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SweetDreams's blog: "about me"

created on 01/28/2008  |  http://fubar.com/about-me/b182668
A friend of mine wrote this, it just seems to be the words I have never been able to find. Dark and evil are not conducive to trust and honesty. A sadist by his very nature has within him a dark and evil thing. Be sure the sadist you seek recognizes this within himself and has learned to control it. This lust can become a Dom's master to the sorrow of all, or it can become a strength when tempered with compassion, honesty and will. The laws of good and evil are written within our hearts. As a sadist I can see the laws but my desire burns hot within me. Am I to walk the earth for the rest of my days as a starving man when the only food I could eat will damn my soul? What will be my way? How can I feed the beast within yet save the man without? The answer is Choice. Were I to kidnap a girl, take my pleasure and leave her in ruins, I will have fed the beast but I will also have killed the man. Should I practice my evil upon someone like you, with your submission freely given, the limits clearly stated and agreed upon, and knowing that it is in fact something that you crave. I have fed the beast and at the same time I've also saved the man that I am. Subs get all the hype; subspace, beauty, submission, protection, service and all the things that make being a sub so good for subs. The one thing they rarely get is thanks. They often thank the Dom's in one way or another...some more pleasurable than others. But in and of themselves the sub is rarely given the true thanks for something that she may not realize that she has done. In being who you are, in choosing to endure what you endure, in taking pleasure in what others find abhorrent. It is you who has in fact saved the man and as a consequence saved the world from a beast. -PainKing
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