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I have a new reason to stick around I suppose. Every once in a while people come across someone that catches their eye. That person may strike another as one in a million  I've finally found that person, and she's unlike anything I've ever laid my eyes on.. Sure some of you probably think, "Hey bro, it's the net, no one finds that attraction here." But hey, guess what? I *Know* I did. It's just that look she has about her, everything from her glowing face, to the innocence she has about her. Even though I haven't heard her voice, it's as if I already know that she's got the sweetest voice. Something almost that can have me listening for days..

She's got an aura of intelligence and honesty, that is hard to find these days. She's humorous, and knows how to have a good time...It makes you stop and think "When will I wake up?" But I have. I am living and breathing that purity of a beautiful woman before me, and it's unlike anything I've felt before. Go ahead, call me crazy. Call me insane. It doesn't matter. I believe in what I feel, and not just what I hear or see. She's the living example of what I consider a perfect lady should be.

I wake up in the morning and she's the first person to cross my mind, and she's the last one I think about at night to give me a reason to wake up the next day and be happy :)

You're the best Mary, and I want you to know that even though I haven't known you for a long period of time, you mean more to me than life itself. You do it without even trying...

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