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created on 07/26/2008  |

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*she walks into the house from a long day of errands. she senses something is off. something in the air that tells her that she has done something wrong, and she will pay for it*


"Hello?" she calls answer


"Master? Are You here?"


*she slowly walks thru the house, trying to see if anyone is around. Turning on every light as she continues, she reaches the bedroom and pauses. The door is closed and the light is on. Even slower now, she approaches the door, her hand reaching for the door knob. Even though it seems like eternity, a few moments later she has the door open. She steps in. A few more steps now. she looks to the left, then the right..nothing.


"Mas-" her words suddenly stop when a hand is firmly placed around her throat. She hears a deep voice from behind her.


"You have been a VERY bad girl"


*trying to go thru what has happened within the past few days, trying to recall something that would upset Master this much.  Never before has she heard Master speak in such a tone.  her thoughts are then broken by the sudden force shoving her to her knees*

"Keep your head down! You move it and it will be a lot worse on you little girl!"

*He walks away from her, and goes to the box for something. she has never felt this scared before in her life. she feels the tears start to build up but keeps them inside. if Master saw what she was about to do, it might bring more punishment. she hears the rustling of objects stop and He places the things He has chosen on the bed. He starts to walk to her.*

*He lifts her head up to look at Him. He gazes in her eyes for a few moments before letting His hand find a place against her face*

*she winces with the sting of the slap but does not utter a single sound.*

*He walks around her, looking at every inch of her. He steps away for a moment and goes to the bed and tries to decide what to choose first. He picks up the paddle. He knows she fears it, and that no pleasure will be received on her end. Just the fear He needs to teach her a lesson.*

"Get up NOW" He commands

*she rises up without hesitation, looking down at Master's feet*

*he points at the bed, silently instructing her on what to do*

*she removes her pants and her panties. she positions herself on the bed. she is on her knees, head down to the bed, legs slightly apart. she knows what is going to happen and she also knows there is nothing she can do about it. The slightest protest could send Him on another tirade. she kneels there and obediently waits for what He is going to do to her. she does not want to upset Him any further.*

*He grins slightly, not letting her know the enjoyment He is getting from the fear that she is projecting. He knows that she is His and will do whatever He wants without question. That is why He chose her to begin with. she had a certain spark about her. He lifts the paddle and without warning swings it and connects with her exposed ass with a loud **CRACK** and He notices she shifts a little but does not utter a sound*

*her mind explodes with pain. she uses all the will power she has to not make a sound. she feels the heat build up from where He hit. she wonders how many more He is going to do. He pauses for a moment but for her it seems like an eternity*

*Three more times, each just as hard as the last. He hears something. A whimper. He pauses again.*

“What was that?” he asked in a slightly irritated but slightly pleased voice.

**oh no** she thinks to herself. He heard me*

“Answer Me girl!” his voice more stern.

“I apologize Master, I wasn’t thinking”

“Keep right where you are girl” he commands

*He walks away from her. He picks up the rope that is hanging on the wall and starts to unravel it. When He is finished with it, he walks to her and rips off her shirt and bra and grabs her right arm and starts to bind it, then the left. He then secures part of it to the loop in her collar and pulls her to the foot of the bed, on to the floor, and proceeds to tie her to the bed post.*

“That is so much better” He says

*she tries her best to stifle the whimper that is slowly starting to build in her throat. she has been in trouble before, but not like this.*

“Ah, there it is.” He says, pleased at his decision.* He removes the ball gag from the chest and one more item, the flogger. He sets the ball gag down on the bed and walks up to her and runs a hand down her spine.*

“Now girl, you are to count every time I hit you. If you falter, there will be more punishment, is that understood?”

*she is silent*

“It would be in your best interest to answer Me girl.”

“Yes Master, i understand.” she says quietly.

“Good. Let us begin.”

*Without warning He brings the flogger down on her back*

“One Sir.” she says, trying not to let Him hear anything else but what He has asked for.

*The count reaches twenty and He hits her again…silence..and a whimper*

“Oh? What was that? Did we forget something?” he asks her.

*she silently starts to weep, her body trembling. she knows she is stronger than this…why is she not complying*

“I apologize Master” she says between the breaths, trying to keep her composure for a little while longer…

*she suddenly feels His hands around her throat, she tries to fight it…then the world goes dark*


(more to come)

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