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sh*t faced!
Female 43
 Sweetie, Summer breeze , Summer nights dream , Sweet Pea , Bright & Shiny Star , Shiny Star , High Tech Dora , Sexy star goddess, Midnight star Goddess , and Princess star , likes to lead guys on and tell them she loves them when shes with gunny wolf , and she will not tell u that shes with gunny wolf she says they r just friends ... so far shes told yankee boy , Eagles Pride, She used me to come be with gunny here at my house , WE NEVER CHARGED STINKY GUNNY NUTHIN when he stayed with us he never helped with food and neither have u star , I dont see how I stoled money I got my own money and dont need ur money , and besides u had ur money down in the basement with u and ur man U really wanna go there star I got everything u said on FB trust me star and gunny KARMA IS A BITCH... PS GO LOOK WHAT THE SLOBS DID 2 our basement (in my pics)
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