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Heartistic Soul's blog: "All Things Heartistic"

created on 10/29/2007  |  http://fubar.com/all-things-heartistic/b147861  |  2 followers

Hiya fubies.


Just a quick note - a lot of the older skins (and some of the newer ones) aren't displaying correctly anymore. I'm not sure why, but the codes have lost some of the entries that make them do what they do. This might be due to the recent changes in the way fubar has their layouts (with the changes in how profiles look overall - the new buttons, etc.)

Sooooo, that means that I'll be removing LOTS of the skins, and recoding them to suit the new layouts as time allows. A lot of them will be permanently deleted (mostly the older ones that are pretty junky looking to me now - or those that didn't have many rips).

IF YOU HAD/HAVE A CUSTOM skin that I had made, and you'd like it re-coded please contact me, as those will likely be removed and replaced with time, too, depending on how they were originally done. Alas, many of the people that had customs aren't on Fubar anymore, so if yours was deleted and you want it back, let me know. I'll back up most of the images from the older skins, so any custom that is removed will be recoded or completely remade - depending on the situation. - NOTE - This does NOT mean that if you have changed your display name since your custom as made that I will remake it to suit the new one. You can always ask though - you might catch me at a moment where I'm not swamped.

Love to all.




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