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DeadSnowBunnie's blog: "Steve"

created on 10/06/2006  |  http://fubar.com/steve/b10920
Today was startin out of a good day. i woke up and it was snowing the trees where covered in ice and it was so beautiful looking. i just wished my hubby could have been here to be with me and cuddle ... I miss him like crazy and never stop thinking about it... NOW im not so sure.. i should even contiue to be with him.. Lately his been actin kinda weird.. as if somethings going on.. I was checkin out Myspace. as i do everyday.. i leave comments on my hubbys page everyday just to let him know im thinkin about him. you know.. BUT as i read the comment from one of his friends let a comment that kinda made me think.. and the way she said things. it makes it sound like his sleepin with people. which i can understand the fact that of course every guy need pussy ... and i can understand that. but when your with someone that you supposedly love with every inch of your beating heart.... i just don't understand how somoene could do that. MAYBE his not .. maybe im just worried since we live 1798 miles away but, after him sayin if i want to have sex to go for it. as we live far apart. but i could never do that.. i rather masterbate for the rest of my long life then touch someone else.. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH... and it would kill me a lil to know his sleepin with someone of course like i would get over it and we'd never split over it.. but WHY OH WHY does my stomach MAKE ME FEEL THAT HE IS SLEEPING WITH SOME ONE?????? WHY DOES LIFE TEST YOU SO HARD?? WHY DOES PEOPLE SAY THEY LOVE YOU THEN STAB RIGHT THREW YOUR CHEST? PLEASE send me your comments and messages if you have some.. Cheer me up.... I LOVE YOU STEVE... *wipes the tears from my cheek... *
well we've been married a month and some odd dayz.. yes, im probley the only chick that doesn't keep track of dates.. lol.. anyway, Its going great.. I love My lil cupcake sooo much.. His so much more of a person that anyone will ever understand.. There are time when i need him here with me by my side.. i close my eyes and here he is... I would do anything to feel his touch and hear him wisper sweet nothings into my ear as we lay in bed and talk and cuddle.. yes im a lame ass.. ha hahaha.. deal with it.. anyway, Time tickin and it's gettin closer to the day we finally are together... i can't wait.. there is so much to say and do when his finally here... I can't wait.. My daughter.. sorry correction OUR daughter. is gettin big.. he sees her everyda via webcam.. thank god for those.. lol.. anyway... i just wanted to say a lil something to say I love you and show the world.. (closest thing to the world on here) That i love him and I think about him everyday.. I make a vow of everlasting love to him from this day forth... He and my daughter is all that will cross my mind.... I LOVE YOU HUNNY...
We're finally married babe.... TILL DEATH DO US PART... far longer then forever.... Love ya.. kisses
There is no word to discribe or show you.. How much i care and love You... There will never be enough time in the world to show You...Ill never stop caring, and i'll never stop loving you.. For your the only one..that my heart beats along with . I love you hun.. kisses
You scored as Hell Yea. U are totally in love, u would do anything to be with this person and u would die for them.

Hell Yea


Sounds More Like Lust


Hell No


Are u in love???????
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You scored as You are SO lucky- hold on to him- NO USER!. Girl your lucky, cuz these guys are rare,... treasure the moments

You are SO lucky- hold on to him- NO USER!


hes ok


Hes one good guy


Good enough


Real causion needed! hes a USER!


Beware! Becausious!




Is he the RIGHT guy?...or is he just a USER!?! (girlz...THIS IS A 91% ACCURATE QUIZ!
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does he love me? (quiz 4 girls)
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I miss you come back.... I need your hot tender body close to me to keep me safe in the dark.. and to keep me warm all night while we snuggle and play... kiss and do what all us mammals are suppose to do..... MMMMMMMMMMM babe, I mis you.. Love ya lots UR CHICKY POO
well what can i say: Over the past( i don't know how long*cuz im not good with dates) i've got to know more about you.. and yeah im interested in you.. Of course... if it's not obvious.. i like everything about you.. when we talk.. i'm always hoping your honest. *so lets say you are* then i like the fact that your willing to open up and understand where im coming from even if your not into what i got to say... you still listen... You try your best to make me smile everyday.. and you do taht just by say hi... you make me feel good about myself.. you understand what a tough life is and how to make it seem wonderful... your always there to cheer me up.. eveern if you dont' know really how... Sure there's distance between us but , we know dam well that we're still together at the heart.... Kisses babe,
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