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WHITE MAMBA's blog: "TEAM F.u.C.T."

created on 04/25/2010  |

Brothers of Destruction 

(This is a story about four relevent guys, whom the hotties all love, and the guys all dispise!)

Excuse me! Sorry for the interuption.
We've arrived, call us the brothers of destruction.
Skip the introduction. When we promise something.
May have broke some hearts, but better than nothing.

You know it's payday.
Cuz chicks call us baby.
Our lives been a relay.
Can we replay? Not today.
We still number one though.
Will these hos go?
When we ride solo.. Somtimes!
Don't take this to heart.. This this!
Just get on this grind.
Rock those hips to this rhyme.
All you see is our dark.
But when you fall apart, and your heart fuckin' shatters.
There we stand, and make you fuckin' matter.

You can all be deadly, I hope you're fuckin' ready.
Let us begin. With this sin, your sex is medicore. My sex is a ten!
She said: Make my neck bleed and my pussy wet, so I arched her over and made her skin drip sweat!
I roll vip. Ladies reconize me, they tell me lustfully.
I'm free to be free. Rockin' the flag of the Army.
Two doses to see, two doses of me, I hit harder then XTC.

What you got on Mamba?
What you got on us?
There's no discuss
Of current lust.
So take that fuss..
To some other place.
No. It's not distastful.
He woulda' remembered your name if it wasn't such a mouthful!
He sits there monitoring..
All your pondering.
He can't wait to reap, violent not discreat.. with this beat.
Quick to silence you, with maleviolence too.
Will destroy fu, rapidly.. He goes by Tony.
But it's Mamba to you, while he is rocking the Fu.
He has BKB on one shoulder, and a sin on the other.
Got shit to say? Get Fuct, mothafucka'!

RIP.. Here lays JD.
Back from the grave, you will see.
His demonic identity!
Lie or cheat, and a blog you'll be.
Void of decenty
He is the heart of Fu.
Connected to everything you do.
Take his trust, hell protect you.
Break his trust, he'll destroy Fu.
Black shades cover eyes, Liars he dispise.
In the end you realize, you matter if he decides!

Pickles got that cap rocked a quarter tilt.
Feelin' like a quarter mil.
He'll have you feelin' ill, To him no big deal.
Got Babii on his side, so here's the drill.
A friend to all, but a demon, head high.
Don't bring the drama, because that shit don't fly.
Always a great guy. Will meet you eye to eye.
Break that trust, and die fucker die.
Goes that extra mile, even vile. Been waiting around awhile.


TEAM F.u.c.T. It's A thick blanket of nothingness. Nowhere to go and nowhere to turn! It's us versus the world! Fighting for what we've earned! Spin that chamber, live it up to the fullest. Insert the gun into your mouth, inhale every last bullet! All of Fu's little trills.. all of Fu's little gaines. Let down by disappointment, ignited by the pains. Our relationships are pill form. Our poison of choice is apathy Our lifestyles our anything but the norm. Fuck it! We're fresh out of sympathy. Affection please? Just a little for the pains? Guess not, suppose we're all just out of luck! Our minds grow darker, we're going insane! the rest of you are all just Fuct! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls step right up and let me embrace you with an amazing tale! In a distant online paradise there awaiting an amazing browsing grounds known only as Fubar. This land has seen many changes in its time, but only continued to grow! People of all genders, ages and races flocked this evergrowing website. As the site traffic began to grow... families came together, enemies of one another rised, and with the time factions begin to form. Some are still around and more powerful then ever, some have long since collapsed. From the collapse and the ashes formed an elite team of members. A team consisting of the best Fubar has to offer. It started off slow, but overtime continued to grow momemtum. Now with its rise everyone else are simply F.u.c.T. ALL ABOUT Team F.u.c.T What Does F.u.c.T. stand for? - Fubar Under Constant Terror What is F.u.c.T. All about? Team Fuct is group of the best Fubar has to offer. The best of the best. It's a group for people sick of the protocals and drama, and just want a great family who has their backs. It's built up by the 7 Sins, because face it, you have to sin to win It consist of the main Fuct Founder and the 7 Core founders, or the Royalty F.u.c.T. They together work all the behind the scenes of Team F.u.c.T. and keep it breathing. Other are invited to join the ranks as well! Who are these Royalty F.u.c.T. you speak of? They are the main founders who helped breathe life into this ever growing family! - VIII Deadly Sin (Co-Founder) - White Mamba (Co-Founder) - Amber - Mandiscene - Mel - Buzzkillin' Beauty - Jack These are the top of the F.u.c.T. Team. Current F.u.c.T. Family VIII Deadly Sin White Mamba Amber Mandiscene Mel Buzzkillin' Beauty Jack Chickbabe3 Mambas Seduction Can I join Team F.u.c.T.? Yes you may you little shit you! Just kidding. The team is looking to only grow stronger and bigger over time on Fubar, so please if you're intrested get in contact with any of the above, or me personaly, and we'll get that going in motion for you! What do I have to do? All that is asked, is make sure to Rate/Fan/Add all the Royalty Fuct, and over time try to get every body who joins added as well. We want to keep this a tight family, and make sure everyone gets support as we grow into an unstoppable Fu-Army! Also be sure to add [Fuct] To your name. You can also add Team Fuct, F.u.c.T., or the whole thing of Fubar Under Constant Terror. But [Fuct] works fine too. We require that you have a salute though! Oh and most importantly you must mail all of the Royalty F.u.c.T cookies on a monthly basis. Alright, you don't have to do that. Not yet anyways. What do I get by joining? What do you want an offical F.u.c.T fanclub giftset or something? You'll get support from real people, you'll meet great people, and you get to have a cool ass tag in your name! But as we grow, and the team starts to build stronger, contests will be done for members to earn blings, fubux, gifts, maybe even blasts and HH Can I make stuff for the group? Hell mothatrucking yeah you can!
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