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The love of my life I have finally found And I know for certain that I need you around Your tender words can comfort and calm all my fears And just the sound of your gentle voice can wipe away my tears I need you more then ever since I can't be with you now And to remain by your side faithfully I make a solemn vow My arms are always open so you can come inside And as long as you still love me there is nothing you should hide I will be here for you in each and every way And I know that I will grow to love you a little more everyday So lean on me whenever you need to because you know I am always here I hope you know I love you because this I tried to make it clear
Sitting here watching a summer storm Arcs of lightning dance to the ground Thunder breaking the crisp night air To the earth a rain is bound Thoughts of you drift through my mind Watching this ballet of power For tonight I cannot sleep or rest Upon this midnight hour Electricity coursed through me The first time that I saw you I see the intense energy In your eyes of crystal ice blue The persistent sound of my heart beating At the merest thought of your beauty The echoes of angels in my ears Hearing you voices symphony A soothing feeling when you smile Like the drumming of rains calmness Your movements so smooth & fluid Washing away my unpleasantness The glow you emit With each flashing light Seems to hold me in awe On this perfect summer night
"No more would I hurt" I say and close the doors to my heart Chains and straps Latches and locks I remove the tattered, abused Key The last tear gliding down my face Crossing the largest ocean Hiking vast expanses of plains Climbing to the tallest mountain I gaze one last time at the twisted metal And throw the key as hard as possible Going on with my life An empty void within Telling myself over and over "Better emptiness than pain" Then one day you cross my path A calm, warm smile upon your lips Sharply and politely I say to you "I will not hurt anymore, for anyone" Still smiling you softly reply "And you'll receive no pain from me" You extend your hand out And open to show a glinting object Confusion on my face, I look A soft glow, shining brightly A sight I had not seen in so long A Key of purest compassionate crafting You place your hand with the Key on my chest And release a flood of emotions You wrap your arms around me And you whisper softly "You'll receive no hurt from me" Written By Me.....
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