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TEAZUR "Carry On...
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TEAZUR "Still Of...
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TEAZUR "Metal...
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And She Danced
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Can't Stop Living
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Carry Me Away
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Your Love
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Straight Line
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Daydream (Music Video)
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TEAZUR "Figured...
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TEAZUR "Hot For...
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85 Year Old·Male·From Longview, TX·Joined on November 17, 2011·Born on January 4th·4 referrals joined!

TEAZUR is a band formed in early 2006, we play in the Texas, Louisiana & Arkansas area. Playing a variety of original and popular radio played rock music. TEAZUR released its debute album in June 2010 and it is available on itunes as well as CDBaby.com Check out the band website at http://www.teazur.com

The band consists of four members;

TOBIE TURNER: The lead vocalist was born & raised in Longview, Texas. Tobie started his music career singing with his mom and dad in church in the Gospeleers, before branching out into rock n roll where his heart truely is!

JOHN BEDINGHAUS: on lead & rhythm guitars & vocals, was born and raised in the midwest. John started playing guitar at the tender age of 11, going on to eventually graduate with honors from Musician's Institute in Hollywood California.

MIKE REINER: on drums & vocals grew up an Air Force brat, lived in 8 different states and 1 foreign country before graduating high school. He moved to Denver, Colorado playing in several "hair bands" for the better part of 8 years before settling in Texas. Mike is a self taught musician, who enjoys basketball, hot tubs and just hanging out with his daughter Nikki. Mike plays Pearl Masterworks Drums & Sabian Paragon Cymbals Exclusively.

STACY SHEW: bass guitar & vocals is originally from Athens, Texas. Stacy has played all over the east Texas area with bands such as Sugar Pill, LIX and The Imaginary Band.

We also have another very important person involved with the band.
BRIAN CULLINS: our sound man & light man, along with t-shirt sales and a little bit of just about everything else. As well as helping in the total presentation of our show. We definitely couldn't put on our show without him.

All the musicians in TEAZUR have had many years of experience playing in bands in the Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana areas and abroad. We are looking forward to meeting you and maybe playing for you in the near future.

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