reads through all of this. Have a wonderful day. <3 Sil'ilos


So yeah. I'm depressed. I can admit that. I just dont know why I feel the way I do. I have no reason to feel this way about myself or my life. I've got clothes, food, a wonderful and for the most part fuctional family, friends, a good education, and some sembalance of positive plans for my life. I've never really messed up. I'm a Christian. A lot of people would probably call me spoiled or priviledged. I just hate myself. I do not think I'm pretty, and I feel very very little self worth. Everything that goes wrong somehow has to do with me, and I'm sick of being the screw-up. Very few people in this world can make me feel worth something. If I ever loose V, I have no clue what I'm going to live for, what goal will drive me. For 4 years he was my goal, making him see me was what kept me alive. Now we're together, and when I'm with him he melts all of this negative shit away. Him and my dad are the only guyz in my life that can do that. I've been playing psychologist for a number of friends lately, my little sister included. These friends happen to be the ones I can talk to, minus V, who has yet to learn about this depression. I dont want to dump my problems on them, I dont want them to worry about me on top of all of their shit. I honestly dont know what to do or where to go or who to talk to. ::sigh:: Oh well. I'll come out of it sooner or later. I always do. Thanks for taking the time to read this pathetic blog. Much love to all, Sil'ilos
Havent blogged anywhere in a few days...been too tired. Have a short update. 11/2/06 One Big Rig Amp and I'm not tired any more. In fact, I think I'm really really hyper and I still hate this keyboard. I was looking this morning and I didnt get all the black lipstick off from yesterday. That stuff dyes your lips, I swear! Yeah. I had a bit of fun with that costume yesterday...Transylvanian accent and gypsy costume and all that jazz. Thinking abouti t now, I should have read my part thing in that kind of accent. I was too tired though. Hmmm...BPA Installation was yesterday and we had our Halloween social. We got our 'professional dress' points for dressing in costume. A bunch of the second year students dressed up, so I didnt feel too out of place. And I was wearing nearly all black, so it was a lot of fun. Uhhhhhhhh...Sleepy....hyper....::pokes V:: 11/1/06 God Damn. I've gotten 30 hours of sleep in three days (about 10 hours each night) and I'm still incredibly exhausted. I told Holly about it yesterday. She told me that I might be anemic and that I need to go get it checked out. I think if it keeps up, I will. V could think of a couple reasons I'd sleep so much and still be tired...he said that I'm either depressed or on drugs. I'm actually less depressed than normal, and I havent been on drugs since the wreck and those were semi-legal. Oh well. I hope I can just get over it. It'd be so much easier than having to pay even more doctor/hospital bills. Sarah's getting hit we had to pay for, and Josh's insurance isnt going to or hasnt yet paid for the wreck. That's 2k in ambulance/meds/x-ray/other bullshit that we're going to have to pay for for my thing alone. God knows how much Sarah's thing was. Oh well. Oh well oh well oh well. The halloween thing at Paul and Sherry's...that was fun. I think the teens (**) should organize the hay ride part for next year, though. All we did was ride around on a trailor and sing some songs that half the people didnt even know. Teena and AJ and Josh werent there. Pouts for Teena and AJ. I dressed in all white (including white makeup!!) and had little blue fairy wings. David said I was Angel Dust, I said I was Anthrax or the Anti-Anna, and I forgot what V said. **I am just gonna suck it up and go back to MCoC. Yay for me! Sis and I tried to go to a different church on Sunday morning. It was ok. The class was good, and I think it helped me a little in my thinking of things such as myself and my low self esteem. The sermon, however. It was very short (shorter than Paul's) and he yelled! I dont like that very much. He yelled a lot. Rawr!! And the singing...Town and Country is the same as Church of Christ with the excption that TaC has instrumentation. Singing with that is very very hard now unless it's the radio. Why does it make a difference? Hmm...There's a discussion for on the way home...if I dont have to concentrate too hard on staying awake/on the road. That's all I got for now...or not. Handing out candy last night wasnt as fun as it was last year. I had to show up late, and there were people all ready there handing out candy. I got there and they didnt go in or take a break or anything. They insisted on standing right behind me and wanting to cuss me out when my wings stabbed them in the eye. Or they'd get right in front of me when I was trying to give candy to little people so I didnt get to hand out much candy. RAWR!! RAWRAWRAWR!!! Made me angry and I wished I had my wand so I could fairy dust the guyz that thought they were 'gangstas.' Ha. I'd show them. That's really all I got. Love to all who read. <3 Sil'ilos
GRAWR! I swear. If I ever go back to that completly horrid place, I'm going to request that the lady that cleaned my teeth be ducktaped in the back room! Goddamn! That fucking hurt! Getting your teeth cleaned is NOT supposed to hurt, unless you got what my mom had done. Doc was pretty good about it, but the chick that did the pumice thingy was new and left handed and not used to any of the shit she was doing. When they were x-raying me, she had to ask this older lady what the hell she was supposed to be doing.That was taken care of and she told me to go to the front chair thing. They did the thing where you have this thing in your mouth and they take a couple little pictures and when she tried to get me to bite down on it I nearly screamed. I thought the thing was cutting through the top of my fucking mouth! It still hurts! Then I found out that I had little mineral deposits between my teeth and gums. Thank God she called Doc in there for that. But yeah...the pumice thing...she had the vaccume to get all the chunks that she flung about my mouth and half the time it was stuck to the underside of my toung or the inside of my cheek. Do you know how much that fucking hurts?!? Damn it all to hell and back! And then she was gettin my lip with the cleany thing and...rawr. I need another hug. Yeah. When Doc came in, he asked if my gums bled every now and then and I said yeah, but it wasnt very often and it was usually if I ate hard candy or something. He started scraping my teeth with his pokey thing and the noises...I swear they sounded like poprocks in my brain. I had little mineral deposits between my teeth and gums and they can cause the gums to bleed. There's no way to get rid of them other than having the dentist do it or subject yourself to the painful removal with a toothpick or safety pin. He stuck the thing down in my gums and pried out these little rock things and... HOLY SHIT MY MOUTH HURTS! There was one in there that looked like it would have been iritating if it were in my shoe. Now imagine that in your gums...and now imagine someone prying it out with sharp metal thing...With nothing to numb it! *cry*
Football game Thursday night, in C******** at 7 Friday morning, at a halloween party that night, and at Gumby's Saturday night. Saw Josh at church right before I pulled out last night. At least he's keeping to his promise of no speaking and icy stares. Hope he's happy. Thursday night. I had so much fun!! We (the guard and I) danced our ice-cold little butts off. I found out that the Band Booster concession stand has Mt. Dew. Yay!! Not that it matters now. Bah. I'm so tired! Sis and I didnt get to sleep till around midnight that night. Friday morning we had to go to the hospital to see Gumby and Gran and be a comfort to them while Papa was getting angioplasty. He didnt get it, so we were there early for nothing. I had to drive through rush-hour T**** for no reason. That scared the shit out of me. Papa was upset about it, and really, it was mostly his fault. He didnt pay attention. The Dr.s told him that he was going to get his heart roto-routered and he kept thinking they were going to give him a stress test. He told them that he didnt want the surgery at that hospital and said that he'd wait if he needed to to get it at the one he wanted. Good choice. C******** wouldnt have been able to put stints in if he needed them. They'd clamp the tube off and ship him to a different hospital and then he'd have to pay double hospital bills. Rawr. He's going in today for what he was supposed to have Friday. When we were done there, Sarah and I went to Gumby's to visit and get ready for the party at Lloyd and Phillis's. Sarah had her costume on at least 4 hours in advance. She was a pink and black punk fairy. She was really really cute. I wound up doing the goth gypsy thing. It was really fun, and I stayed warm most of the night, aside from my belly and feet. There were a bunch of kids from the S****** band, and we played Ride That Pony. That lasted at least 2 hours. It would have went longer, but some of us were about to pass out. We played hide and seek for about 5 minutes. Tony caught a couple making out, so we stopped. I curled up under a bush and Alex walked right by me. Twas great. Then some kids decided to play football. Keva and Kurtis knocked heads, though, and Kurtis almost passed out. He's epileptic (prolly spelled wrong), which didnt help. He couldnt get up to get inside, so I went to my car and got a blanket and some other kids gave him their coats so he'd stay warm. When we went inside, his brother/friend/something (who had been hitting on me most of the evening), William, saw me sitting on the chair and half watching Kurtis. I was tired and yeah, a little worried. He got all weird on me and asked "Are you all right? You're acting like your worried or something." Umm...yeah. Weird. We went for pizza the next morning and John called him and he was all right. More games from that night : The first game we played was a mummy wrap thing. I was partnered with Kurt. He wrapped me. Twas fun. We won, so we got a brownie thing. YUMMY! After that, we went inside. In the living room, we made a circle. It was boy-girl-boy-girl. I was between Will and Kurt. Aunt Phillis gave us toothpicks and told us to put one end in our mouth. Then she held up a life saver. Take a guess. We had to pass the life saver from person to person without using our hands...Hmm...yeah. I wonder what V's reaction to those pictures will be, since it looks like me and Kurt (or it could have been Will) were about to kiss. Anyway...our team won. Then we went outside. Obstacle Course!! Yay. Had to go barefoot. Can someone say 'Color guard!!' It was at most 35 out there and a bunch of us were barefoot. It was fun anyway...even though I fell off the slide and jacked my ankle up. That's why I fell and killed Isaac while we were playing Ride That Pony. Yeah...he stepped on my chest and it hurt and he fell and someone had to jump over him. I guess that's what I get for playing longer than I knew I should. Whatever. It was fun, and I dont hurt anymore. Our team won the obstacle course. Umm...then there was a lightstick find thingywhopper. We had to go around in our teams and find a certain color of glow sticks, and there were 5 of them. We won that too. I got a bunch of candy, and Gumby and Papa and Tony and Sarah got my brownie...I didnt get any of it! Oh well. I had some of a different one for breakfast Saturday morning with a glass of Mt. Dew. Saturday Sis and I went back to Gumby's. We met up with them at Wal-Mart in P****. While me and Papa and Sarah were going to the back of the store for photos, we passed a huge group of guyz with noisy pillows. They said Boing!! The pillows did...umm...yeah. I said something along the lines of "Love the pillows." They laughed and stuff. While papa, me and sarah were looking at pictures, a radio came on really loud. I went over to turn it down after a couple minutes, and then I went to look at music. One of the pillow people came over and handed me a pillow. Since I had nowhere to put the fuzzy pink thing down, I held on to it and went to the other side of the isle to look at soundtracks. Another of the pillow people was over there, and we wound up beating each other with the pillows. More of them showed up, and so did Sis, so we just started hitting each other and making noise. After that was done and we made our introductions, I went to find Gumby. Several minutes later, we were looking at candles for mom and they came up to me and asked for my phone number. Strange...oh well. Ego-Boost!! Needed that a little. I gave them the home phone number so Sarah could talk to them. It was pretty cool. We stayed the night at Gumby's that night and came home yesterday. Nothing much happened after that, 'cept I went to David's while Sarah was at church. I've really got to find somewhere to go. I get grouchy and loose sleep when I dont go to church.
I cant take it any more. He wins. I'll be switching churches. I cant ask him to leave there, so I'll leave myself. From here down is yesterday's news. Do di do. Off my rant and such. Saturday went relativly well, with the exception that we didnt make finals or anything. The guard and band did wonderful, everyone from my band had fun. There was no wind, no rain, no unbearable hot or cold. I got to listen to little kids behind me say they liked "Hothorn Hearts?" and listened to them all the time. I think this is because I was wearing a slightly (yes I know I'm labeling, get over it) emo outfit. They were little kids, like...maybe 8th grade? Not sure. I left them alone and took my frito chilie pie elsewhere. Teena and David didnt make it to finals either. Hey, at least they got a 1 at reigonals. We got 2s. Bah. The year was a fun one and no one was incredibly depressed that we got absolutly nothing. Yesterday was the Fellowship Meal at church. I was tired. Sis and I stayed and ate and socialized and such and I got a small ego boost from Crash. He learned about my low self esteem last week and told me about a text message he was going to send me. It was something about him not getting it or whatever. He said he could understand if I were ugly or something, but that I'm not and it doesnt make sense. I didnt tell him the reason I have problems with that. I havent actually told anyone about it (aside from Mrs. Sandlin). All I know is that I felt completly worthless for a long time due to some stuffs and junk that happened a long time ago. V and Teena are the only ones I have ever wanted to tell, and I havent got close enough in my own mind to do so. Ok. Moving on. V came over last night and we watched a movie. V for Vendetta. I love that movie! I think that some time I'm going to have him burn a copy for me or something. It was absolutly wonderful. I think I'll find a way to watch it again on the *gasp* 5th of November! Oh, yes. Happy Feet comes to theaters on November 17th. I must see it!! Penguins! Dancing, sexy, happy, singing PENGUINS! Just like me! Umm...Yeah...Also...something happened. Something strange. After he left, I was humming. This isnt uncommon now, but the song...the song most definatly was. Gildor, you know this song, or at least you did a long time ago. The begining asks a question. "How do you explain, how do you describe, a love that goes from east to west, and runs as deep as it is wide?" I have only sung/hummed that song once outside a church setting. I wrote V a letter last night and I hope he found it today. I hope nothing goes terribly wrong....I hope I hope I hope. Well, I need to work on photoshop projects, lest someone accuse me of trying to shoot everyone. *gasp* I must tell you about the newest rules here at Tech. Due to the recent shootings and violence at schools across the country, GCTC is going on temporary lockdown. The doors are to remain locked durring class hours. Students are not to leave the room for any reason, unless it be break time. I have to pee, and I dont think Mrs. R is gonna let me out! Damn. This sucks. Now I'm going to work on photoshop. Love to all!
in the end.... u oughta listen to "in the end" by linkin park. its one of my current favorite songs. wanna know y? of course u do. Short and to the point. Wednesday u sank low. too low. ive been standing u for the last couple days. trying to get over what u said in front of everyone. But i cant. u tried to tell me u were just playing, but it doesnt matter. u made everyone laugh at my expense, just like the assholes i grew up with. i trusted u though. i trusted u to at least give me the common courtesy not to rip my heart out in front of me and let everyone else laugh at me. its all i can do right now not to tell u to go to hell. ur no better than the immature little pricks i grew up with. i hope u grow up before u ruin what u have going for u. and since ur always wanting me to say these things to ur face, if u ask me to ill inform u of this again wednesday, face to face. sincerely, Josh This is the message I got on my Yahoo 360 page this morning when I logged on. So my response in my blog was: ...*hidden rage*... Evidently I'm a selfish, immature little bitch who's going to hell. Well, Josh, I'LL FUCKING SEE YOU THERE! I just got a message from him about something I did at church Wednesday night. A question for you, sir, if you're reading this. Why the hell didnt you say anything about it then? Why wait half a week to blow up on me about it? Oh well. I'm not going to worry about it. You hate me? Fine. I can live with that, and evidently a little better than you can! I told you that I didnt mean what I said in a malicious manner. It was the youth group. It's not like they're going to make fun of you for the rest of your life. I would ask you to quit hanging around in obvious places and moping like an abused mutt, but then again, since I seem to annoy you so, I guess I'll let you act sooo pathetic and shit. Call us even. Have fun! In other news...I finally got to see V for Vendetta last night. It was absolutly wonderful! I think I have another favorite to add to my list. In fact, I think I'll see when Velg'larn gets some time if he'll burn it for me. It's a wonderful movie and I'll watch it all the time! Just like PotC and LotR : II Towers.


I'm sleepy! I'm really really sleepy. I got a game tonight and then OBA tomorrow. Yeah. Joy. Then the only thing I have to do is go to the here v. there game on Thursday. After that? I'm gettin paid! Yay me! The smoke detector went off at 2 this morning and I got out of bed to see what was going on. Turns out that dad turned the heater on. BOUT FREEKING TIME! It was actually warm when I got out of bed this morning. That was nice. Yesterday was a lot of fun. Very very cold, but a lot of fun. I ran around with V and Matt most of the time and pretended that I was a lesbian with Teena for Ian. That was great! Anyway...um...yeah. I'll post the most awesome thing that happened yesterday at tech though... On the way home (insert awesome thing here) and I remembered that I had to take Sarah to Wal-Mart for food junk for class. She didnt have money, so I had to pay for it. Rawr. This morning she forgot it. I turned around. She's giving me $10. Yeah. Next time she'll remember her crap. Nothing else to report. I dont feel well. So now I'm at tech and I can post just how wonderful my boyfriend is. He called me yesterday just to tell me that he loved me. This, for some odd reason that I cant explain, is really awesome and major ice-cream-covered-in-chocolate-syrup points...which is like brownie points only so much better because it's ice cream and chocolate syrup. Hehe. I love my boyfriend! <3 to all Sil.ilos
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