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So here is a quick update on my cousin. Not that many of you care, but for those who do. He's doing so much better! Yesterday he had a slight fever, but its going down which is good, and he's finally talking!!! It was so nice being able to hold a conversation with him, and he knows what he's talking about. I'm so happy with the progress he's making, and I just keep praying that he keeps getting better and better! I can't wait till he's able to sit up and everything so I can give him a big hug! I told him that I was going to, and he gave me a really big smile. I'm in the process of writing him a poem, so I hope to get it done asap and when he's more awake and everything I'm going to give it to him, and read it to him! I hope he'll like it, which I'm sure he will. I'm going back down there again tomorrow after work. I can't wait. I love seeing him and spending time with him. Sometimes its hard to get in the room though because he gets sooooooo many visitors. Thats how loved this boy is..I swear at least 30 different people come a day! Its nice though that he's got all that support! Anyways thats the update! XoXo Ariana
My Trip To New York To See Jackie! I have so much to say about the whole trip its not even funny. Well for starters, I packed my bag on Thursday night and went to pick up Aunt Chris. We diddly daddled around there for about 45 minutes and then we finally hit the road to go to Aunt Moes house. We left around 8:00 and probably got there around 10:20. Before we got to her house though we stopped at this sheets to use the restroom, well I noticed these two guys were staring at me. It kinda freaked me out a little cause they weren't that cute. lol..well to say the least, we left there and we seen that they had been waiting in their truck. Well as I was walking to my car they were yelling something but I couldn't understand it and then my Aunt Chris looks at me and she was like ooh wouldn't it be funny if they came back around lol and I told her no...and then I looked up and here they were turning around and coming back. I was like damn you Aunt Chris! (Jokingly of course!) Well they pulled up next to me and was saying hi and trying to shake my hand and I was like ahh nah..I didn't wanna shake his hand. Well I had this shirt on that said *Will flash for beer* and they asked me if I was 18..and I was like ahh no I'm 21. He didn't believe...but I didn't give a fuck...but then he was like well I gotta a six pack in the back do you wanna go chill some where and drink...and I just looked at him and was like NO...I'm going on a road trip to New York. He asked me why..and I told him and he just said I was crazy..But that was the beginning of the trip. They finally left and then we arrived at Aunt Moes. Then from there we loaded up her car and we headed out. the Road Trip up there was freaking hiliarious. We pretty much talked about everything and anything there was to talk about. We had this digital camera and I was snaping pictures. Granted it was dark out side and our car looked like a lightening storm going off inside. Oh we stopped at this one gas station and this guy who worked there had crazy wiggly eyes...and I went to use the bathroom and when I came out I had this feeling like I was just video taped. Well my Aunt Chris went into the bathroom and came out and said the same damn thing. Lets just say the place was weird. We also seen some strange cat walking around..which to us was really funny. Well we drove about another 20 minutes then decided to stop at McDonalds and we came thru the drive thru laughing our asses off. Ok so I seen this animal and for some reason I thought it was that cat from back at the gas station, well they didn't see it so they thought I was nuts. Well about a minute later it came out and it was this skunk. LOL...well we were freaking out and the guy at the drive thru was probably annoyed..so we finally got our order and we pulled up thru got our stuff and just as we were leaving we seen this guy who was half naked no lie. We couldn't help but to laugh...I think they were gay..and God only knows what they were doing! Then we went next door to sit in their parking lot and we seen the one guy come outta McDonalds..we think he was going to chase the skunk lol. It was by far weird shit. :) So we finally arrived at Jackies at about 6:30 and Aunt Chris called Jason to see where we should park because their garage is right next to their neighbors..well lets just say the whole conversation was recorded on the answering machine and it was so funny. Cause he was still sleeping and Aunt Chris just kept yacking away to him and you could tell he just wanted to hang up the phone! So anyways we unloaded the car and just chilled for a little bit with Jackie..and told her all the stories we had from our trip up here. Then me and Jackie left and went to the store..when we came back everyone was sleeping and Aunt Chris was snoring...lol so Jackie decided to record it. Aunt Moe couldn't sleep on the couch cause she was vibrating the whole thing lol. So anyways we finally all went to sleep...and got up around 1:00. We sat around and bullshitted for a while...then we ate and decided that we wanted to go to Canada. So when Jason got home he was all about going to Canada too...but he was the one who decided to get a hotel room and just get smashed while we were up there. So about 7:00 we all hit the road to Kingston Canada. Well when we finally get to the border we get asked all those questions and stuff. And Aunt Chris was in the back laughing and saying "this is so much fun!" in a really giggly high voice..lol and the lady asked us this question if we had any alcohol or tobacco products on us, and it turns out that with the five of us *me not included cause I don't smoke* we had 8 packs of cigs with us lol. So the lady at the border said that we needed to pull over to the check point and go inside. Well we did and they ran our licenses and everything and I of course wasn't really paying attention and then the guy comes out and he told everyone to raise their hands (I didn't though cause I was off in another world) and they all pledged to Canada..and then Jackie slapped me and was like "Ariana Ariana...raise your hand" by the time I turned around everyones was down and I was like whats going on..and everyone started busting up laughing..even the police officer..lol and it turns out that he was just yanking their chain...but they all fell for it and pledged to another country. It was so funny! Well finally after they searched the car and shit we headed out to Kingston and when we got there we found out that it was homecoming weekend. Which made it even better because there was about 5,000 + people there just partying and walking the streets. We got our hotel and went to find the bar. Well the first bar we stopped at was called "My Bar". We each had just one beer...and left cause at the time the bar was kinda weird..and we just weren't feeling it..so we went and found another one..but we had to stand outside and wait to get it..but we actually ended up leaving before going inside because the streets stunk. The sewers up there are aweful! It smelt like rotten eggs. Anyways Aunt Moe and Aunt Chris decided to venture off on their own and go back to the hotel...because they felt outta place being older than everyone. So Jackie, Jason and I went to this other bar called Philthy McNastys. We got our drinks and went down stairs. Well after me and Jackie finished our first drink we went up to the bar and got another. Well while standing up there I had my ass touched about 20 times...NO LIE!..and then some dude started talking to me...and he asked me something about how long...and I didn't know what the heck he said so I just looked at him and said "A very long time"...and he was like OH really! And I said yeah.. well Jackie looked at me and was like I think he just asked you how long does it take to get Acid out of your system lol. Well I turned back towards the bar and he started talking to me again and he was like asking about the big bash tomorrow and I looked at him and was like I'm not sure.. I'm from outta state..and Jackie laugh and was like "NO! You're outta the country!" and I looked at her and said SHIT..your right! And the canadian dude was like are you from the U.S.(Eh!) lol and I told him yeah and he told me that he really likes America and blah blah blah..well me and Jackie finally got our drinks and she turns and looks at me and said My gosh he stunk! lol. I tried not to smell him though..so I don't know. When we sat back down some dude from the Canadian military took my picture and Jackies picture and he didn't even ask..he just took it..he was hott though..so I couldn't really complain. We ended up having about 3 more drinks there...and Jason wanted to do a shot and I did too so we did a jager bomb..and I told him I hated jager, but he had already paid for it so I just took it. Thank goodness they gave me a lot of red bull. We finally left there and we decided to go back to the first bar we were at (my bar). By this time we were pretty toasted. Well Jason decided he wanted to try some shots..and he didn't wanna do them alone and Jackie didn't wanna do them so I said I would! Well me and him did a blow job, liquid kryptonite, a red headed slut, and an orgasm. LoL they were all pretty damn good. I'm just glad I didn't puke. So the bar was closing and we decided to try and head back to the hotel. Well we ran into these guys and just started talking away to them. We probably ended up talking to them for 20 minutes..and Jackie ended up selling a half a pack of cigs for 10 bucks! It was funny cause I just grabbed the dudes money and was like yeah..she'll sell em for 10! And he was like OK! lol. Such a dumbass. :) We ended up going to subway..and met this couple from Pittsburgh..they just got married and decided to come to Kingston. So we all talked for awhile. On our way back to the hotel Jason had to piss so he went in some Alley and in the meantime me and Jackie were swinging on this Construction site. Well I was attempting too but I was too short I couldn't reach the bar lol. When we got back to the hotel..we were heading towards the elevator when this guy comes up to us and asked us where we got our subs...we told him and by the time we got in the elevator he came back and was like he wouldn't let me in lol..and Jason out of nowhere calls this dude an asshole...and me and Jackie were like JASON...why the hell did you say that..and he was like oh no not you...(he was talking about the guy who works at Subway) lol..it was amusing. When we got up to the hotel room..we all decided to go into Aunt Moe and Aunt Chris's room to wake them up! Well they weren't sleeping..and with us being drunk it got a little loud and crazy. I ended up whacking my toe off the table..and started crying and saying I sprained it lol..well I didn't it just hurt a lot. Jason then decided to jump on Aunt Moe and Aunt Chris. I guess we annoyed our neighbors cause they ended up pounding on the wall telling us to shut up. But we were drunk...couldn't help ourselves ya know! We finally all crashed at about 4:00 in the morning and ended up getting up at 9:30...Jackie got an ear infection...and we all think it was from the guy who worked at the bar....because he sneezed...and it was like a projectile kinda sneeze lol. So sick! In the morning we checked out and decided to go site seeing for a little bit, and believe it or not the streets were still packed! We ended up eating at this one restaurant..and while we were waiting for our food..this old lady went to sit down in her seat and she fell off of it and everyone stood up...except for our table and we just sat there in utter confusion on what to do. The lady who fell down, fell in slow motion lol...so it was kinda weird. But she was alright...but really embarrassed. I felt so bad! But she was ok..so thats all that mattered. So anyways back to walking the streets ... we seen a lot of supposid "bums" and then we seen these 3 young boys who were trying to bum money off of us and I was like ahh no....you've got adidas on your feet..you ain't no bum...and then he looked at us and was like man you guys are walking like slo-mos...and I started laughing cause it reminded me of that movie Slo Mo. Sadly he was right though...cause we had 80 year old women passing us..but we were all hung over and tired...and our feet hurt! So yeah that was the trip to Canada! It was fucking awesome! I had the time of my life...we all did! I can't wait till we do it again! And Jason (Jackies husband) is fucking awesome...he bought me all my food, and all my alcoholic drinks!! <33 Well when we got back to Jackie and Jasons place..we vegged for a while then finally showered and Jason took Jackie to the hospital for her ear infection and then Aunt Chris and Aunt Moe went to the store to get some ice cream for this alcohol we bought. When everyone got back..we sat around and watched this one movie...and then ended up playing cards for the rest of the night. We just took tons of pictures and cracked jokes and laughed the whole time. It was really awesome. Oh and Jackie and I made everyone dinner! We did a pretty damn good job too! :) Leaving sucked! I always hate the leaving part, especially when you have an awesome time like that ya know? Well I think we all decided that we may be coming back up there come the end of October for trick-or-treating. So hopefully we can do that..cause that'd be a lot of fun! The car ride home was just as fun as going there. We played silly road games..and we tried to get as many truckers to honk there horns, and when they did..Aunt Moe would be like flash em! Flash em! lol..so sometimes I would just for shits and giggles. Oh and then there was this one guy we were playing car tag with...and he had his friend or son in the back seat and he was just smiling away at us and all this. Well I decided I was gonna put my butt up in the window..and I did but the guy in the back seat didn't see it , the dad did and well Aunt Moe said that he got the biggest smile on his face..like it made his day lol. I thought that was so funny. Then when they passed us for the final time.. I got a picture of the guy (the one in the back seat) waving to us! LoL it is priceless! This trip I made so many awesome memories, and I just can't wait to do it all again! It was a trip of a life time I swear! I definitely already miss Jackie and Jason...so I can't wait for the next trip!! <333 Ariana
FIGHTSTAR - PAINT YOUR TARGET "Paint Your Target" -FIGHTSTAR- You hide it everytime you miss, Impatience waits around for me, You dance under the question mark, Without even trying. I'm just not sure it's gonna work, I'm just not sure it's gonna work. You can burn it all, Rally around the table if you want to, Just to argue out the last scenes of us, You can end it all, I'm sorry enough to tell you that I'm okay and I'm never gonna see you again The killers walking amongst us, Look around they'll find your ashes, You cradle over your mistakes, And every heart you'll ever break I'm just not sure it's gonna work, I'm just not sure it's gonna work. You can burn it all, Rally around the table if you want to, Just to argue out the last scenes of us, You can end it all, I'm sorry enough to tell you that I'm okay and I'm never gonna see you again, AGAIN!! You stumble through questions that you could never answer, The barrel is loaded so go and paint your target [x2] You can burn it all, Rally around the table if you want to, Just to argue out the last scenes of us, You can end it all, I'm sorry enough to tell you that I'm okay and I'm never gonna see you again. [x2] So elegant you stumble around With beautiful falls
A few days ago I found out that my cousin got ran over by a car. Hes got a broken rib, a punctured lung, multiple fractures in his face. He's bleeding from his ears and nose. To say the least he's pretty banged up. My my cousin is a trooper man, he's making it through it and he's surviving which means a lot to me. I love that kid to death. He's such a sweet person, probably one of the sweetest you'd ever meet. He's kind to everyone. So many people love him, and if something bad were to happen...so many would be crushed. But I won't think like that. He's going to get thru this, and he's going to play me that piano like the good old days. So for all of you out there reading this, I know you don't know my cousin, but I really would appreciate it if you'd pray for him and that he'll get better soon. Ok well I guess this is it for my first blog. Hopefully I'll write some more in this dang thing lol...though I'm not really good at it but I'll try my best. Ok I'm out for now. XXX Ariana
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