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Spooky's blog: "Stuff"

created on 09/18/2009  |  http://fubar.com/stuff/b309565
Life is still spinning
Your end, my beginning
And everything I hope for has been strangely set aside
Breathing for living
My mind is forgiving
And destiny is proving to be absent from my life

I know it, I feel it
I know when you're sleeping
I know the things you're dreaming
And I know you will never give up and die

Conscious fulfilling, the darkness revealing 
All faults and insecurities are shining like the sun
Eyes are decieving
Your mind will stop breathing and
All that you are made of will now rightly become mine

Father, why have you forsaken me? 
My life is gone 
Father, know how long it's taken me?
I live again

I know when you're sleeping
I know the things you're dreaming
I know when you're sleeping
I know the things you're dreaming
I love when you're weeping
Even death can't stop this feeling
Nightfall approaching; fear overtaking
The stench of death, lingering about this forgotten landscape
The grim and frostbitten trees surrounding me
Meeting their death at the heart of winter
The darkness ever growing
Consuming me; swallowing me whole
Unable to move forward
Unable to go back
The cold, harsh winds
Piercing me, burning my flesh

Rain falls upon this impure land
Drowning all hope from within my soul
There is but one way out of this forbidden place
Staring up into the unforgiving sky
Straight into the eyes of winter
I give myself to the land
Become one with the trees
Let go of this world
Become one with the earth
And fade away to nothing more
But a mere memory.
Dark clouds cover the sky,
I hear thunder rolling,
Lightning dips the black forest in light.
For a moment I can see every leaf
Shaking in the wind.
A frightened rabbit darts into his hole.
The first raindrops start to fall;
I need to find shelter, too.
I begin to run
And the storm unleashes its full force on me.
It drums on my face and shoulders,
Like a punishment for an unknown offense.
My fingers are already numb from the cold;
I can hardly stand anymore.
Close by I can make out a lightened window.
Tripping over a fallen tree in my hurry
I have to give myself over to the storm
Under the fainting tree,
She sat there,
On this darkened, gloomy day,
The clouds so burned,
They turned to ashes,
Silently they drifted by, 
Slowly and un-noticeably,

She sat there still,
The clouds illuminating it's darkness,
Its shadows below upon the softened earth,
It laid out the shortness of its breath,
Yet she sat there still,

Crackling of thunder and flashes of lightning,
The air began to weep its voice,
And the sky began to fall,
It cried, 
It sobbed drops of burning tears,
As it fell from above,
It coloured and drowned,
All that it touched,
Into the deepest blue, 
Into the blackest dew,
Into the greyish view,

And still she sat there,
Staring at the monuments,
The eeriness of the crosses,
Which made her unable to move,
That took her thoughts away,
That made her stay,

Its coldness, 
Its fraileness when felt,
She sat and stared,
Feeling the saddened soil beneath her fingers,
The absorbence of life being takened away,

How everything was turning inside out,
Being stripped away of its vibrance,
She stayed without a single breath,
As everything started to wash away,

Water dripped down the soulless stone,
As it curved into its carvings,
She watched as it fell,
As it moved down into the blackened crevices,
She stared and never spoke a word,

Lifelessness as it screamed,
She sat, and she stayed,
And never noticed that the world around her.....
...........Had faded away............
You’re the one whose just spinnin’ round you never knew just what to do.
When everything came crashin’ down the rainy days felt not so blue.

Now you’re just insane.
You’ll never be the same.
Now you’re just insane. Hey

Pink lemonade on a sunny day is the routine killing you?
A cancer weighs on your fragile brain the only cure is something new.

Now you’re just insane.
You’ll never be the same.
No! No! No! I am insane never be the same.

Bow down to who claimed you and know  your pain
with pink lemonade.

It's just a blade, just a blade dragging across the skin and sinking in, bringing up the liquid of life letting it run down and pool in shallow mirrors of disillusionment. Just a gasp, a rasping, heightened catch of air driving through the throat and bumping along the lungs to heave in and out, head tilted back to let eyes roll up and over. Fingers clutching, reaching, grasping for something to hold onto, anything to let the electric feeling that spread from stomach to limbs to quickly moving fingertips escape, to share the blissful feelings moving through nerves so wound the world felt like it would explode. And release came and the tide of overwhelming feeling, raw, unadulterated feelings tingled away from the skin sinking back down into muscles, tissue and bones, all melting gently after the backlash of the flooding feeling. And it was just a knife, a simple silver flash of light and steel, magnified through the eyes of the obliging prey, fingers gripping the hilt of the hunter's obsession as the world melted away. Color drained, figures dripped and vanished and all that was left were the two, staring, panting, sweating and the knife that multiplied their ferocity for all things relating to their simple duality.

Silently, I creep into your room
In the dead of night so quiet
Your sleeping form, so seductive so beautiful,
Illuminated in the pale moonlight.

Your raven locks frame your beautiful face
Lips red as rubies, lashes like black smoke
Your lean and beautiful body
Covered in soft, tender flesh.

How I long for you. Long to hurt you
To cause you pain
And watch your lovely body writhe in agony
Watch you spill your virgin blood.

Slowly, I make a trail
Of kisses feather light
Across your chest and from your heart
and sink my teeth beside your collar

Oh how beautiful your eyes gleamed
In terror as they saw
When azure orbs saw crimson streams
And fangs dug into skin

You tried to pull away from me
But could not fight me off
You screamed and cried and flee from the beast
That held you close to his silent heart

I dug my nails deep in your back
And watch the blood stain your shirt
How sadistically beautiful the crimson red
Mounted upon innocent snow.

Your essence of life so fresh and pure
Like the first roses of spring
I savored every drop
Along with your sweet, twisted agony

I left my seal upon you now
You are now marked and tainted now
Your staring eyes flutter shut
As you breath your final breath

Your body shivers in my embrace
As your corpse drains out its life
And slowly emerging into the world again
A shadow of the butterfly you once were

Your delicious flesh is now tainted dark
Like the disappearing night
Daylight soon will flood this room
Banishing the dark ones

Your lips are moist when I capture them,
While stealing your virgin kiss
I took away your life tonight
But granted you another

Your beautiful eyes tell me that
You hate me for what I did
But your body betrays wanton lust
That you want me more than anything

Perhaps next evening or perhaps next century
We shall meet again, beautiful human-no-more
With the angelic mold of a body
Hiding the newborn demon.
Twist me, Cut me,
It's just pure bliss,
Slice open a vein,
And seal it with a kiss.

Slice me, Hurt me,
You know I love it more,
When you slap me in the face,
And I wind up on the floor.

Bruise me, Break me,
You like to hear me scream,
And I can't help but oblidge,
When you're acting oh so mean.

Whip me, Chain me,
I love to be restrained,
Listen to my chorus,
Screams of pleasure and of pain.

Bite me, Stab me,
I need to feel the pain,
It balances out the good,
And keeps my sanity sane.
I want to hold you.
I want to hear
The sound of your heartbeat
Inside my ear.

I want to cut you.
I want to feel
The warmth of your blood
As it does spill.

I want to chain you.
I want to watch
You cry for forgiveness
And beg me to stop.

I want to release you.
I want you to fear
My very presence
And know when I'm near.

I want to hunt you.
And once you are found,
I want to beat you
'Til you can't leave the ground.

I want to kiss you
In a narrow space,
And see the shocked look
Upon your face.

I want to nurse you
Back to perfect health
And do it again
'Til revenge has been dealt.
Ven Cerca
Un poquitito mas cerca
Que te quiero abrazar y besar, ven cerca

Ven cerca
Un poquitito mas cerca
Quiero sentirte aqui, junto a mi
Ven cerca

Quiero tomar tu mano
Y hacerte comprender
Y cuando bese to boca
Sentirte estremecer

Vida no te separes
En los demas no repares
Solo piensa que estas
Junto a mi una ves mas

Acercate ya mas
Mas de lo que ya estas
Cuando te tenga mas cerca
Te voy a transtorna

Ven Cerca
Malo te he de tratar
Quiero sentirte cerca
Tu aliento respirar

Ven Cerca
Un poquitito mas cerca
Casi casi pero falta

Asi vida
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