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Female · Joined on July 24, 2007 · 19 referrals joined!
Female · Joined on July 24, 2007 · 19 referrals joined!

I'm a Canadian chica born here in beautiful Montreal .. my dad is sicilian and my mom born and raised and gorgeous Buenos Aires Argentina ..I'm 25 year old determined, loyal ,hard working woman...

I hate hypocrites and people that are disrespectful. I'm currently a student ... aswell as a model ... I've always wanted to model but I always thought being a plus size women that things wouldn't really work out ... but thats till ...

I met all these beautiful women that are actually doing the DAMN thing .. wow .. I admire everyone of them .. so this is not just a job .. this is a my passion .. everytime i get in front of that camera .. I feel so good and happy it's a beautiful thing to be doing something that you actually enjoy and love doing ! As you know ...

I rep one thing .. and that is beautiful big women .. thick .. supathick ... big ... fat ... damn whatever you wanna call it .. I rep Women that are confident with them selves ... Cause i always say confidence makes you shine baby ! SO KEEP ON SHINING BABY GIRL...


Female · Joined on July 24, 2007 · 19 referrals joined!

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