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One more exam, one more project, two more practicals one potluck left to go and I move on to A2. I didn't feel like I was learning much this phase. What with all the time in nail jail and being taken off the salon floor to go do other things than hair. But after doing my last hair model's hair I can tell I have come a long way baby!

This was a friend of a friend and her hair was in distress. she had been going to a professional but when she told me how that lady was doing her hair I was worried if I did what I wanted to her, hair was going to fall out. She had thin, finely textured hair and her past stylist was double processing it. she was coming to me for highlights but once I saw her hair I new we had to do a little more before I would let her go to her birthday party later that night.

I think she might have been a little scared when she saw me. I have been letting my personal styling fall to the side while I've been dealing with the stress of exams and moving and ... well... everything in general. Plus it's hot like hell, sweaty tropical hell, in Tampa right now. Someday i will be able to afford a car with a/c. Someday.

Once she was in my chair, I dertermined we needed to make her a golden brown, her natural color only a bit warmer, and we needed to start from scratch with her highlights. doing foils used to scare the shit out of me and even though i have only done them a few times, I find I am really talented at them. It's almost as if the correct placement just appears to me without thinking and my hands move with a precision i couldn't control even if I wanted to. I enlisted the help of another girl to apply the all over darker color and the whole process was done in an hour and a half. (Versus my previous time of nearly 3 hours.) I even had time while her hair was processing to give her an aroma therapy hot towel treatment and hand massage. Does your stylist do that? I fucking doubt it.

Talk about your sciencey! I love to watch the oxidation process of color. It's like magic! Rainbow magic!

But I digress. The final result was a rich chocolate brown with hints of honey highlights. Not too much but just enough to highlight the shape of her face and her gorgeous blue eyes. After that I curled her hairs and gave her a side swept fringe. I also did a full make up application and even though I am not super impressed with Aveda makeup and the fact she sells Mary Kay and knows perfectly well how to put on her own eye shadow she left on what I did the whole night.

She bought some product for home use. SCORE! and she left me a tip! SCORE again! and luckily my instructor didn't charge her for the extra color we did. HOORAY for free stuff.

I went to her birthday party later that night and I felt like a superstar. All the guys were raving about her hair and you could see it on her face she felt like covergirl.


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