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created on 11/15/2009  |

The lazy streets are undemanding
I walk into the crowd..
In starbucks you get your
Coffee or that lemonade
Where people dress just snazzy..
Beauty so unavoidable everywhere
Its there I sit and wonder "Do I Dare?"

But on the cellphone I text to her
I'm nothing I want to be
She was a super model..
And one wouldn`t know the
Difference would you?

Modern names
Like jackie or mandy
And modern bodies again..
0n Beach Boulevard
I never felt so lonely
Never felt so out of place
I never wanted something more!

But on the sites

I am anything I want to be

She was beauty model

For Robert Powers...

On the cellphone I am
Any height
I am any age I want to be
She could be a caped crusader or
Supergirl, even middle aged...
And you wouldnt know
The difference would you?

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