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Devon Robi...: Suck me

iC51NerdyB...: Your mom.

Devon Robi...: Your mom?

iC51NerdyB...: Your mom shoulda swallowed 

Devon Robi...: its okay if you coukdnt handke it

iC51NerdyB...: Kinda like the load of your dads you swallowed when he called you princess?

Devon Robi...: It's okay don't be sad

iC51NerdyB...: African dwarf frogs live their entire lives underwater but need to rise to the surface to breathe air because they have lungs and not gills. These frogs are small in size and do not weigh more than a few grams. They vary in color, for the most part ranging from olive green to brown with black spots.


iC51NerdyB...: The average life expectancy of these frogs is five years, but they can live as long as 20 years; they can grow to 6.35 cm (2.5 in) long Like your brain. When young, African dwarf frogs can be mistaken and sold as African clawed frogs, of the genus Xenopus, which are larger and more aggressive than the dwarf aka Me.

Devon Robi...: Lol you wouldn't have a chance

iC51NerdyB...: All species of Pipidae are tongueless, toothless, and completely aquatic. They use their webbed feet to shove food in their mouths and down their throats, and a hyobranchial pump to draw or suck food into their mouths unlike the bitches you find. Pipidae have powerful legs for swimming and lunging after food. They also use the claws on their feet to tear pieces of large food.

iC51NerdyB...: Shall I continue?

iC51NerdyB...: I get your slow at answering... being poor, not having a computer, boner loss... makes sense. You see Charles In Charge... when you learn the fine essence of Science you have the ability to turn chicks like myself on! 

iC51NerdyB...: So back to our Science lesson about African Dwarf Frogs?

iC51NerdyB...: Perhaps we should switch it up to the Spiny Leaf Insect? That's my favorite!
And that's how you get men off your nuts! :) 
OnlineAnna still abuse ur lil chat power ifnit only place u ca...
subject: lol
received: 09/28/2015 08:44 pm
replied: 09/28/2015 08:51 pm   block this member
I don't have no dsb or anything, ya let a salty cunt like Anna have some chat power cause the loser life sucks so when she gets butthurt when she starts with me prolly cause I'd never give her time of day, she does that now, that's why minx ejected her last time but its cool y'all back the loser its just chat to me and more lounges  unlike Anna my life is great and don't revovle around a lounge lmao have good night mam tell Anna she can make up a bf on fubar but she can't fool her depression in relife old chubby 


> DSB = Deadly Sperm Buildup. It happens to men online who don't get any in RL and need to rub one out so they can one day become men. I noticed your status, its cute that she has gotten to you, so bad that you blasted her name in your status because you are still a child. I love how you beat up on woman, do you do that often? Is there a medal for that? Do you win a prize? I was actually in a skype call with anna and minx when she ejected minx... so nice try, and everything you said to her and jester was Screen Shot and deleted into history this morning. You know all that ganging up on them you did cause your trying so hard to fit in. It's adorable seriously. Anyways, when you decide to put your big boy pants on, learn to not take things seriously, and attempt really hard not to beat woman, we may choose to accept you as one of our own! :)  


OnlineAnna still abuse ur lil chat power ifnit only place u ca...
subject: RE: RE: lol
received: 09/28/2015 08:59 pm
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first off I can get when I need second she never got to me dummy I put it there cause she blocked me cause her world relies on chat when mine doesn't lmao when inturn this off I got a real life not sure many of y'all do sad, but I put it on status so u can run ur big mouth about it and it gets back to her and she feels stupid lol,cause women desrve to be beet this is chat darling many of them out there js, chat don't get to me I have a real life off here, ffs undumbass I fight for real promotions on shows,  try process that and if u can't Google it like u had dsb moron. nigger sure women need fingernthhem selves too sobthe don't be salty annoyed cunts like well u and her :s love y'all too y'all make it fun seeing y'all mad ima continue to out status they get many likes ;)
OnlineAnna still abuse ur lil chat power ifnit only place u ca...
subject: RE: RE: lol
received: 09/28/2015 09:03 pm
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again nothing with me taken seriously yal end other hand I think y'all but hurt and who teamed who? get urbshit straight her and jester got on me cause I saidnindont like a football team get facts straight and I do beat upb women but way most them act starting to think I dont feel bad if half y'all guys did it to yall,and minx ejected Anna cause she dumb trying to get me ejected and inwas ignoring her and it wasn't this morning again learn ya facts ;) u can ban me I don't give a fuck its chat for fun I'll fine new ones  have nice night fuck off and spin that how everbu want :) its y'all who's butt hurt not me
Onlinewell the single life is my opening and i am having a won...
subject: hi
received: 09/22/2015 02:15 am
replied: 09/22/2015 06:58 am   block this member
hey i dont mean to upset you or anything but after i got in trouble with scrapper over pictures on my profile i am very advert and cautious ...and one of your enforcers was being racist rude and horribly insulting me over what a professional gynecologist has told me and starting calling me names left and right so i went reported him and sent screenshots to fubar support his name is Necro ...sorry once again i only came in to have a nice convo i did not fight back either i just left and reported sorry again


My reply:

Are people not aloud to have freedom of speech? I mean you yourself lives in Ohio. And when did you get upset about someone talking shit in an internet chat room, this could have been easily avoided if you had ignored it and moved on? I feel like every dude on here has no balls anymore, its like the females are the ones with balls these days. Anyways I talked with him and he showed me screen shot, but nothing in there said the N word, the B word, the M word, the C word, the S word... because that would be racial. But stupid is not a race its a word meaning dumb, and uneducated. Having sex on a table of ice in no way increases fertility, hello chick here talking. I kinda wish I was there for this insane convo. Was that racist? Calling it insane? If so sue me now. Even google itself says not to do this, think about it. heat creates friction. Heat melts ice... and the ice is being melted and mixing with the sweat... the freezing temperature then sticks the human body. And salty sweat is a higher risk. If sperm banks freeze sperm cells to help sustain the life of the sperm cells and that by illogical and highly dangerous experiment... the ejaculate in the male would actually explode the testicles from the sperm cells movement being hindered. Now ask me what Necro does for a living k GO. It is that of a moron to not do their research first hand. OMG I said Moron, that must be incredibly racist what ever are we to do? now lets go back to the word Racial which came to live in 1855 and states race meaning the color of a persons skin not your intellectual prowess i.e. exceptional valor, bravery, or ability, especially in combat or battle. Alright moving back to this ice thing, go to your freezer get some ice get some salt put both in the palm of your hand, grasp tightly imagine your testicles wait for 10 mins look down at he huge bleeding scar on your hand, and ask yourself... Why does the gynecologists hate penis. Don't worry I'll be here all night. As soon as your done with that experiment you will thoroughly understand why he called you stupid. I recommend calling 911 immediately. And if you have 1 gram left in your testicles I suggest apologizing to him. So being a blond hair, blue eyed white boi seems funny that experiencing white on white hate from a guy that just happens to be a member of mensa, don't worry I'll wait for you to google that, I highly doubt you know what that is. I can't expect you to understand the concepts that someone like this would be trying to share with you, if you had an I.Q. over 4 you would understand that he was trying to help you not insult you. This is not a BLM situation. He was unaware that your hands were up, and your to dumb not to charge him. Alright so that includes this portion of Stupid. Can not wait for the next person who hates OGAH since there are just so many haters rying to take us down! :):):)

Onlinewell the single life is my opening and i am having a won...
subject: RE: hi
received: 09/22/2015 09:44 am
replied: 09/22/2015 04:08 pm   block this member
you know he didnt show you all of the screenshots but w,e i showed the bouncer the real screenshots and if you want to cyber bully go right ahead i just forward your entire insulting conversation to fubar ......yes make somone hurt themself over cyber bullying that makes you so special lmaooo but do what you want i dont have time for childish acts on cyber bullying 


Onlinewell the single life is my opening and i am having a won...
subject: RE: hi
received: 09/22/2015 10:26 am
replied: 09/22/2015 04:20 pm   block this member
i would also like to add does it make you proud to yourself that insult peoples intelligence and etc and literally go asking them to hurt themselves ? i dont see what makes you so big lol your insulting me behind a computer like that necro kid who didnt show you all of the screenshots ...im not out here to hate on ogah or w,e its called i dont appreciate being insulted and slurred at thank you very much now if you are wanting to have a decent conversation instead of going after me with a knife ill be around too !


My reply:

 Aweee did a widdle bitty guy on a chat room call you stupid? That sucks man... you should see the shit I get daily... Yet I don't let it effect me... and why you ask? Cause that's life... life is hard and it beats you every chance you get. Maybe mommy will hug you and tell you its ok next time you decide to bring bodily harm to your self over a conversation. :) You should read up more on whos being a child. We didn't report you... but you reported us because you got your feeler hurt online... aweeeee. And yes, I got all the screenshots you forget I was also there spying on the convo, hello OWNER of the lounge. BTW it's not cyber bullying if someone is having a conversation with someone remember you hit me up first i.e. you asked for me to talk to you! :) I guess I', going to have to report you now for cyber bullying because you called me special :o

My Other reply to 2nd Message:

If you in any way thought I was insulting your intelligence. Why did you not google all these things prior to this conversation. Do your research homie... always. Just because one is out of school does not mean they should not still study. I gave you a scenario of what happens when ice and salt was applied to the skin. If you chose, you not me, chose to do such things that's on you. I was not forcing you with a knife in your face or a gun to your head. But if you want to judge me at all I'm open for it. :) You hated on OGAH the min. you left OGAH. You reported someone for having a conversation. Then you reported my lounge even though I and my lounge had nothing to do with your conversation. If you are going to state a subject for a conversation you have to be prepared for others to jump in, or its not a conversation and your basically talking to yourself and being ignored. Necro was trying to help you, not get mad at you. But you saw it as him attacking you which was never the case. So you got mad and reported him. Is he not allowed to speak his mind about the conversation you dis towed in OGAH? Let me guess you were holding a gun to his head saying you will respect me and say the right things. Because that's what this sounds like. Respect might I add is earned, not given. The cute thing is your talking to me about this whom was not involved, instead of manning up and talking to Necro whom you had the problem with in the first place., But if your going to continue to speak to me over this I suppose I will keep answering so I don't sound rude even though you reported me which was rude. The decent conversation that you want to have with me starts with you. You attacked me first by stating your reporting me, then we talked and you reported me again. Then you called me special, which is an insult to special needs kids, and continuously keep throwing knifes at me, and you want me to treat you good? Ha. that is adorable.

Onlinekindly stop messaging me i dont want you drama even if y...
subject: RE: hi
received: 09/22/2015 04:32 pm
replied: 09/22/2015 10:32 pm   block this member
im only going to say this once i didnt report your lounge i reported him .....and then you went and started acting like your better than me by talking down to me ....and insulting me ...and etc so yes i asked scrappers about it but i never went to file a report i asked if thats what it was called then we talked and he told me to jsut not talk to you idk where you grew up thinking its ok to talk down to a military veteran or even a normal person at that but its not right at all ...you were not putting a scenerio out you were insulting and you and i both know it i dont have have a problem with you therefore i will not block you thats all on yourself but i am done being treated the way you are doing so ....yeah you might have a ph.d or sometihng idk and idc but still should talk to others as they would like to be treated ......have a wonderful day and good luck on your lounge 

My reply:

I didn't talk down on you. I talked like I do to everyone I know. Although all the people I talk to get that cause they do the same and it works. Its hard being apart of that group of people it truly is. I don't care if your military, a doctor, a garbage man, a priest or a mom. facts are facts. Obviously the admin took our side, cause well me and Necro are talking now in the lounge having a wonderful conversation about music. So perhaps were not the only ones that thought you were stupid :)

Onlinekindly stop messaging me i dont want you drama even if y...
subject: RE: hi
received: 09/22/2015 10:34 pm
replied: 09/22/2015 10:35 pm   block this member
why dont you stop talking to me and grow up please ok thank you and good bye 

My Reply: 

Your the one that keeps on messaging me after scrapper told you not to... so how bout you listen to him :)


Ugh I thought the Military was suppose to have balls... I guess I was wrong.


Luffy: Nerdy I need to be unbanned lol, remember SEAN banned me cause my ex was a member

iC51NerdyB...: Who was your ex... to many years cant remember shit lol

Luffy: rhiannon

Luffy: i justwanna hang and have fun, nuthing else

Luffy: look i was a member for almost 5 months before she had Seanjohn ban me for no reason

Luffy: you even sbed me and asked why i had been in lounge, i got rude but i was mad...i thought you was the one who banned me till she confessed to me

iC51NerdyB...: I believe it was for beating her and a police report

Luffy: lmao funny i went to court and she was proven to falsing fying reports

Luffy: and that shet has nuthin to do with fubar

Luffy: i proved my innocents, why do i have to keep provin myself?

Luffy: js nerdy

Luffy: lol in facty she lives with me right now

Luffy: so yeh...go figure

iC51NerdyB...: It would if you decided Hey that chicks hott and then you got with one of my staff and then one thing led to another... and then I'd be responsible and beat myself up over it and la la la never a good combo, if you were innocent you wouldent keep going on about it sounds like my ex

Luffy: lmfao...tell you what i will post the court papers, then tell everyone on here how your staff judges people for bullshet reasons like idk seanjohn was pissed he cudnt get rhiannon in the first place

Luffy: in fact i will have rhiannon contact you herself, and then when she proves it was all bullshet i will run your loungein the ground... i tried talking to you 2 times now

Luffy: and we all know what rumors does on fubar

iC51NerdyB...: Im not here to judge... im just going by the facts on this sheet... yes we write erryone down and keep records. I dont know why you wanna come in anyways... erryone knows OGAH isent for regulars its for new fus... and those you can find on the search list as well as new members tab

Luffy: i tried to be nice and prove i was ionnocent, and enjoy a lounge i was a member of for a lo0ng time

Luffy: now i will do everything i can to show your just elitish fools who mistreat fubar people, and i will enjoy it...many lounges have fallen off the map for less. Lets see how long yours lasts when everyone sees you play favorites and ignore facts, and use personal judgement to decide who is allowed there

Luffy: btw copy this convo, i have

iC51NerdyB...: Umm... this is my lounge, if I dont like you I don't need to unban you its really that simple IDGAF who you are... you piss in my cereal or my staffs I stick up for them regardless. Besides the fact that you wanna be in OGAH cause you miss it really dosent tell me the real reason for wanting to be here...

iC51NerdyB...: No one fights this hard to be unbanned from a silly chat room

Luffy: lol. ok

Luffy: if your not worried why ya still sbing?

iC51NerdyB...: If you make a threat better believe I'll be in your box 

Luffy: shows your worried, im fighting for it cause i got back on fu and im tired of being judged cause sumone else lies on me

iC51NerdyB...: Then maybe you should talk or beat that other person

Luffy: i dont beat anyone, whole reason im talking

iC51NerdyB...: Im a chick I got other chicks backs... sorry

Luffy: lmao really, cause rhiannon only talked shet bout yall when i asked her about me beingbanned

iC51NerdyB...: Everyone talks shit about us why you think we stay #1? We fucking love our haters... lol i encourage it

Luffy: i was told she didnt want to be in your lounge because seanjohn wudnt leave her alone, sound familiar..hes done it alot

iC51NerdyB...: Awesome then he was doing his job

Luffy: listen to what ya just sed, people talk shet...funny

Luffy: my point exactly

iC51NerdyB...: Yeah everyone talks shit about everyone... your sitting here talking shit about Sean John... to me... not him

Luffy: ty ya just admitted seanjohn ios suppoese to harras female members of fubar....nail in the coffin...knew ya cud do it

Luffy: oh trust me i called his coward ass out too, he ran

iC51NerdyB...: SJ can do what ever he wants... there are no rules, if he wants to hit on chicks thats his bid, not mine... I dont run his life... but I will tell you this your not doing a good job getting unbanned 

Luffy: ty nerdy this whole thing was just to get info, ty  have a nice day

Luffy: lol i dun want unbanned, ya just thiought i did

iC51NerdyB...: Awesome, now go post it somewhere so erryone can think for themselves and you help me with more haters 

iC51NerdyB...: You did me another solid ty

Link: http://fubar.com/7089417


I love people like this... their so cute with their small threats and ridiculous come backs... i figured I had to share this one! After countless of fake account and "never give up attitude" he shall be a bored dumbass in a few mins... 




iC51NerdyB...: Thank you for being a troll today and keeping us @ #1 




Wurd8your8...: your welcome...than your ppl shouldent ban ppl for no reason...just because of some drama that happend 5 years ago




iC51NerdyB...: You were banned for ganging up on a girl... because you sir are still 8... I'm guessing daddy was never around? Anyways beat up on someone your own sex next time.




Wurd8your8...: your right....my parents fuked me big time...but if they ban me for no reason imma fuk for no reason better go make new cams cause i aint gona quit




iC51NerdyB...: Fine with me  Haters make us famous, specially prestant ones




Wurd8your8...: your welcome 




Wurd8your8...: if you make new cams your done with the problem i cant do shit no more than...well i can actualy...im from europea we hack for a livin but..ill settle if you make new cams than im done n wont bother till than ill keep this unmutes cam open  muah xoox




Wurd8your8...: shit happend if you fuk the wrong ppl




iC51NerdyB...: Seems like everyones a hacker now a days... you should find a new hobby




Wurd8your8...: haha give me a day..ill know your adress...i dont know you..you have did nothing to me...your ppl or 1 person banned me for no reason but your here to clean up the shit...my lady dont do it i will bug your life for a very long time




iC51NerdyB...: so view page source = hacking? That's like ordering mcdonalds = cooking




iC51NerdyB...: Although it is a cute attempt. And Go ahead find me... my shits posted public  When you come over bring pie... I love pie 




Wurd8your8...: fine if you want it...pls dont ask me pls stop or this or that you can call the cops for the hacking stuff but im in europe diff rules mfr...so much for standing up for some1 in a lounge goodjob 




iC51NerdyB...: You really have nothing else going on in your life do you?




iC51NerdyB...: Like your the 1st one in all 8 years of OGAH to get butt hurt over being banned... lol




iC51NerdyB...: Welcome to the "I hate OGAH Club" Because I got banned. I've been banned by all lounges but 2 but you don't see me taking it serious 



Wurd8your8...: if you see strange things on your bank account..greetz me jamie vlademier...now you got my name...proof of me saying this...all for you to go to the police just for you to give you a lil hope lol




Wurd8your8...: We will hack you no worries




iC51NerdyB...: The funny thing is... you didnt even ask to be unbanned you just started making false accusations about me which you know nothing about




iC51NerdyB...: waits for next googled comeback




iC51NerdyB...: So you coming back in the lounge any time soon? I think they miss you




Wurd8your8...: haha dont get tricked by them european boyz lmao...you judt had to back off but you couldent




iC51NerdyB...: That statement alone told me all I needed to know, your dumb.




Wurd8your8...: youll see tomorow them european boys is gonna i have to pay 250 dollars tho its worth it




Wurd8your8...: easy money




iC51NerdyB...: Ugh... your so stupid. You call yourself a hacker... yet you have to pay someone you dont even know cause well you have no friends if your here on a saturday talking to me and making fake accounts on a social network site all cause you got butt hurt from being banned from an online chat room




Wurd8your8...: good luck my friend wish you the best ...better safe these measages foe the police no




iC51NerdyB...: Is this why your single?




Wurd8your8...: haha goodluck




iC51NerdyB...: I'll take that as a yes




Wurd8your8...: you made the wrong choice...you will see ciao




iC51NerdyB...: Your threatening me... yet I have been nothing but nice to you... how does it feel to be a small boy?




iC51NerdyB...: DSB Huh?




iC51NerdyB...: Whats next you gonna block me?




iC51NerdyB...: Have you figured out my name yet? Address?




iC51NerdyB...: Hows those cams doing?




iC51NerdyB...: Bored yet?




iC51NerdyB...: I suppose this will be the last time we talk




iC51NerdyB...: Any last words mate?




Wurd8your8...: watch your bank account this week..imma say your welcome my lady
For more information from this dude please visit his page, maybe he'll slap down 250 for you to :)

@ fubar


under and ...: how are you




To under and ...: Im good, how are you?




under and ...: hi im craig i run the best dj service in all of ohio i have sonic boom and feel the sound dj service i play fair grounds and such




under and ...: im good




under and ...: i dj bars




under and ...: weddings




under and ...: 6000 watts 52 in my stacks




under and ...: we call it the wall of sound




under and ...: bad ass




To under and ...: what mixer do you use?




under and ...: old school alexas




under and ...: i shake the bottles off shelfs




under and ...: shit drops off walls and celings come down lol




under and ...: i play meatal







under and ...: and drink 151 rum




under and ...: mtx speckers




under and ...: 22 years non ever blow




under and ...: usa rules




under and ...: free air subs




under and ...: 38.000.00 for my system




To under and ...: Awee cool a alexis right on I have a numark ns6... I own OGAHRadio 2.7 million listeners on tunein, itunes, tuner24!




under and ...: i play live




under and ...: and sing for band







under and ...: i use to do that not same thing




To under and ...: You use to do that, but not the same thing?




under and ...: i dont have time to wasted have a good one 




To under and ...: Your wasted? we knew that when you walked in




under and ...: lol allways




under and ...: time for power saws







To under and ...: whys you dressed up like a cowboy man you gets no bitches




under and ...: i have good one




under and ...: later im good




under and ...: all for the gig you do




under and ...: and after all mite need to take a ride




under and ...: i live life and i ride bmx pro to




under and ...: im riped im fast as fuck




under and ...: got shit to do it tell you im out




To under and ...: If you were out you would have stopped talking... so anyways why did you come to fubar? To be fake? Show off your school bus and bicycles your dad bought you... I know you told me you do live shows... do you have any proof? flyers a website of your own? and wheres those pics of your mixer? hmm...







under and ...: all shit ive restored in spare time




under and ...: ive done alot in my life nnot sit on lap top talking shit my homes payed for cash my live is good and the bus was for the school kids ass




To under and ...: Cool story bro... want a violin? So wheres those flyers, website, pics of that mixer?





OK............. First off... COADING? (This is why Lounges should only be made by people at Level 50 and Higher and they have to have a salute). As I recall... you can't lock your self out of your OWN lounge. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE! What is he even trying to ask me? Help on CODING? or help getting back into his lounge? Or maybe he can't code his lounge... cause he lost edit? That would seem a tad bit logical... like HEY NERDY, Help me find EDIT LOUNGE in my LOUNGE... I lost it... and perhaps a please somewhere in there. IDK... I gave up on this one before it started... How are you going to COADING a lounge if you can't even spell COADING? 


xUnidentif...: wowww this should be a dream
FAN iC51Ne...: What should? Life? Ikr
xUnidentif...: I saw angels in the sky, I saw snow fall in july. I saw things you only imagine to see or do, but I still haven't seen anything sweeter than you!
FAN iC51Ne...: Cool story bro... want a violin?



@ fubar


 iC51Nerd...: For someone who served 15 years in the military you are pretty disrespectful. That is upsetting.
Navy Hell ...: i am not being despectful when you all just lie to my face about not making fun of disable people when Bigcountry said they look funny to push them down stairs
 iC51Nerd...: People on an online chat room... make you mad?
Navy Hell ...: yeah cause I am a disable war hero who lost my leg fight for the United States
 iC51Nerd...: Its just the internet
 iC51Nerd...: Halfie in the lounge was born without legs... hes not bitching
Navy Hell ...: it is still disrespectful and breaking your lounge rules
 iC51Nerd...: What are my lounge rules?
 iC51Nerd...: I only have 6 of them
Navy Hell ...: and respectful is not one of them
 iC51Nerd...: 1. Dont eat on cam 2. No Animal Sex on cam 3. Mute mic while on can 4. no kids on cam 5. no masturbation on cam 6. Freedom of fucking speech
Navy Hell ...: you know that your breaking the TOS with Fubar right it is on I am dealing with it if fubar wont do anything about it
 iC51Nerd...: Go look at my favorite blings... and tell me what Im breaking again? Bring admin... were all good friends  Why you mad bro? You dont believe in the 1st Amendment yet you are military? If your afraid of what people may say inside an internet chat room then Im guessing the Real Wrold isent that bad?
Navy Hell ...: i don't remember telling you what country i serviced in I said North Amercia
 iC51Nerd...: Than whats the issue? People make fun of me all the time... but I dont let it bother me it iss what it is
Navy Hell ...: do u know what the sliver Star is and what you have to do to revice it
Navy Hell ...: i was in iraq cause they attacked my country of Canada
 iC51Nerd...: What in 1775?
Navy Hell ...: no the attack in 2013 when China try to shoot a missle at my country witch is a act of war
 iC51Ne...: You just said you were in iraq BECAUSE they attacked your country Canada when the hell did China come into this?
Navy Hell ...: China was backed by Iraq and we also helped the United States with there fight in Iraq and every major war since the war of 1812
 iC51Ne...: Who did? You personally? Im having a hard time understanding what country you support...
Navy Hell ...: i was born in the US born lived 29 years in Canada
 iC51Ne...: and you were 15 when you joined the Canadian army when you were 15 fought for US seeing how your in TX because in 2013 china attacked canada all because of 1812 and this is why you fought for 911 in iraq?
 iC51Ne...: Only 7 people got the silver star and all of them have their legs... a few of them are dead now
Navy Hell ...: ok i moved to Texas to be with my wife and her daugther and was a allie to the US military
Navy Hell ...: you know you can't look up everyone who has got the sliver star if they are special forces ask your friends
 iC51Ne...: I just looked it up in special forces... but ok...
Navy Hell ...: Special forces in Canada i don't think so little girl
 iC51Ne...: and canada dosent have special forces
Navy Hell ...: ok that is like saying the Navy doesn't have the Seals
 iC51Ne...: Thats like saying you didnt sign up to loose limbs...
Navy Hell ...: your losing limbs cooment was disrespectful
 iC51Ne...: and I care because?
 iC51Ne...: You called me little girl lol Im 29 
 iC51Ne...: I know yoyu just kill brown people
Navy Hell ...: i haven't killed anyone
Navy Hell ...: if they were shooting at me then they broke the Rules of engagment
 iC51Ne...: Then I guess you didnt get the silver star.... you lost your leg and didnt kill anyone ffs if I lost my led those bitches be fucking dead
 iC51Ne...: So you received it because your brother earned it... and your trying to say Im disrespectful...  you dumb as fuck.
Navy Hell ...: your a little 29 year old talking shit on the internet you a fucking loser
 iC51Ne...: Cause that was original... basic bitch
 iC51Ne...: Your lieing about serving in the military... on the internet
Halfie talking to him at the same time:

12:44amiC05 Halfie: Also...2003-2014.....that's not 15 years...

12:44amNavy Hell ...: Royal Navy is in Vancover BC do u know what BC in Canada means

12:44amiC05 Halfie: Yeah, but read wtf you typed dumbass, you said "Royal Nayy witch is in England"

12:44amNavy Hell ...: have you ever serviced yourself

12:45amiC05 Halfie: I was born without legs dipshit. However my family served in the USN, USMC, US Army and the USAF.

12:45amNavy Hell ...: nope Roal navy is in Canada they are CRN look it up Boy

12:46amiC05 Halfie: Clearly you're an idiot.

12:46amiC05 Halfie: First you were in the USN, then you were in the Canadian Navy, then the English Royal Navy "For the Queen of England", and now back to the Canadian mil.

12:46amNavy Hell ...: ok well that is your right as a amercian to think what you want

12:46amiC05 Halfie: This isn't what I "THINK" this is all FACT.

12:47amiC05 Halfie: I have the proof of what you typed kiddo.

12:47amNavy Hell ...: CRN is a military unit started in england since my country till

1982 was ruled by the queen of england

12:48amiC05 Halfie: Well little boy....last I checked...in 2003? Canada was it's OWN country goverened by their OWN people

.12:48amiC05 Halfie: Try this again.

12:48amNavy Hell ...: kiddo i also haven't updated my profile in 10 years

12:48amiC05 Halfie: Now, quit lying, and tell us the truth.

12:48amiC05 Halfie: In 10 years huh?

12:49amNavy Hell ...: yes 10 years i have been here since it was lost cherry witch was 10 years ago

12:50amiC05 Halfie: So you joined on July 26, 2006 and you havent updated your profile in 10 years? That doesn't add up....

12:50amiC05 Halfie: Thats about 8 years.

12:51amNavy Hell ...: this is not my main profile

12:52amiC05 Halfie: Oh? So you have a fake profile eh?

12:52amNavy Hell ...: nope i have two profiles

12:53amNavy Hell ...: no for family and one for military friends

12:53amiC05 Halfie: BTW, you might want to update what weapon that is on your profile buddy...that's a M249 made by FN. The M240 (also made by FN) is A LOT bigger.

12:55amNavy Hell ...: the M 240 and m 240 Bravo where made by bushmaster

12:56amiC05 Halfie: No idiot.

12:56amiC05 Halfie: the M240 is FN.

12:56amiC05 Halfie: A belgium company.

12:57amiC05 Halfie: Bushmaster hasn't made any small arms for ANY military in North America, they HAVE however made SOME mounted weaponry for the US.

12:57amNavy Hell ...: ok what is your point no one cares who made my MG

12:57amiC05 Halfie: The M240 Bravo & Gulf were both made by FN and based off an existing machine gun already. Created simply to replace the M60.

12:58amiC05 Halfie: and that LMG you had up there? THat's an M249 with an ACOG scope on it (canadians dont use ACOGs last I checked they run ELCANS)

12:59amNavy Hell ...: no not all units are the same just like the marines carry the m 4 or m 27 IAR

1:00amiC05 Halfie: Only certain units use the M27 IAR (Which is a variant of the HK 416 with a 16" heavy barrel), and the USMC don't use M4s only kiddo, they use M16A4s & A5s still.

1:01amiC05 Halfie: Also, every brigade that goes over seas in the USMC still take their M249 SAWs, why? Because they use the right tool for the job.

1:02amNavy Hell ...: ok well i was a support gunner in the CRN

1:03amiC05 Halfie: So I got to ask....How exactly did you lose your leg if you were in the Canadian NAVY

?1:04amNavy Hell ...: i lost my leg frost bite

1:05amNavy Hell ...: en.wikipedia.org...

1:05amiC05 Halfie: Where?

1:05amNavy Hell ...: Fort Nelson BC

1:06amNavy Hell ...: it gets as cold as - 27 there

1:06amiC05 Halfie: I thought you said you were in the CRN?

1:06amiC05 Halfie: Now you were in the RCN?1:06am

iC05 Halfie: Then you were retarded. I've never heard of somebody losing an entire LEG to frostbite.

1:06amNavy Hell ...: CRN is the royal navy for Canada

1:07amiC05 Halfie: Quit beating your dick in the snow nigga

1:07amiC05 Halfie: So...how the royal fuck did you earn a silver star? I am baffled by this.

1:07amNavy Hell ...: i am not being disrespectful to you please dont be to me cause you don't understand

1:08amNavy Hell ...: i am not a nigga and i don't need to beat off

1:08amiC05 Halfie: No, I don't understand why you would lie about your service record. Why ANYBODY would lie about that is MIND Boggling to me.

1:09amNavy Hell ...: i have a sliver star cause my brother was in the US marines and a next of kin is awarded it if he dies

1:09amiC05 Halfie: So YOU didn't earn it, HE did, and you RECEIVED it.

1:10amiC05 Halfie: Quit telling people YOU earned the Silver Star. That is fucking disrespectful not only to those who fucking actually earned it but double disrespectful to your fucking brother.

1:10amNavy Hell ...: my brother die in 2012 they gave the star to him in 2013

1:11amNavy Hell ...: you don't know what my brother said to me on his death bed so please don't tell me what to do

1:11amiC05 Halfie: Oh I WILL fucking tell you what to do with this, because you didn't fucking earn it, HE did. You're a god damn valor thief, period.

1:12amiC05 Halfie: In another day & age you would be HUNG for it.

Navy Hell ...: Halfie you know what come to my wife military base with her father around and try to say you shit we would downed you1:14amiC05 Halfie: You wouldn't do shit bitch boy. You know why? You're full of fucking shit, the only uniform you ever fucking put on was for Halloween or working a god damn ice cream truck.

Navy Hell ...: what is ice cream don't know what that is

1:16amiC05 Halfie: Now I know you're mentally incapable of having a proper discussion. Tell your care giver to bring you a brownie and put your dumbass to sleep.

Navy Hell Hound

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