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History of tattooing

Well , tattooing is an age old custom. The art of decorating the body with tattoos dates back as early as the Ice Age.

Tattooing is an integral part of the Tahitan culture and has been practiced since 1500 BC. The western word tattoo is taken from the Tahiti word "tatau" meaning open wound! A tattoo represent a girl's sexual maturity, tribe rank and other social symbols. Tahiti woman would traditionally tattoo their loins and buttocks deep blue, taken up ... by some of the HMS Bounty Mutineers during their wild extended stay on the islands. Missionaries tried to stamp out this sinful celebration of the flesh, but it has recently enjoyed a renaissance on home turf. The tradition was kept alive in Samoa, and revived in the 1980's in its old form in Tahiti along with other ancient "supressed" arts like firewalking, chanting and dance.

Although the use of tattoos among indigenous peoples is waning, the practice lives on, as more and more people around the world discover body art. Peoples from Central Asia and America, tribes and nomads from North Africa and the Middle East, and the Australian Aborigines and Maories have a long tradition of practicing this art. Each design in this pack is unique and carries its own special meaning, whether as religious symbol, talisman, charm, indicator of status or position, or simply an adornment. The Tribal Tattoo Pack includes instructions and materials to create spectacular tribal designs, including four paints in vibrant, earthy colors, transfer sheets, brush, and instructions. The meanings and myths behind the patterns are clearly explained in the history of this fascinating art.

Inherent dangers

If you want to get tattooed or pierced, you'd better face up to the fact that

your gambling with your health. Here are some of the more serious risks:

Infection. A contaminated needle can transmit a number of serious diseases.

These include hepatitis B and C, syphilis, and even HIV, the virus that causes

AIDS. Note that infection can also occur if the tattooed or pierced area is not

cared for properly, especially during the first week or so.

Problems with removal. If you ever want to have the tattoo removedand you are

likely toit's expensive. Insurance does not cover it. It is also painful and

usually requires several visits to the tattoo shop. Scarring is common.

Allergic reactions. You won't know you're allergic to the inks in a tattoo until

you actually get one. You can even develop a reaction to a tattoo you've had for

years. You can also have an allergic reaction to the metal in a stud


If none of these reasons are enough to make you at least question the decision

to get a tattoo or piercing, then at least find out what the law is in your

state. In many states, it's illegal for teens to get a tattoo without a parent

or adult guardian's permission.

Dermis Problems (Skin Problems)

Tattoos have increased in popularity among teens and adults. Many go in for these adornments because they see their favorites celebrities wearing them. More and more tattoo shops are opening up. Many advertise on the Internet.

What the tattoo industry often doesn't tell you are the dangers. Some tattoo inks contain color additives that are not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for contact with or injecting into the skin.

Removal is not so easy

Tattoos can be removed in several ways. The most common is laser treatment, but it can cost hundreds of dollars. The laser can change the natural color of your skin. It can also cause the tattoo ink to turn into a less desirable shade instead of removing the tattoo.

Other methods include scraping the tattoo off the skin or applying an acid solution. Both leave scars. Sometimes, instead of removing it, the old tattoo can be covered with a new one. However, the new ink may not look natural.

Better to go for temporary tattoo if you are very particular on tattoo

One alternative is to get a temporary tattoo. These are applied with a cotton ball, not a needle. The tradeoff is that last for only several days.

What's more, the FDA has issued an alert regarding temporary tattoos made in foreign countries. Some of these products may contain color additives that are not FDA-approved. These may also cause allergic reactions.

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