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I went to Circle K, and the bastards didn't have any pizza.

I ended up settling for a chicken sammich, Froster made with like a bazillion frozen syrup-y goodnesses, and gummi worms, but not before I enjoyed a quiet little game of flip-flop roulette on my way out of the house.

Oh, you've never heard of such a thing?

It's where you choose a right and left flip-flop in the dark and hope for the best. I had a 75% chance of looking like even more of a dork, but somehow I managed to beat the system and selected a matching pair.

You will have to settle for normal dorkiness.

Amanda in pajamas!

I don't know why I'm holding up a peace sign. I am dumb.

ps. If my hair was a little longer or my boobs were a lot perkier, I could almost go as Brooke Shields in The Blue Lagoon for halloween this year. Minus the bushy brows. And stuff.

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