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I should have let it all wash away. Just walked away from my past. Instead I held fast to it. I don't know wich is worst, The Demon I am, The ones I am Fighting or The ones I'm holding. So many Wrong desions, So few bright spots in my life. Death follows me, just out sight. waiting/watching/planning. How much more will it take ? How close am I to loosing all that I am ? What Demons await around the next corner to pull me futher down. I am alone, Hope has left me. I grow weaker by the day and my Deeds grow stronger by the minute. Help Me ©
Say you love me , Say you hate me. Say you miss me, say your waiting. say anything. Say you promise,"you'll still think of me". First thing in the morning, last thought at night. When our song plays, just smile and Say "you love me". Say "you love me"., Say you hate me. Say anything.©
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