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Okay as most of you know , iím pretty much an opinionated bitch .. With that being said ... U know what really just pisses me off beyond belief ?!??!?! ... BAD PARENTING ... Iím not talking about a parent whoís house isnít the cleanest , or who beats thier kids on a regular basis .. Iím talking about someone who has 2 kids and doesnít give a good goddamn what happens to them! .. This chic , iíll call her "B" has a 14 yr old daughter , and a 5 yr old son ... She was married to a guy who well isnít exactly the greatest , but he did treat her better than most men would , considering sheís an ‹ber cunt ! Sheís the type of person who at 5am would stand outside screaming her bloody head off because her husband left the alarm clock ring 5 extra minutes so she had to get her fat ass outta bed to hit snooze .. The type of chic who gets into everyone elses buisness telling them how to parent thier kids , how to have a happy marriage blah blah blah....*yea yea i know youíre probably thinking , here i am talking about her but yet iím bitching about how she parents her kids .. Uíll see why in a few here i promise!* .. I mind my own bizz .. I keep to myself , and most people know to keep thier noses outta my bizz for fear that itíll get broke if they donít... I donít claim my kids are perfect by any means .. But i care about thier well being * aíight enough about me and mine.. back to this weirdo chic .. Okay she left her husband a year and a half ago because there was physical violence and alcohol involved , BUT as a witness to 99% of the fights , she started most if not all of them by either hitting him with her hands , fists , feet or anything that was w/in reach to throw ... Or sheíd berate him in the street , demasculinzing him which yea isnít a reason to punch her .. but hey shit happens .. her main reason for leaving was the drinking. So she moves into the projects and is going out every single night , till 1 -2 or 3am , leaving her 2 kids home alone to fend for themselves .. occasionally her mother would come over till 10 , then sheíd have to go to work herself .. So theyíd be alone again . My daughter would go down there and call me "mom can i come home their house is a dump and iím scared to be here , "B" has some weird guy here again" different guys , different nights .Hey iím all about gettin some right ... Woot! Orgasmís ROCK! BUT YOUR CHILDREN shouldnít be exposed to your whorish ways !.. FFWD a year , her daughter is now whoring around at the age of 13 LoL i had to be there when she told her mom that she sucked 2 guys off at the same time , and lost her virginity to some random guy w/o using a condom , i watched her mother punch her in the face ... To which i got in hers telling her she had no right 1 downing her daughters behaviour when shes just emulating her mothers , cuz apparently the apple doesnít fall very far from the tree considering that tree is at the bottom of the valley LOL , and 2 i wonít stand for her putting her hands on her daughter screaming why me why me .. when it has nothing to do with her that her daughter needs to go to a doctor ASAP cuz god only knows what that douchebag could have given her !.... So she sees things my way ...ofcourse and they go on their merry lil way!. Now mommy is shacking up with the DIRTIEST guy in our town , weíre talkign a dude who has to sneak up on a bath to get in it! .. the house is rat infested and everyone knows it Hey lets open a kitchen drawer and a rat pops out , yea my idea of a dream home ... how about you ?! His children are the source of most of the headlice in thier school their teeth have rotten out of thier heads.. its really sad .. Yes social services has been called , not by mean but by about 100 other people , but the place i live... well lets just say they donít do much work !. Anyway last weekend her son was burned on a heater .. she was at work and her daughter was supposed to be watching him , but instead she went out looking for her cat that ran away *was actually trapped under blankets in the livingroom* and left him with an 8 yr old to watch , an 8 yr old who has severe mental and behavior issues , anyway my daughter tracked her *the daughter* down to tell her that her brother was burned and she needed to get there to check on him... She says "Oh iím with my boyfriend right now and i have to find the cat , iím sure hes okay .. if not oh well what can i do about it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" My daughter comes home and tells me that and i about hit the roof , so i go outside and start screaming for this girl to get her ass her right this minute or iíd whoop her like shes mine .. she comes slinking down the road , mouth completely swollen , fresh hickey on her chest talking about her mom said not to come back to the house b4 finding that cat .. I said you need to go check on your brother , fuck the cat ! .. Last night , she pawns her brother off on her moms bfís daughter , whos about as intelligent as a 3 yr old... saying that it was to cold to go outside she wanted to stay inside with her boyfriend blah blah ... I call down there and tell her that her brother isnít allowed at my house cuz imí sick and dontí wanna deal with a 4 yr old . She calls me a fucking cunt ! So i email her mother , who thinks its a joke , she thinks its funny that her daughters an irresponsible retard , and she doesnít think that her ex husband can take her son away from her .. Sorry but she is and he can ! .. He can take his son out of any enviroment that isnít deemed safe , but she refuses to let him in the house to see where his son is living .. Itís taking everything in me right now to keep from walking out my door , running to the end of the street and beating this bitches ass ... If you are that selfish , give your kids up .. They donít deserve to live like that .. Her daughter sad to say .. its to late for her .. any boy that even looks in her direction , and sheíll jump in bed with him .. But her son , that poor lil boy doesnít deserve this , Hell heíll stand outside and scream that he wants to live with his dad because his house is clean , he hates that when he goes to bed at night he has to keep the blanket tucked around him to make sure the rats donít bite him , having to get checked in the morning when he wakes up to make sure theres no bite marks .. he says he hates that he canít have cereal in a bowl because the dishes arenít clean .. This boy is 5 years old !! .. A 5 yr old shouldnít even know half of that shit !

Yeaaaaaaaa okay so i have this neighbor ... I won't call her by name .. But will refer to her as MH anyone who knows me and the people around me will know who that refers to.Here's a lil diddy about her Okay so.. some background .. i have 6 kids , ya'll should know that by now.. ranging in age from 13-7 *5 of them are girls* .. MH has 2 kids ages 9 and 10 , they're both boys .. Well the younger boy , is well a future criminal of some sort , i won't say what i think his crimes will be only because if she reads this at some point cuz of some of the stupid nosey cunts on my friends list that know her, she'll try to sue me for slander LMAO .. Anyway the youngest boy likes to grab my 11 yr old daughters developing chest , telling her he wants to suck on her , and have sex with her and describes in very graphic details sex acts !!! hes 9 people !! .. Anyway when my daughter shoves him away or yells at him and tries to come get me .. He'll hit her , so she's been told KICK HIS MOTHER FUCKING PSYCHO ASS!!! beat him till he doesn't move again for all i care .. so she'll Deck him bloody his nose or whatever .. and he'll stand there stunned , then he'll try to hit her again , Now theres about 10 other people who've witnessed this , and they're his friends so they stick up for him , when he gets to his mommy she'll listen to a group of kids rather than the adults who are telling her that her future serial killer started it !! .. She actually had the balls to say to me that if my daughter hits him , he has every right to hit her back , i said u know what that would be true if she hit him first , but shes defending herself from this lil monster , so keep him outta my yard and on a leash or he's gonna get hurt ! .. She told me that if my daughter didn't dress like a slut *shorts and a bathing suit top* he wouldn't do that kinda stuff .. Helloooooooooooooooooo SHE'S 11!!! its the middle of july , and she goes swimming ..whats she supposed to wear ? A cardigan??? a Wool Pullover ?? a Hoodie??? Jesus fucking christ talk about a blind goddamn parent.. people like her who are to busy sitting in the house sucking thier boyfriend off letting thier kids run the streets shouldn't be allowed to reproduce !! Now granted i might not be outside with my kids all day long , but they're older and the younger 2 stay in my yard , where i can see them out the window or they're atleast within earshot of where i am at any given moment .. Now tonight my son and his 2 younger sisters were on our patio draining our swimming pool and this lil kid keeps coming over trying to talk to them , they were doin a good job of ignorning him untill he told my youngest daughter that was outside that she sucks her brothers cock every night !!! , She started to cry and my son told him to get outta our yard or he'd beat him up ... the boy spit in my sons face who in turn spits back on him .. Now i dont' believe that 2 wrongs make a right .. But i do believe a brother should stick up for his sisters . Which is something my son has just started to do recently . But again this woman comes bangin on my door like shes a fuckin cop .. demanding that i come outside ..well today is NOT the day to piss me off .. so i just ignored her .. Personally i believe that kids are kids , and they fight .. no matter what you do , you can't stop it short of locking them up in the house and keeping them on a very short leash in public , but this woman can sit there and say the same but when its her kid .. she's blind to the facts of what he did .. I on the other hand will punish mine even if they're in the right only because fighting isn't how you solve things , this kid gets popsicles for his behavior !! She'll say on the street oh N... you're gonna get whooped when u get in the house but when he gets inside he gets coddled ! . I should know i was her best friend for 4 years!! .. So i think i should just start turning a blind eye towards my kids whether they're defending themselves against him , or on the off chance starting it !! Either way i'm sick of this fucking shithole neighborhood with these bottom feeders , i live on harmony ave .. it should be called DISHARMONY ave !

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