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Shadow Stalker's blog: "to everyone"

created on 09/14/2006  |  http://fubar.com/to-everyone/b385
Survay About Me Name ::: Heather Diana Leigh Deaton Birthplace ::: Shelby NC Hair Color ::: Brown with Blonde Strikes Eye Color ::: Blue/Green Height ::: 5' 5" Weight ::: N/A Label ::: Redneck, Hick, Southern, ME Piercings ::: My Ears Tats ::: N/A Overused Phraze ::: When People You Don't Even Know Hate You.. You Know Your The Shxt BF/GF ::: I'm Engaged Smoke ::: Naw Thanx Drink ::: Every Once In Awhile Dip ::: Sometimes Best Friend(s) ::: Offline: Frankie, Chris, Jess, Ry & Jonathan.. Online: Tony, Lewis, Ted, Tisha, RyRy, Tiff, Jc, & KimKim Weaknesses ::: I'm Very Ticklish Fears ::: Losing The People I Care About Most Longest Relationship ::: 4 Years Ever Been Beatin Up ::: Yeah A Few Times Ever Beatin Someone Else Up ::: Yeah So Note Dont Piss Me Off Fav. Music ::: A Little Of Everything Fav. Movie ::: Notebook, Dukes Of Hazzard, & Longest Yard (New One) Fav. Food ::: Chicken Sandwiches Fav. Candy ::: Skittles Fav. Color ::: Blue Fav. Time Of Day ::: Night Fav. Part Of The Opposite Sex ::: Their Eyes Fav. Number ::: 97 Fav. Animal ::: Wolfs Fav. Drink ::: Dr Pepper Fav. Song ::: Yee-Haw By Jake Owens Fav. Flower ::: Red, White, Or Black Roses Fav. Simbol :: Heartagram Fav. Saying ::: "Got A Problem With Me?.. Solve It!.. Think I'm Tripping?.. Tie My Shoes.. Cant Stand Me?.. Sit The Fuck Down!... Cant Face Me?.. Turn The Fuck Around!" Fav. Fruit ::: Strawberrys Ever Been In Love ::: I Am Now Believe In Yourself ::: Sometimes Not Offten Tho Where Do You Work ::: At The Mall Think Your Attractive ::: Na I Think I'm Ugly But I Get Told Otherwise Fav. Thing To Do ::: Write, Draw, Sing, Dance, Hang Out With My Friends & Talk To My Boyfriend Want To Get Married & Have Kids ::: Maybe Someday If You Could Name Your Kids ::: Girl: Cheza.. Boy: Corey Hate Anyone ::: Maybe A Few People Love Anyone ::: Maybe This One Guy ::Smiles:: Fav. Word ::: Ichwawa Fav. Elament ::: Ice, Fire, Wind, Shadows Wanna Git-R-Done ::: HELL YEAH!! ;D
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