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43 Year Old · Female · Joined on June 5, 2009 · Relationship status: Single · Born on December 28th · 7 referrals joined! · 4 different people have a crush on me!

I am convinced that the older I get, the less I know... it could be because I DON'T want to know, or I just can't remember shit anymore!!

English is my second language, sarcasm is my first because I am a smart ass and I love to joke. I prefer to keep things real so even after a day where it totally sucked to be me; guess what?? Still me, as much as I may hate it at the moment, LOL! No bullshit, drama or liars please. As far as games go- I play the type of games that require a court, field, etc., otherwise "hasta la bye-bye"!

That being said- thanks for taking the time to read this blurb and drop me a line anytime if you haven't already un-friended me!! (J/K)

43 Year Old · Female · Joined on June 5, 2009 · Relationship status: Single · Born on December 28th · 7 referrals joined! · 4 different people have a crush on me!
I gotta have my music- mostly rock, but like it LOUD at times too! (Turn that shit up louder..... like Sully Erna sings in "1000 horsepower".) I love to have fun; outside, inside- rain or shine.
Love music & classic rock will always be near & dear to me from Aldo Nova to Van Halen, and all groups falling alphabetically in between, but I tend to listen mostly to the latest rock legends in the making.

A7X- I first became a fan of these guys about 7 or 8 years ago, & I really love these guys for not only their music, but their creativity with clothing, artwork, and they F&*%^@#$ ROCK live!In my opinion, one of, if not THE BEST ALL TIME DRUMMER was a member of this band. (R.I.P. Jimmie aka The REV Sullivan)

Love Creed...always did, just held a grudge against Scott Stapp for a while. I let go of it, funny enough, around the same time Creed released a new album in 2010!!

Shinedown-another fave, Hurt, Trapt, Lincoln Park, Stone Sour, and so many more ...

I also have gone from loathing country music to being able to listen to it for several hours at a time now without wanting to gouge my own eyes out with a spork!!

In the late eighties, my life's journey landed me in Hollywood, California; the teenage runaway capital of the USA. It was there, amongst the droves of aspiring actors, musicians,& starstuck tourists, I crossed paths with numerous other people whom deeply & profoundly impacted me permanently. Some are no longer with us, but in my heart & captured on film, they remain forever. The following video is about the photo-documentary "Raised By Wolves", by Jim Goldberg, a photographer who spent many days & nights observing, documenting, photographing & conversing with the teen/young adult runaway/homeless population in Hollywood & other areas.


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