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pitbull lovers don't tend to be the sharpest knives in the drawer. The dog almost killed a kid and all people want to do is repeat the same talking points about how they aren't naturally aggressive or how it's because of a bad owner. Sorry but whether the breed is inherently aggressive or not is not the issue, the fact is this particular dog is aggressive and had irresponsible owners and needs to be put down for that reason alone.And I wonder what would have been the solution had the boy been killed. All it would have taken is one more bite in the neck. Iam so disappointed. So sad that the life of an animal is more important that a child's life. Where are all the Facebook pages to pay for this child's medical bills?! Where are all the petition's to help with his mental health support?!More money was donated to this dog than the little boy. What that says about people I can't say, but euthanize this dog and give the money to the boy for his medical expenses.

The dog should die. It's vicious and a killer. It doesn't matter the breed, circumstances etc. Focus on what happened---a CHILD will need reconstructive surgery and years of therapy to get over this. We need to focus on what's important--HUMAN LIFE

People! People! (and this includes all misguided animal rights advocates). I have loved and been an owner of dogs since childhood. But let's not get our priorities twisted! There is a hierarchy of life on this earth that is immutable and inarguable. Animals--of ANY stripe and kind--are not equal in stature to humans! That fact doesn't give any human the right to mistreat or abuse these creatures. That said, euthanizing an animal with a known propensity to maul and kill humans is not abuse or maltreatment. This country routinely kills--by government fiat--numerous INNOCENT humans on our prisons' death rows, yet there is hardly a whimper of protest in those cases. Mourn for this child--not for the dog whose BRED nature is to destroy once it has been incited.
People act like somehow the people supervising were at fault, anything but blame a violent dog. We have violent people in this world, they do harm and we keep them away from others. No big deal, but somehow you can't do that to a dog. Nobody realizes that dogs can be diseased, violent and disturbed just like humans. I love animals, but if they are violent, they need to be kept away from the public.

Have a baby, then get back to me on all that. Pack bottles? Sounds great.

But… Did you know that a newborn wants to eat every 90 minutes or so, sometimes more often?

Did you know that it takes a whole lot longer to pump then to actually breastfeed your baby? (Babies are better at getting the milk out faster.) And all this pumping for future outings has to be done between these 90 minute feeding intervals. Luckily babies only required being fed so all this other time I have is just luxury me time. Plus I love being hooked up to an uncomfortable machine like a cow.

Did you know that if you lugged a cooler around with icepacks and milk (which would be sketchy) your breasts would keep producing milk until it squirted out through your bra and soaked your shirt and became very very uncomfortable or even painful, feeling like your skin was going to burst? In which case, if you went out for a few hours you would have to bring your pump along to drain your breasts. And then you would need to sanitize everything before pumping again. And the milk needs to be in a freezer because once it thaws it should be used.

So yeah… That sounds like a totally reasonable request. Or I guess I could just stay home. Or I could say f*** it. It’s a boob. It has a nip. Scary huh?

One to screw it in, 
one to blame men men for creating the need for illumination, 
one to suggest the whole “screwing” bit to be too “rape-like”, 
one to deconstruct the lightbulb itself as being phallic, 
one to blame men for not changing the bulb, 
one to blame men for trying to change the bulb instead of letting a woman do it, 
one to blame men for creating a society that discourages women from changing light bulbs, 
one to blame men for creating a society where women change too many light bulbs, 
one to advocate that lightbulb changers should have wage parity with electricians, 
one to alert the media that women are now “out-lightbulbing” men, 
and one to just sit there taking pictures for her blog for photo-evidence that men are unnecessary.

As is par for the course with gender-feminists, all they have done is reverse the gender roles and call it “progress” and “enlightened” and “politically correct”: a girl holding a doll was replaced with a boy, and a boy holding a toy machine gun was replaced with a girl. Clever!!!

This is, of course, mindnumbingly stupid. Having a boy shown with the gun and the girl with the doll actually reflects the target market for those toys and the fact that boys are more likely to want to play with guns and girls more likely to play with dolls. That is basic. This doesn’t stop parents from buying their daughter a toy gun if she wants it, and vice versa – it simply reflects the market for the item.

Reversing this is not inherently intelligent. It is not enlightened or clever. It does not deserve a gold star or a pat on the back. It deserves to be ridiculed for what it is: reversing gender roles to feminize men and boys.

 it reveals an insidious double-standard of feminist thought. Feminists used to argue that rendering women as feminized/domestic/weak was offensive to women and disempowered them. An empowered woman would be using a gun! And yet, en masse, they now routinely feminize men in order to psychically castrate them and make them seem like a weaker counterpart to the “strong” female.


But this irony is lost on most gender feminists.

The outright reversal of gender roles has nothing to do with equality or egalitarianism.

Feminism in a nutshell

  • Complain about boys
  • Complain about a stranger on Facebook.
  • Complain about getting attention for your body.
  • Complain about not getting attention for your body.
  • Complain about the assholes you are attracted to but can’t change.
  • Complain about the nice guys who are attracted to you but who you hate because you want a guy who’s “edgy”.
  • Complain about catcalls.
  • Complain about not getting catcalls (yes, I have seen this more than once here!)
  • Complain about music.
  • Complain about tv.
  • Complain about video games.
  • Complain about movies.
  • Complain about your mom.
  • Complain about your dad.
  • Complain about your brother.
  • Complain about your school.
  • Complain about fashion articles.
  • Complain about clothes.
  • Complain about makeup.
  • Complain about shaving.
  • Complain about not shaving.
  • Complain about men.
  • Complain about women.
  • Complain about any little comment that immediately sends you spinning into a raging meltdown.

most people assume that ALL Muslim women are forced to dress the way they do and that they have no choice. Wtf. If they say they choose to wear it by choice, then they CHOOSE to wear it by choice. How hypocritical of any of you to suggest you're for women's rights or feminists if you can't even accept a fellow woman's choice of attire. You're basing your sentiments on how the MEDIA portrays Islam and Muslim women. Yes there are extremist countries with extremist Muslims but there are also extremist Christians and so forth who'd probably beat or threaten their daughters for dressing the way they do. Stop trying to be Captain Save-A-Muslim-Woman by oppressing her right back! If she says it's her choice, respect that. Fight for the women who ARE forced to wear it. Stop grouping people into categories. Ignorance is stupidity.

 There will never be true feminism or equality for women when men AND women still feel the need to speak on behalf of women who DON'T need their help. How sad is it that issues of women empowerment, especially when it comes to topics that tie to Muslim women always get stereotyped and grouped into one oppressive category. Newsflash: There are women out there who choose to cover up. *gasp* I know right!??! Forcing or trying to squabble with a woman who's covered up to not be covered up is just as oppressive as telling a woman who's in a bikini to cover up. That's not that battle we should be fighting. The battle we SHOULD be facing is the one where women are forced to do and wear things (burqas, bikinis, whatever) against their will. Feminism is CHOICE. It's not that hard of an issue to grasp. The West needs to snap out of the notion that every woman not in the West or every Muslim woman needs saving because the reality is, not all of them do.

Feminists caused all this massive increase in single mothers.

Feminists cause men to stop getting married due to biased court systems that leave men broke, with no access to their children.

Feminists encouraged women to leave their husbands in pursuit of "finding themselves."

Feminists taunted happy stay at home mothers by calling them weak and submissive.

Feminists refused to listen to rationale educated women, calling them "brain-washed" by men.

Because of feminists breaking up families men stopped learning to be strong husbands because they could no longer use their fathers as role models. Thus, that chapter has ended in men's lives.

Feminists turned women from radiant beings with the power to create life into now sex objects.
-Wives entering the workforce only to begin cheating on husbands
-Young women jumping into bed with known married men
(Gotta love that sexual liberation)

Feminists encouraged young women to be superficial in the entitlement tainted pursuit of men

Feminists removed young girls from the masculine influence of their fathers and now more young women walk around pregnant.

And now men are suppose to swoop in (as I've always suspected) and clean up all the devastation feminists created.

Open your eyes To the millions of lies That they tell you everyday
Open your mind To the clever disguise That the advertisements say
How do they know What's good for you?
Wake up, wake up, whoa Wake up, wake up, whoa

A shot to the head They're better off dead Will you wake up, wake up, whoa
Destroy all the land And kill what you can Just to make the profits rise Sell you from birth For all that you're worth The money spreads like lies
And how do they know What's good for you?
Wake up, wake up, whoa Wake up, wake up, whoa A shot to the head

They're better off dead Will you wake up, wake up, whoa
Don't wanna hate you

Don't wanna blame it all on you I'm out of option If you don't look, I'll force you to If you don't look, I'll force you to If you don't look, I'll force you to
Wake up, wake up, whoa Wake up, wake up, whoa A shot to the headJust so you can be fed Will you wake up, wake up, whoa
Open your eyes Open your eyes

If women can choose to have an abortion or give a kid they don't want to take care of/can't take of up for adoption than a man should not have to be held accountable for a child he does not want/can't take of.

When a woman chooses to have an abortion,
 it's "her choice"

But when a man chooses not to pay child support hes a "deadbeat".

I don't agree with that double standard.

If a man does not want a child the woman can't get upset when he leaves her and abandons his responsibility.

Sorry, that's the way I see it.

Men should be able to sign over all their rights and responsibility.

It's not fair to make men responsible for a pregnancy and women not.

That's not equality.

I understand that a woman is the one who carries the child and deals with the pregnancy and child birth but women have to also put themselves in the mans shoes.

I can't stand it when women say things like, “If you’re not prepared to be a father then don’t have sex!”

How do you feel when the pro lifers say that to you??

, " If you're not prepared to be a mother than don't have sex!".

if you expect men to take responsibility for their actions than you need to hold yourself to those same standards.

If you’re a man and you’re ‘not ready’ to be a father then that’s your tough luck and you’re going to be writing checks for the next 18 years (or go to jail)

Is that really fair?

Perhaps every woman who has an abortion simply because she’s ‘not ready’ should also be called a “deadbeat” just as men who are not prepared to shoulder the responsibilities of an unplanned pregnancy? If it’s good enough for men then it ought to be good enough for women too? That’s equality, right?

Fubar is a joke! If you want to contribute to the man who started it then fine! But, realize when you sign up that you will be expected to pay for alot on the site. It is not a requirement but out of peer pressure alone, if you do not pay for the "blings" and "VIP'S" then you simply do not fit in! Not to mention all the begging women on there that scream for happy hours to be bought for them (literally $100.00 a pop) 

slowly  a while ago I began to learn that for the most part there are very troubled individuals on this site owner included.. it doesnt cost 100 for happy hour to keep a site running not to mention the other cost for blings etc,etc,it is a pyramid scheme of sorts and the owner is laughing all the way to the bank..

 its a greedy site...it may have a few neat perks here and there but since it was cherry tap it became a joke!! when u get to the point where your every waking moment is worrying about points, ranks etc while your baby is begging to be fed (as ive seen a lot of unemployed,lonely,desperate people on the site ) you have issues.

 It's not a social site, it's a business and it's run like a facist regime. 

They are cheating on everything, the number of members etc. Lots of the accounts on there are fake accounts created by themselves. 

 The drama,liars,users,womanizers and fakes are out of control.

And watch out for all the catfish!!

There are plenty of other social networking alternatives in which you will get treated better, and don't require you not to spend a crapton of money to feel like a human being.





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